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Published: 03/29/2005
Updated: 02/10/2006
Words: 363,563
Chapters: 56
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Dragon and Angel


Story Summary:
Strolling through Diagon Alley Lucius Malfoy comes across a little boy who could have been Draco's twin. Has his family tree been expanded, without his knowledge? Has Draco been keeping secrets? Or is he oblivious to the fact that he may have an heir?

Chapter 01

Strolling through Diagon Alley Lucius Malfoy comes across a little boy who could have been Draco's twin. Has his family tree been expanded, without his knowledge? Has Draco been keeping secrets? Or is he oblivious to the fact that he may have an heir?

Words: 1,355
Hits: 5,443
Chapter 02

Lucius makes his way home to confront Draco. Could his beautiful Narcissa really be a grandmother? How will she react to such a title?

Words: 1,681
Hits: 3,486
Chapter 03

Hermione and Ginny arrive back at the Burrow with the children. Still panicked, Ginny blurts out far more than she should and Molly follows up with some difficult questions. Will her family discover the truth?

Words: 1,656
Hits: 3,291
Chapter 04

Narcissa is somewhat impatient as Lucius attempts to extract information of Draco's previous relationship with Ginny, without him becoming alarmed. Did he know of his son? Will he tell them the truth?

Words: 1,935
Hits: 3,297
Chapter 05

Displeased at being dismissed earlier, Narcissa is not happy when Lucius comes to bed. Draco comes to a firm decision about his son.

Words: 1,270
Hits: 3,159
Chapter 06

Whose voice was it in the cafe? What happens when Draco meets up with one of the Weasley brothers? Will the wizard be happy to see him? Can he get any closer to Ginny?

Words: 1,213
Hits: 3,084
Chapter 07

Draco and Pansy arrive at the Burrow. What will happen when Molly Weasley lays her eyes on the man who got her daughter pregnant? Can Draco convince her that he had no knowledge of Ginny's pregnancy?

Words: 1,482
Hits: 3,092
Chapter 08

While Draco waits at the Burrow for Ginny to return, she is visiting the Potters. Drake is taken to task for wandering away from his mum while shopping. Harry also has a few words for Ginny, concerning the twins' father.

Words: 1,669
Hits: 3,058
Chapter 09

Ginny arrives home to discover Draco waiting for her. How will she react? Can she explain her actions? Will he get to see Drake? How will the little boy react to this man who looks so much like the wizard who upset his mother the day before?

Words: 1,767
Hits: 3,030
Chapter 10

Draco has to convince Arthur Weasley he knew nothing of Ginny's pregnancy and that his intentions are now genuine. Will he be successful? Will Arthur believe that he knew nothing until now?

Words: 2,510
Hits: 3,164
Chapter 11

Draco returns to Malfoy Manor to share his good news with Lucius and Narcissa. Will they be pleased he's found Ginny? Will Ginny consent to visiting the Manor?

Words: 1,806
Hits: 3,037
Chapter 12

Draco returns to the Burrow. Will Ginny be pleased to see him again so soon? How will the children react to seeing his again? His welcome wasn't quite as he expected it to be or was it?

Words: 2,198
Hits: 2,923
Chapter 13

Ron is furious when he arrives at work and, after venting his anger to Harry, it doesn't take him long to figure out how Draco found the Burrow. Will Pansy tolerate his bad temper or will she retaliate?

Words: 1,925
Hits: 2,899
Chapter 14

Draco is waiting for what seems like hours for Ginny to come back down stairs. Will she ever reappear? Can he force down another cup of tea without embarrassing himself? Is there a way he can go looking for her?

Words: 2,093
Hits: 2,941
Chapter 15

Draco endures an interrogation from his children and when the subject of his parents if brought up be Angel there are more than a few uncomfortable moments. Will Ginny allow them to visit the manor or will she deny Narcissa Malfoy the chance to know her grandchildren?

Words: 2,886
Hits: 2,934
Chapter 16

Draco Floos the manor to check if it's convenient to bring Ginny and the children for a visit. Narcissa is having some difficulty notifiying Lucius of their impending visit. What will she do to get his attention?

Words: 3,011
Hits: 2,815
Chapter 17

Draco and Ginny arrive at the manor with the twins. How will the Malfoys react when they discover that Draco has fathered two children? Will Drake restrain himself from telling his grandfather what he really thinks of him?

Words: 2,314
Hits: 2,848
Chapter 18

Lucius reacts to Drake's comment in a way Ginny is not entirely comfortable with, but what can she do when Draco supports his father. Narcissa attempts to reassure her, but her words fall on deaf ears and Ginny reminds her of Lucius' attempt on her life when she was only a child.

Words: 2,497
Hits: 2,828
Chapter 19

Draco and Lucius struggle to find an appropriate explanation to Drake's questions. The inquistive little boy won't let the subject drop until he's fully satisfied, but will the older wizards expire from embarrassment before then?

Words: 2,897
Hits: 2,848
Chapter 20

A visit to the Malfoy stables forces Lucius to overcome a childhood fear in front of his granddaughter. The family set out on a tour of the manor after lunch, but where do Draco and Ginny disappear to?

Words: 2,897
Hits: 2,908
Chapter 21

Someone was watching them and that person is not pleased with what they saw. Where will Draco and Ginny go from here? Is it possible to have a relationship again or do too many obstacles stand in their way? Drake tries to give his grandmother an education at the dinner table.

Words: 3,694
Hits: 2,825
Chapter 22

Ginny tells her mother about the visit to Malfoy Manor and the invitation she extended to Draco's family to the twin's birthday party. Draco come to spend the day with them. What do Draco and Drake have up their sleeves? How much trouble will they be in when Ginny discovers what they're doing?

Words: 2,862
Hits: 2,794
Chapter 23

Draco arrives at the Burrow for a family lunch with the Weasleys. Will they accept him? Molly has warned everyone, but has her warning fallen on deaf ears? What is the pressing question Drake has for Ron?

Words: 3,097
Hits: 2,884
Chapter 24

Drake tries to prove to his cousins that he can fly his father's broom, but what does he encounter in the broom shed? Why is Molly so angry with Pansy? Harry is most amused with everything that's going on, but will all this lead to another round of difficult questions from Drake? Can Draco avoid having another one of those talks with his son?

Words: 4,424
Hits: 2,814
Chapter 25

Draco takes Harry's advice and spends an evening alone with Ginny. After a nice meal at an upmarket restaurant he has ideas about what he'd like to do next. Will Ginny agree? Will she have any say in the matter? What about the next morning when the children discover what they did the night before?

Words: 4,502
Hits: 2,860
Chapter 26

Ron storms into Malfoy Holdings and demands Draco come to St. Mungo's where Ginny is waiting for him. A terrible accident could mean the death of a loved one. Draco has had no experience dealing with situations like this, will he cope or will he explode?

Words: 2,927
Hits: 2,725
Chapter 27

While waiting for news from the Healers, Draco and Ginny vent at each other in the hospital corridor. Accusations fly and Draco looses control of his temper. When they are allowed back into Angel's room, Ginny does something for which she's feels guilty for the moment she lays eyes on her daughter.

Words: 3,646
Hits: 2,656
Chapter 28

Draco is admitted to St. Mungo's for treatment and he drives the staff insane with his demand to be with his little girl. Angel, having overheard the argument between her parents, sets to ensuring they make up.

Words: 3,525
Hits: 2,609
Chapter 29

Lucius speaks frankly with Ginny while Draco and Angel sleep. She's not happy with everything he says and knows he is right in his beliefs, which makes the words sting all the more. He effects his own agenda for getting Draco and Ginny to sort their differences out.

Words: 2,098
Hits: 2,591
Chapter 30

Before Angel comes home from hospital Draco needs to deal with his son's involvement in her accident. With Arthur and Harry for support it shouldn't be that hard to discuss Drake's misbehavior and other pressing issues, should it? Harry has a curious reaction to observing the twin's interact with his one time enemy.

Words: 5,168
Hits: 2,758
Chapter 31

Harry and Draco have a very important chat about their relationship with the twins. Certain admissions, though difficult, are made, and the two men must learn to live with each other's existence.

Words: 1,056
Hits: 2,501
Chapter 32

Ginny and the children arrive at the manor to spend the weekend. Lucius' plans for the weekend are foiled when Drake is forced to admit his punishment at the dinner table and Draco is not impressed when he is blamed for his son's dilemma. Narcissa is adamant that Draco respect Ginny this weekend. Will he remain in his own rooms or will he defy his mother?

Words: 4,707
Hits: 2,666
Chapter 33

Draco and Ginny take some time to discuss their past and their future. Will they decide to continue forging a relationship? Could they possibly leave one another again? While their parent's are otherwise occupied the twins go shopping with Lucius and Narcissa. Drake becomes bored while Narcissa is ordering new dress robes and decides to have his own adventure.

Words: 5,167
Hits: 2,662
Chapter 34

Lucius speaks to Drake about his adventure in Diagon Alley. Draco takes Ginny to dinner and has the perfect dessert in mind, but will Narcissa leave them alone so he can put his plan into action?

Words: 5,088
Hits: 2,672
Chapter 35

Draco planned a romantic day outdoors, but not all goes as planned and the day certainly doesn't end how he envisioned. The children are entertained by Lucius, but Angel isn't terribly impressed with his idea of fun.

Words: 6,182
Hits: 2,714
Chapter 36

Lucius decides it's time to take Drake to task for his wanderings in Diagon Alley, but not all goes to plan when he discovers just how stubborn his grandson can be. Duelling in the kitchen of the Burrow can only mean trouble for Ron and Draco when Ginny finds out.

Words: 8,254
Hits: 2,716
Chapter 37

The aftermath of the evening before is about to fall on Draco's head. Will Ginny forgive him? With the twins fifth birthday looming Draco tries everything to regain his standing in Ginny's good graces. What is it that prompts Angel to tell off a senior management wizard at Malfoy Holdings?

Words: 7,369
Hits: 2,663
Chapter 38

The twin's fifth birthday party arrives. With Lucius and Narcissa attending, Ginny is anxious about what might happen when the

Words: 8,990
Hits: 2,672
Chapter 39

Draco gets a talking to about his choice of birthday gift for his son. Angel lets slip with a secret even though Drake is right there telling her not to. With Narcissa's assistance Draco pieces together all the evidence to make an important discovery.

Words: 5,830
Hits: 2,537
Chapter 40

Draco makes a confession that puts Ginny's mind at ease. Narcissa learns to knock before she enters a room, the hard way. Lucius and Draco have a little chat concerning his activities with Ginny. Draco makes a decision that will change his life forever.

Words: 6,264
Hits: 2,620
Chapter 41

Without Ginny's knowledge, Draco seeks a private audience with Arthur Weasley after a trip to Gringotts. Drake once again expresses his views on what he thinks his parents are up to when they miss dinner, something his grandfather is not impressed about.

Words: 4,071
Hits: 2,486
Chapter 42

Draco and Ginny sit the twins down for a talk, but all does not go to plan and Draco's abilities are tested when he's left with two upset witches plus a naughty little wizard, who couldn't quite keep his opinion to himself. Did Drake push his father too far?

Words: 5,331
Hits: 2,480
Chapter 43

Between Ginny's morning sickness and Drake's mouth, Draco finds himself having an exceedingly busy morning. A chat with Lucius gives Draco some perspective. Lunch at the Weasley's, with the announcements Draco has to make, was never going to go well, but he hadn't quite envisioned telling Ginny's family like this.

Words: 4,858
Hits: 2,501
Chapter 44

The Weasley men don't appear to be terribly impressed with Draco's announcements. Although they can't do much with the women and children around, a promised private chat later has Draco a little concerned. Bill notices something not quite right with Drake and sets about helping to make his nephew happier.

Words: 6,710
Hits: 2,473
Chapter 45

Draco awakens at the Burrow after falling asleep in Ginny's bed. Getting ready for work will never be the same—wizards squealing like little girls, Molly sees more than she ought to have, Angel is desperate to see what is going on, and Drake finds the entire situation most amusing.

Words: 4,881
Hits: 2,502
Chapter 46

Ginny and the children stay the night at the manor. While Ginny and Draco are inspecting the south wing, where they will make their home, Angel breaks her great grandmothers vase. When Drake steps in to protect his twin from Lucius, he lets slip about being taken to the dungeon for punishment. Ginny and Narcissa are not pleased with this revelation.

Words: 6,111
Hits: 2,567
Chapter 47

An anxious wait for Draco as a healer is summoned to care for Ginny and her unborn child. The repercussions of Drake's punishment causes Draco's near perfect world to come crashing down around his head. Unsure as to what to do to repair the damage to his relationship with Ginny, Draco fumbles through making the situation worse at times.

Words: 8,030
Hits: 2,755
Chapter 48

Molly Weasley makes a visit to Malfoy Manor to check on her daughter. Details of Drake's punishment were never going to remain a secret and she makes her point of view more than clear. What happens when Ginny and Lucius come face to face? Will she forgive him for all he's ever done? Draco tries his level best to repair the relationship he had with Ginny. Will he succeed?

Words: 23,479
Hits: 3,805

The Weasley men, Draco and Lucius meet with Drake to discuss his recent behavior. The Weasleys also make their opinion of Lucius' punishment known. Wedding plans are under way and it seems the women all have very different ideas of how the day should be. Angel shows her true colors to her mother and Ginny stomps out any hope she had of getting what she wanted.

Words: 16,332
Hits: 3,681

Ginny selects her wedding dress and the wedding begins to really take shape. Draco experiences exactly what it's like to bathe the twins when they're in a playful mood and almost lands himself in trouble with Molly. Lucius discovers just how forceful Ginny can be and, surprisingly, finds himself obeying quietly.

Words: 15,344
Hits: 3,634

The chef presents a meal for their approval, but Ginny seems to have an appetite for something other than food. The bridesmaids' attire is chosen, but Angel's taste differs from her mothers and she isn't ashamed to let everyone hear. Drake makes some progress with the Ring Ceremony, but what is it that Molly catches Draco and his son doing that mortifies the wizard?

Words: 24,419
Hits: 3,954

The men are fitted for their wedding attire and a quick stop at the Leaky Cauldron on the way home lands Draco in trouble with Ginny. The dinner party with Draco's friends is the following evening and Draco must make amends beforehand. Just as the family are ready to head back to the Burrow Drake vanishes. A search is mounted, but Malfoy Manor is a huge estate and it's a little like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Words: 28,045
Hits: 4,052

Draco and Ginny go to Hogwarts to meet with Professor Dumbledore about the wedding ceremony. Dinner at Charlie Weasley's with Professor Snape turns into an interesting affair thanks to two five-year-old little boys. Do the walls at Charlie's have eyes or ears?

Words: 24,447
Hits: 4,161

Narcissa is horrified at Drake's appearance following the Muggle duel with his cousin and it's left to Draco to calm her down. Ginny's hen's night is a roaring success. Narcissa and Molly create some memories that neither will ever live down. The Weasley boys find themselves in a world of trouble with their partners following Draco's buck's night. Ron and Draco tell each other how they feel about one another, a scene Severus wishes he'd never witnessed.

Words: 16,193
Hits: 3,081

The week of the wedding is long and tiring, most especially for Draco. He has an unhappy fiancée, a disgruntled mother, a furious future mother-in-law and a sniggering son to deal with. None of that includes the amusement the Weasley boys are getting from watching him flounder in the hours before his nuptials.

Words: 17,904
Hits: 2,907
Chapter 56 - Help

The wedding. What do Bill and Charlie do to Draco? Why are people laughing at a most serious part of the ceremony? Lucius surprises Ginny with something very special. The Weasley boys give Draco a gift, along with more advice than he needs. Will their honeymoon turn into a family holiday?

Words: 21,496
Hits: 4,270