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Eclipse by PhoenixSong

"You're dead, Potter... I'm going to make you pay..." Draco swore his revenge on Harry for Lucius's imprisonment, and Harry all but laughed at him. But Draco is planning more than schoolyard pranks this time. The old rivalry turns deadly when Draco abducts Harry for Voldemort. It's the perfect plan, guaranteeing revenge, power, and prestige, all in one blow. But, when Draco�s world turns upside down, the fight to save himself and Harry begins, and the battle will take them both through hell and back. If they come back. Harry/Draco slash, Post-OotP.

Words: 282,251
Chapters: 18
Hits: 193,248

Dumbledore is dead, Snape is a traitor and Draco is a Death Eater, but is he really cut out for a position on Voldemort's team?

Words: 148,035
Chapters: 51
Hits: 126,771
Black Sheep by Jackie Stevens

"Black sheep is a derogatory colloquialism in the English language meaning an outsider or one who is different in a way which others disapprove of. This can be someone who has been shunned by others, or one who has chosen to be an outsider, due to actions and aims that separate them from the rest of the people or 'flock.'"

Words: 143,258
Chapters: 29
Hits: 81,858

Arthur and Lucius, Ron and Draco... the enmity betweent the Weasleys and the Malfoys has not ended with the defeat of Voldemort. But as Michael Weasley and Elizabeth Malfoy are start their sixth year, they begin to learn more than they ever knew about the past and about themselves, with the aid of their new DADA teacher... a hero unseen in wizarding Britain since the war ended...

Words: 47,349
Chapters: 45
Hits: 80,259
Lily's Charm by NotEvenHere

In a story that spans two decades, Lily and Severus attempt to dispel the power of the Dark Mark after her life is threatened by Eileen Prince. Seventeen years later, Harry uncovers a long-buried truth which changes the course of his life. AU. Complete.

Words: 275,136
Chapters: 44
Hits: 67,408
For Your Love by LisaRene

Harry and Ginny struggle to make sense of their friendship and where it might lead amidst a swirl of friends, relationships, classes, emotions, and overcoming the darkness within. A story about friendship, love, and everything in between. 7th Year. H/G

Words: 130,180
Chapters: 25
Hits: 52,049

In 1981, Harry was left on a doorstep, Sirius was sent to Azkaban and Remus lost everyone he had ever loved. When the real traitor is captured three years later, Sirius sets out to make things right for the two people he loves the most. SB/RL

Words: 172,190
Chapters: 38
Hits: 51,883
Bad Medicine by Cheryl Dyson

Draco's boredom turns to something quite different when he spies Hermione sneaking through Hogwarts on a mission of her own. What he finds leads him down a completely unexpected path...

Words: 31,376
Chapters: 19
Hits: 43,656

To serve and be served by the most powerful creatures on earth? Harry never asked for it, and yet the power of the dragon is at his fingertips. About to be swept with the rest of the world into a war between Centaurs and Dementors, Harry will find the burden of such commitment to be his liberation. But it will take more than the fire of dragons to push back the darkness consuming the world. It will take the love of a beautiful black haired girl and the birth of a new sun. [Sequel to Harry Potter and the Burden of Becoming]

Words: 321,097
Chapters: 58
Hits: 42,158

Draco discovers a cute, cuddly visitor left to him by a Mysterious Person. How will this new kitty bring Harry and Draco closer together? Only the madness of the author's creation, followed by you reading it, will reveal the crazy antics and adventures! Readers have called it: "Cracktastic!" "Rib busting!" "Effing hilarious!"

Words: 21,586
Chapters: 24
Hits: 39,012

It is the dawn after Voldemort's defeat, and Harry struggles with his sense of loss, and his feelings of hope. G/H and R/Hr. Contains scenes that I wanted to see in Deathly Hallows, taking place after the defeat of Voldemort. It is also a prelude to a future fanfic (details within).

Words: 38,466
Chapters: 17
Hits: 38,130
Armilla by Coral Grace

Follows the troubled path of fifth year Ravenclaw student, Armilla Kemp, when she is suddenly placed in the care of Professor Snape. NOT a romance fic or cliched story. Set in OotP.

Words: 382,191
Chapters: 73
Hits: 33,140

The war is on, Voldemort is back, Dumbledore is dead and the Light is growing dim. What seems bad is good and evil hides in unexpected places. Nothing is exactly as it presents itself and time is running out.

Words: 172,621
Chapters: 48
Hits: 31,029
Some Kind of Miracle by Annie

Draco is determined to live the last nine months of his life with no regrets. But when a series of unfortunate events exposes a list of his innermost wishes, ambitions, and desires to Harry Potter’s eyes, he might find that facing his imminent death is not so easy after all. H/D, post-war.

Words: 96,401
Chapters: 16
Hits: 29,259

Lily Evans is Head Girl and she's looking forward to having a quiet final year, as the Marauders have finally graduated. But her hopes are shattered as she learns who the new DADA-teacher is...

Words: 34,373
Chapters: 15
Hits: 26,954
Crucio by NotEvenHere

When Umbridge subjects Harry to the Cruciatus, Snape intervenes, veering not only his own life off its intended course, but Harry’s and Sirius’ as well, spawning tragedy and devastation in its wake. First story in the Unforgiveables trilogy. In response to the OOTP: Crucio Challenge by royalnavigator on Potions and Snitches. Rated for violence and character deaths.

Words: 80,060
Chapters: 25
Hits: 25,910

This is an extended ending to Snakes and Lions. It finishes out the school year in more depth. To read, substitute these nine chapters for the last chapter of the original.

Words: 27,961
Chapters: 9
Hits: 24,294

Draco Malfoy, tired of waiting for Harry Potter to notice his feelings, hires Colin Creevey to take pictures of Harry for his private collection.

Words: 62,492
Chapters: 18
Hits: 22,861

When a potion goes horribly wrong, Professor Snape is transformed and seemingly trapped in his fifteen-year-old body. Much to his disgust he finds himself enrolled into Harry Potter's fifth year, forced to hide his true identity. Girls, drama and teenage angst do not bode well with Severus. [Complete, written pre-OotP]

Words: 130,913
Chapters: 14
Hits: 20,682
Into the Fold by Pasi

(COMPLETE) Severus Snape is going straight to hell. The people he calls his friends are helping him get there.

Words: 179,171
Chapters: 42
Hits: 19,354

An epic tale. Four parts, spanning four years in the lives of Harry Potter and the people he loves -and hates- the most. The story begins toward the end of adolescence, when the main characters are 16 and in thier sixth year at Hogwarts. It ends on the other side of Darkness, tragedy, triumph, misery, and personal inner struggle, when they're twenty. Think you know Draco? Think again. #1 Most Read story on HPFF.com 2004-2006

Words: 292,018
Chapters: 34
Hits: 18,623
Merely Business by EmilyWood

Ginny has her eye set on Harry, but in order to get there, she must get past Hermione, who is set to marry him in May. Will Ginny be able to pull it off with the help of a certain once blond-haired Slytherin?

Words: 10,576
Chapters: 9
Hits: 18,570

Eighteen years have passed since Veronica was at Hogwarts. The Memory Charm is failing and Veronica is beginning to remember the times of fun and horror at the school. As a teacher she knows how to make class fun. She learned a lot while away including how to fight. Will she be able to teach Harry all she has learned or will she have to bring others in to help

Words: 145,113
Chapters: 50
Hits: 17,460

Ginny, Harry, Ron, and Hermione find themselves navigating a new challenge - adulthood. Follows the events of "The First Day". Features the rest of the Weasley family and the Holyhead Harpies.

Words: 65,069
Chapters: 13
Hits: 16,918
Crepúsculo by Katja

At first glance, 16-year-old Ginny Weasley seems almost perfect. She has good grades, great friends, a starting position on the house team, and a blossoming romance. She's also got more homework than she can handle, uncountable half-truthes to juggle, and malicious old problems that refuse to rest easy, making her life a volatile accident waiting to happen. And, even better, the spark that could set it all off is controlled by none other than her old worst enemy.

Words: 47,761
Chapters: 11
Hits: 16,261

During their years at Hogwarts, Hermione finds herself in a secret romance with Draco. That summer she broke it off, telling him it was just a fling. Since then, Harry got married to Ginny and Ron is engaged to the worst person Hermione has ever met, and Hermione is very alone. Meanwhile, Draco moved into his new flat and he decided to take a stroll around the city and bumps into Hermione. They brood on the past and...could possibly something come of it?

Words: 26,498
Chapters: 13
Hits: 16,242
Furious Angels by Worldmaker

Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks within his bending sickle's compass come. Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, but bears it out, even to the edge of doom.

Words: 101,589
Chapters: 18
Hits: 15,875

AU after DH: Severus Snape has just arranged himself with his last charge, Draco Malfoy, when he gets yet another, very unexpected task: a young, charming female with flaming red hair and a fierce will to survive. The Dark Lord seizes the chance to finally add a set of Snapes to his Death Eater offspring. He forces Ginny Weasley and Severus Snape into a marriage under his special conditions. The Dark Lord, other suspicious Death Eaters and their spy activities turn their lives among the Death Eaters into unexpected twists. The story starts half a year after HBP.

Words: 138,955
Chapters: 18
Hits: 15,089

Late for Quidditch training, Draco doesn't think to pause before he enters the change rooms. It's an encounter that changes his perception of what he wants right now.

Words: 27,966
Chapters: 7
Hits: 13,540

HBP AU. Harry wants Ginny. But there's something he doesn't know... and the secret isn't kind to him. Seventh year, Horcrux hunting, battle, and romance. Character death in later chapters. Diverges after Ginny's breakup with Dean, but before the final Quidditch match.

Words: 37,983
Chapters: 19
Hits: 13,248

Dumbledore forms a Poets' society and invites a strange array of people, but nobody knows why! And then he gets a twinkle in his eye that can only mean one thing: A Plan of Imminent Doom! Oh no! *slash*

Words: 26,418
Chapters: 22
Hits: 11,944

This is the first part of a three-part story about the Malfoy family and their entanglement with the Dark Order. 'Ad Mortem Festinamus' deals with the time between Narcissa Black's first day in Hogwarts and Voldemort's disappearance after atacking Harry Potter. When you enjoyed yourself, please also read 'Omnia Mors Perimit' and 'Et Nulli Miseretur'!

Words: 88,400
Chapters: 37
Hits: 11,455

Emperor Voldemort's death places Draco Malfoy to the throne, a mysterious prophecy seating an unlikely empress at his side, but more has passed between the two than most realized. Now they must accept their past to save the future. AU. Spoilers SS-HBP.

Words: 23,362
Chapters: 10
Hits: 10,868

Barely sixteen years old and fearing for his mother's life, Draco stepped up in his father's absence to take his place amongst the Death Eaters. The following year at Hogwarts School was, without a doubt, the hardest he had ever endured. Now seventeen, the young Malfoy seeks to keep safe all he loves by doing the opposite, and taking the golden advice Albus Dumbledore had left him minutes before his death.

Words: 57,005
Chapters: 21
Hits: 10,565

Haunted by the past, 26 year old Hermione discovers that sometimes the greatest crises come with the greatest joys. (Hermione/Draco)

Words: 47,058
Chapters: 9
Hits: 10,388

Harry left for unknown parts, leaving her lonely and bittter; but Ginny gave him forever anyway. Little did she know the promises she made would come back to haunt her in the worst way when she finds solace in the most unlikely of people in an war-torn world. Keeping a promise has never been this hard. Harry/Ginny/Draco.

Words: 25,513
Chapters: 12
Hits: 10,042

I want someone unexpected, someone challenging. Someone who will be just as much of a surprise. Someone gullible. Out of all the men here at Hogwarts, I've narrowed my choices down to one lad: Ronald Weasley.

Words: 15,105
Chapters: 13
Hits: 9,510
Convergence by PhoenixSong

Everything should have been perfect, but life never is. When Draco is faced with the choice between what is right and what is easy, he risks losing everything – Harry, the war, and even himself. Despite the warnings and the risks, Harry isn't about to give up on the boy who was once willing to die to save him. However, what Harry doesn't know and what Draco can't remember may destroy them both. (The sequel to "Eclipse"; HP/DM)

Words: 16,259
Chapters: 1
Hits: 9,188
Armilla II by Coral Grace

Sequel to Armilla. Armilla's story continues: the wizarding world is now at war and it seems old grudges must be put aside for the good of the Light. As Severus struggles to do this, Armilla also faces her own personal hardships. HBP year, but now AU

Words: 243,156
Chapters: 32
Hits: 8,991

A short story for each of the twenty-six letters of the alphabet. WARNING: Characters may be insane. Note: Spoilers are checked just in case, I don't have all the stories planned out yet. The same thing goes for the 15 rating.

Words: 16,647
Chapters: 24
Hits: 8,956

This is the second part of a three-part story about the Malfoy family, the sequel of 'Ad Mortem Festinamus' and the prequel to 'Et Nulli Miseretur'. This part describes the time between Voldemort's downfall in 1981 and Dumbledore's death in 1997

Words: 107,263
Chapters: 41
Hits: 8,843

Hermione is depressed and feeling pretty low. Snape tutors her.

Words: 7,129
Chapters: 9
Hits: 8,159

In his fifth year, Tom Riddle falls into the grasps of an all - consuming darkness. He becomes obsessed with inventing a new spell -- an enchantment that will allow him to see into the future and reassure himself that he will play an important role in life. During his seventh year, he uncovers the spell and instead of his mind being thrown into the future - as does a seers when they make a prophecy - Tom is thrown into another time: mind, body, and soul.

Words: 17,960
Chapters: 10
Hits: 8,009
After the End by stephpotter

"I've had enough trouble for a lifetime." A continuation of Harry Potter and The Deahtly Hallows. What happened in the nineteen years? What happened to Harry, Ron, and Hermione? DEATHLY HALLOWS SPOILERS!

Words: 3,379
Chapters: 4
Hits: 8,005
Betrayal by hgseeker

Harry comes back from the Second Wizarding War with an unpleasant surprise for Ginny...and she reacts predictably.

Words: 21,206
Chapters: 12
Hits: 7,686
Beautiful Illusion by Honey

While under the guise of a Polyjuice-type potion, Harry must make Draco fall in love with him in order to procure invaluable information about Voldemort's plans. Neither of them could have dreamed of the consequences when this beautiful illusion is shattered... (HPDM Slash featuring Disguised!Harry, Betrayed!Draco and the boys' realisation that some things are worth sacrificing yourself for).

Words: 28,307
Chapters: 7
Hits: 7,516

Harry has no reason to like or trust Draco Malfoy. The fact that Malfoy has already died once shouldn't change that.

Words: 58,182
Chapters: 8
Hits: 7,496
To Love a Twin by YaYaGoddess

Fred promised to marry Kira but had to leave to take care of something he couldn't talk about. A month, George came and told her Fred had been killed. Left pregnant, Kira tries to keep her pregnancy secret from her abusive father. When George finds out, he is determined to do the right thing. But neither knows that a psychotic stalker has fixated on Kira.

Words: 84,575
Chapters: 23
Hits: 7,476

This is my first fanfic, based on an original idea of JK Rowling's. When she posted that "I don't think his history will ever make it into the books." I decided I'd have a go at telling the story myself. This fic is set alongside Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, this year Harry's fellow Gryffindor Dean Thomas discovers that everything he knows about his family is wrong...

Words: 36,775
Chapters: 22
Hits: 7,398

HPFD, post GoF. Thanks to a mysterious voice, Fleur Delacour stops Harry Potter from touching the trapped Cup and discovers that the two of them share an ancient and powerful connection.

Words: 24,564
Chapters: 4
Hits: 7,190

Three years post-HBP. Hermione and the Order want to break Harry out of Azkaban. The bespectacled twit got himself thrown in there when he failed to kill Lucius Malfoy subtly enough. Starts off H/G and R/Hr but Ron and Ginny are killed off in the first chapter. Hermione burns Harry in effigy, kills Draco, negotiates with a traitorous and unredeemable Snape, brews potions with Fleur, gets drunk with the Weasley twins and Lee Jordan, organizes an illegal jailbreak, writes columns for the Quibbler, and helps Harry come to terms with his Animagus form. This fic comes with a warning (aimed at diabetic readers) for an excessively sappy ending.

Words: 28,665
Chapters: 12
Hits: 7,021

Scorpius Malfoy was always a loner. The Lone Wolf, as he was often called. He didn't have any friends, nor did he care to associate with the other students anyway. But when he starts his sixth year at Hogwarts, things change. After many a collision with Rose Weasley, maybe a friendship may start to form despite what they both want.

Words: 13,348
Chapters: 7
Hits: 6,525

Ever wonder what happened to Dudley and his parents after they took that right turn off Private Drive during Harry's 7th Year. Well, this is my own interpretation of what happens to Dudley, and how he changes from the character we all knew and mostly disliked to someone who embraces the wizarding world...

Words: 26,706
Chapters: 12
Hits: 6,488

It's 1940 and Paris has just fallen to the Nazi Regime. The Muggle world is in turmoil, but little do the Muggles know that the Wizarding world is also at war. A weary traveler comes to England carrying a secret that will change both worlds for better or worse . He comes seeking the protection and help from the adept Albus Dumbledore, a Professor at the famous Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But there is more danger about than even Albus has anticipated. Can Dumbledore protect the traveler and his secret?

Words: 81,788
Chapters: 28
Hits: 6,437

"It’s a sad thing, really, that we all strive for the perfection we can never reach. Even the stars themselves struggle in their attempts of outshining the sun in the night sky." Sometimes the question that you should ask is if perfection is really worth it. HP/DM

Words: 26,731
Chapters: 18
Hits: 6,409

The Dark Army has no place for a man who can't kill, yet Draco Malfoy is not about to join the Light; is he? Stuck in a house with Remus Lupin, it's well past time for Draco to reflect, grow, and make the choice between what is right and what is easy.

Words: 61,679
Chapters: 18
Hits: 6,068
Accidental Magic by deenas

While waiting for his 17th birthday to arrive so he can leave the prison of the Dursleys', Harry learns new information about himself, his aunt, mother and Albus Dumbledore. The information he learns will greatly increase his power while at the same time change how he feels about the woman given the task of raising him.

Words: 9,701
Chapters: 6
Hits: 6,041

The subject of Muggle Studies has been inadequate, to say the least. The need for new curriculum means someone must spy out the Muggle world for information. Guess who gets to do the honors? How can the great greasy bat from the dungeons be the best person to fix it? And who will he be forced to work with to get it done? Beta'd by Somgliana.

Words: 15,335
Chapters: 8
Hits: 5,177

A psychological thriller. The Diary left more than battle wounds. Voldemort's ingenuity planned for more than Harry initially assumed, and now the time has come when he must truly transcend the shades of grey that colour the Wizarding World. When tempted, Harry must forge his own path. Harry/OC to begin with. No slash. Pre-DH. AU from PoA.

Words: 96,382
Chapters: 20
Hits: 5,112

The hilarious tale of desires. James wants Lily. Sirius wants Remus. The objects of their affection want not to have PMS.

Words: 6,314
Chapters: 4
Hits: 5,101
A Little Push by EerieAssDays

Everyone's fed up with Ron and Hermione's "secret" attraction to each other. What happens when a small plan to get them together turns into a massive project involving a good portion of the student body? A humorous read for anyone who finds the Ron/Hermione romance in the books mind bogglingly frustrating.

Words: 6,187
Chapters: 5
Hits: 4,880

Alice Tyler is ready to start her seventh year at Hogwarts. Despite the growing amount of Death Eater attacks, Alice is determined to enjoy her final year. On her to do list is plotting to get her best friend Lily to finally go out with her cousin James, all the while staying fiercely independent herself, of course. But things are about to happen that Alice didn't intend, and a chain of events is started that may lead to the destruction of her and her friends. The world works in mysterious ways, and sometimes even the best of plans backfire. Slight AU.

Words: 47,945
Chapters: 10
Hits: 4,757

With Voldemort winning the Second Wizarding War, Hermione goes searching for help, and finds it: at the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram & Hart. Crossover with Angel.

Words: 70,542
Chapters: 8
Hits: 4,623

When a dark family secret comes to light, everything that Sirius believed in is thrown into chaos. Except that Harry remains, a constant reminder that sometimes our greatest mistakes can be our most precious gifts. (I no longer post here, but this story can be found in its completed form on ffnet, same pen name)

Words: 35,592
Chapters: 8
Hits: 4,617

A face from the past returns and changes everything for Remus. But this wasn't supposed to happen! After all, he likes his life just the way it is.... He couldn't ask for anything more.... Could he? Eventual RLSB.

Words: 27,837
Chapters: 10
Hits: 4,590

[NEW CHAPTER: THIS FIC IS BACK!] "Lily sprung to a sitting position. It wasn't working. She could not stop thinking, stop remembering. He had reminded her of what it felt like to feel alive again and it was too much. Reciting four words to herself was not going to suppress it any longer." -Chap. 4

Words: 13,836
Chapters: 6
Hits: 4,577

In a world where the Order failed and Voldemort reigns supreme, Hermione concocts a desperate brilliant scheme to reach across dimensions and find a world where Voldemort was defeated and ask for help. And they find such a world, a world where Riddle was vanquished, a utopia where wizards and muggles live together under a benevolent dictatorship and Harold James Potter is the heir apparent of Lords Dumbledore and Grindelwald.

Words: 13,963
Chapters: 7
Hits: 4,550

Harry Potter has found the perfect apartment. The only thing he needs now is a roommate - which he finds in a former classmate. However, when Draco moves in, Harry discovers just how hard it is to live with a Malfoy. OOC, AU, Eventual D/H.

Words: 10,458
Chapters: 7
Hits: 4,235
Women on Top by Maddy Riddle

After the war, the Wizarding world needs to be rebuilt and wizards need to stand together again. The future demands a new order, and the women are up to that task. --- SS/HG/LM

Words: 17,925
Chapters: 5
Hits: 4,170

Draco's job is to escort travelers through the dangerous, war-torn countryside. Harry Potter is forced to hire him, but his destination isn't quite what Draco expected. Mild slash.

Words: 12,250
Chapters: 2
Hits: 4,168

This is couple of little scenes, drawn together under the assumptions that evil villains do sit together for a nightcap like everyone else, too. These scenes feature Voldemort, the Malfoys, the Lestranges, Wormtail as a waiter, Greyback, Snape obviously... And later on, you'll meet even more notorious scoundrels that you know from outside of the Potterverse.

Words: 19,255
Chapters: 13
Hits: 4,091

Harry, already depressed and traumatised by his encounter with Voldemort and the death of Cedric, is now facing another summer of hell with the Dursleys. Ron and Hermione become worried about him, and decide to pay a visit to Privet Drive. They are shocked by what they find. What has Harry hidden from them about his life with the Dursleys - and have they found out in time to help him? Contains non-graphic abuse.

Words: 4,767
Chapters: 2
Hits: 4,000
Midnight by SpankingHalo

AU. It has been three years since Voldemort won. Hermione is one of the few wizards left free, concealed in the ruins of Hogwarts. And only midnight reveals its secrets. But she has been discovered by the last person she wants to see. Determined to drag her into a grim and devastated world, she finds herself questioning his motives and her own as they use ever-darker tactics to try and overthrow the Dark Lord, as right and wrong seem almost inseparable in the search for justice.

Words: 32,961
Chapters: 8
Hits: 3,864

Skirts and cramps would be enough, but Harri Potter, newly adjusting to life as the opposite sex (thanks a bunch, Neville), is about to dicover that the banes of every girls' existence are ... boys.

Words: 3,402
Chapters: 2
Hits: 3,698
Shades of Grey by Villainess

In the aftermath of the Hogwarts battle, Draco Malfoy is interned at Godric's Hollow under the vigilant eye of Ginevra Weasley. While Harry and the Order convene to decide on Draco's fate, an unlikely bond is formed between captor and captive.

Words: 53,190
Chapters: 18
Hits: 3,585
Adaptation by bellatrix47

After the defeat of Lord Voldemort, Draco Malfoy is forced to hide temporarily in Muggle London. Not only is the shift unsettling in itself but certain people reappear in his life in an unexpected way. One of those people is Hermione Granger.

Words: 10,443
Chapters: 5
Hits: 3,529

The Dark Mark burned black against his arm, a constant reminder of his pledge to serve the Dark Lord. It's Draco's sixth year at Hogwarts and a task has been set to him, one no one has ever been able to successfully carry through, but how can he possibly complete it when every night he wakes up from increasingly distressing dreams involving him in sticky situations with a certain black-haired boy? This is the tale of an unrequited love affair, and a boy torn in half; on the one hand, his family, his sworn master, his destiny. But on the other is perhaps what he's been searching for his entire life. This is the story of Draco Malfoy and the Boy Who Lived. (Book 6 from Draco's perspective.)

Words: 13,185
Chapters: 5
Hits: 3,513

A seventeen-year-old Harry Potter writes a poignant letter to the girl he loves yet has to leave behind to go fight the forces of Darkness. He promises to do everything he can to come back to her ... and he does, eventually. It just takes ten years for him to do so--and Ginny's life has undergone many changes in that time.

Words: 26,950
Chapters: 6
Hits: 3,479

Thirteen years into the future all is not well. Death, destruction, and fear are all that's left of the once proud Wizarding World, a world where Voldemort won the war, and where he now reigns supreme over all things magical. Those that survived the war soon turned to the only person that could bring order to the chaos - a man they simply call their "Master." He is the only hope the survivors have left, and he has a drastic plan to save what's left of the world he once cherished. He intends to fix certain mistakes made in the past in the hope that it will not just change the future, but make it where the darkened future he lives in will never happen at all ...

Words: 11,072
Chapters: 3
Hits: 3,429

The Colton cousins have been best friends since birth, but at school they were sorted into opposing houses, Gryffindor and Slytherin. They mix with some interesting people and their adventures are numerous. After they've left the school, it's discovered that both cousins have been influenced by their Hogwart's assortment, and it's only a manner of time until they turn on each other. This fic follows the girls after graduation, but there are chapter flashbacks of their school years.

Words: 106,939
Chapters: 17
Hits: 3,247