SEQUEL TO "DRAGON AND ANGEL". Draco and Ginny return from their honeymoon ready to live happily ever after, but their vast differences in background and family values make for an interesting start to their married life. Add Draco's inexperience with pregnant women and the stage is set for hilarity, confusion and embarrassment.

Words: 301,866
Chapters: 18
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Playboy Auror, Draco Malfoy, collects women like some people collect stamps, until an unforunate incident with one woman. Turned virtual recluse, Draco is only lured back into the social world when his partner steps in and sets him up.

Words: 23,690
Chapters: 8
Hits: 9,703

Late for Quidditch training, Draco doesn't think to pause before he enters the change rooms. It's an encounter that changes his perception of what he wants right now.

Words: 27,966
Chapters: 7
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Strolling through Diagon Alley Lucius Malfoy comes across a little boy who could have been Draco's twin. Has his family tree been expanded, without his knowledge? Has Draco been keeping secrets? Or is he oblivious to the fact that he may have an heir?

Words: 363,563
Chapters: 56
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