Unofficial FictionAlley Archive

An archive of 29,952 stories from and its sister sites.


This archive was setup so that we do not lose the stories written on FictionAlley. The site went down in 2018 and never returned. Plans were made to import all stories to Archive of Our Own through the Open Doors initiative; however, it now has been more than 5 years since that started and only a few of the thousands of stories are available on AO3. Which is why I finally decided to build this unoffical archive.

I'm hoping that all stories will eventually be imported to AO3 so that they can live on for longer and reach more readers.


I'm available through DMs (not chat) on reddit /u/wombarly. You can also contact me through email at using the same username.

The removal of any of your stories is possible. Instead of removing however I can also add links to websites like FFN and AO3 on the story page. I can still remove the chapters from the archive, but keep the story itself in our search index. This allows people to possibly rediscover a fic they originally read on FictionAlley.

Full Archive Download

The pg_dump folder backup of the Postgres database powering the site is 624MB large and available to download here.

It contains the following tables:

E-Book files?

I haven't looked into generating e-book files like epub or mobi for any of the stories, maybe in the future.