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Lost and Found...Love by Ilex

The new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher...Neville's free spirited Godmother...The love of Severus Snape's life...All the same woman?...BLOODY HELL! The arrival of Anastasia Twigg-Jones at Hogwarts sets into motion a year of intrigue, revenge, laughter, secrets, love and murder that reaches into the past and impacts everyone's future. Secrets...lies...old friends...new foes...anger...hatred...truce? Let's 'hang around' and watch the sparks and spells fly, shall we?

Words: 130,651
Chapters: 30
Hits: 39,478
The End by kazooband

Three months after the fall of Voldemort, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are finally beginning to hope that they might be free of the war that has run their lives. However, Ministry negligence leads to another mass breakout from Azkaban and, with the Order and the Aurors decimated by the final battle, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are the only ones left to fight. They hope to keep history from repeating itself, but it seems that history is not finished with them yet.

Words: 159,304
Chapters: 33
Hits: 29,251

[complete] Luke Navarra has been hired to teach music at Hogwarts... but he's a Muggle. Will he survive Slytherin House? Wendy, his partner, stays behind as Luke heads off to Scotland, but soon learns that she's made a bad decision when the Death Eaters learn of her existence. Snape has his prejudices challenged, Hermione learns that talent comes in many forms, and Harry finds, if not an outlet for, at least a distraction from, his anger and grief.

Words: 113,268
Chapters: 19
Hits: 13,036
Original Sinn by Aki-Hoshi

Harry and Draco had a mission. It was simple. Find out who stole the artefact, and get it back from the Muggle fencing it. Not as simple as it sounds, when you both hate each other with a passion, and the Muggle starts falling for your straight partner, who you need to help handle the Muggle Gay Scene. And what happens when you start falling for him too?

Words: 59,231
Chapters: 6
Hits: 9,098

Harry has done his duty. Voldemort is dead, the Wizarding World is safe. Duty over, Harry has had enough. He 'exiles' himself from all things magic-related and starts a Muggle University. The magical world is nothing but a mermory-that is, until a trip abroad sends him hurtling back into the world he left behind.

Words: 15,641
Chapters: 5
Hits: 8,104

What if Lily and James never died? James walked out on Lily and Harry when he was six? Harry is a dysfunctional teenager if there ever was one. His friendships are totally messed up, and he only finds solace in his guitar, his little brother and his cigarettes. That is, until Hermione whisks him and Ron off to La Jolla for the Christmas hols. There he meets Anna: a half-Japanese, half-Irish riot girl who is absolutely amazing. Everything is going just GREAT... until his dad shows up again and ruins everything. Song-fic to "The Story of My Old Man"

Words: 22,736
Chapters: 6
Hits: 4,496

He would let his followers murder at leisure. Then...

Words: 1,481
Chapters: 1
Hits: 2,462

The Hunter is an unlikely enemy of the Dark Lord. He is a muggle who hunts Wizards and is very sucessful at it. In fact he has been created in very similar circumstances to our young Potter. This story shows the Hunter's creation against the backdrop of the Trio's hunt for a Horcrux in Eastern Europe. A very dark and angsty fic. The story has very violent things happen, but I have tried to avoid being directly graphic in my descriptions. Also has a lot of religious references, particularly concerning the Roman Catholic Church. There is also some (very gently) implied shipping between R/Hr and G/H.

Words: 18,610
Chapters: 6
Hits: 2,422

Lord Voldemort, taking advice from the Evil Overlord Guidebook, sends his right-hand man to hire a Muggle professional, who is supposed to take care of the Boy-Who-Lived problem once and for all.

Words: 6,564
Chapters: 1
Hits: 2,347

"Dear Harry," the letter had read, "I have exciting news! I’ve won a contest, and now we (Ron, Ginny, you and me) are going to America! I’ll explain more later, but now I’ve got to go and pack. You should, too. Our flight leaves tomorrow morning. Tell Ron all of this, and meet Ginny and me at Heathrow Airport (outside the International Terminal) at seven o’clock tomorrow!"...wow...Harry in America? What's gonna happen?

Words: 4,704
Chapters: 2
Hits: 1,489

Dudley goes to Smeltings, and learns what there is to gain in life. Features the Hog Squad, irony, hot girls, pointy sticks, and the ever-interesting Piers Polkiss' philosophies of life.

Words: 1,189
Chapters: 2
Hits: 1,381

During the summer after his tumultuous sixth year, Harry embarks on a quest to learn everything he can about Horcruxes, knowing that he will need all the information he can get in order to survive the impending conflict with Lord Voldemort. A trio of new Muggle friends throws a wrench in the works--and the discovery of an arcane, long-forgotten spell leads to a series of revelations, adventures, and tragedies. Are the bonds of friendship and family enough to save the MacTavishes when Voldemort discovers their secret? And can Harry save them without dooming himself, and the entire magical community with him?

Words: 11,649
Chapters: 2
Hits: 1,290

Two old men of great power meet for the first time. What they have to discuss may change the wizarding world for ever.

Words: 2,618
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,290

Halo addicts, verbal romances, a considerably intelligent four year old and mistold adventures, this a fiction for anybody who's ever been on a long bus ride to enjoy! Just wait to say: "That's SO true" to nearly every line! This is a Crack!Fic of epic proportions for anybody who's ever been on a good, long bus ride!

Words: 3,624
Chapters: 2
Hits: 1,182

Harry is leaving the Dursleys forever to go to Bill and Fleur's wedding and then on to search for the Horcruxes. However, not all of Harry's memories from Surrey are bad ones, for Harry had one friend who helped him along the way and he remembers and subsequently repays that friend.

Words: 2,813
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,172

Years ago, squib Bert Hawley rejected the wizarding world. As the Death Eaters appear to be regaining power, he goes on a mission with his witch sister and a group of other squibs.

Words: 11,264
Chapters: 5
Hits: 1,058

"The human life is like the shadow of a flying bird, which lasts only as long as the bird is flying overhead. But eventually the bird will pass by, or cease to fly, and then the shadow is gone forever." -The Shadow of a Flying Bird, Mordicai Gerstein. When you have friends, it may seem like that's all you need in life. But when your friends are disappearing one by one and your whole world seems stood on its head, when you start to realise there's more to life than you've always thought, you may need to do more than step back and smell the roses. You may need to acknowledge that the roses are even there first.

Words: 3,039
Chapters: 1
Hits: 944
La Vida Loca by Luckynumber

Bert Hawley and Viola Beanacre are sent to Spain to recover an ancient spell, and uncover a mystery. Who killed a little girl's family ... and are they coming back for her grimoire? And what plans does Severus Snape have? (Mostly OCs with canon cameos)

Words: 17,705
Chapters: 6
Hits: 853

Mal Young's sister was a witch. Mal Young's sister, along with many others, was murdered when Dolores Umbridge took over the Ministry. And the handful of Muggles who know of the wizarding world? They're starting to get mad. And they're starting to get

Words: 12,578
Chapters: 8
Hits: 837
The Merlin by Overhill

Lucius Malfoy's "favorite charity" goes to Hogwarts a year before Harry Potter and Draco. What life was like at the school then.

Words: 5,389
Chapters: 3
Hits: 824

Andrew Brody has heard rumours of a mysterious lake in the mountainous regions of Scotland. Determined to investigate legends of Nessielike creatures in its depths, he enounters something altogether unexpected.

Words: 4,495
Chapters: 1
Hits: 677

Thirteen-year-old Chester Matthews and his two young siblings are the sole survivors of the Great Muggle Massacre of 1976. Now they must learn to make their way alone through a frightening world they never knew existed…

Words: 9,864
Chapters: 3
Hits: 655
R. I. P. by Helen Vader

Of Muggles, mysterious magical artefacts and murderous alcoholic visions...

Words: 1,144
Chapters: 1
Hits: 637

A companion fic to "An Angel in Disguise," because it features Jim!the Janitor and eight-year-old Harry. An essay assigned by a substitute teacher yields some surprising results.

Words: 3,953
Chapters: 1
Hits: 594

It's Hermione's wedding day, supposedly the happiest of her life...so why has she chosen today, of all days, to visit her parents' grave and dwell on her sadness? But a chance encounter will make her see things slightly differently...

Words: 3,816
Chapters: 1
Hits: 575
The Pet by Melanthios

An impulsive rescue has profound results; first for Professor Snape, but the butterfly has flapped its wings and the breeze builds strength....

Words: 4,387
Chapters: 2
Hits: 542
Ouroboros by Alhena

What if there were more persons present at Voldemort's rebirth at the graveyard than we knew about?

Words: 11,444
Chapters: 1
Hits: 514

This story is based on the new game released for xbox 360. The trio go to Stilwater to visit because Harry heard rumors about his long lost brother being in Stilwater. So, Harry, Hermione, and Ron go to Stilwater to find Harry's brother. Chapters are short, but I hope you like them.

Words: 3,516
Chapters: 4
Hits: 474

What happens when Angelina meets the American R&B hip-hop star Chris Brown? Well, Fred gets jealous and well, you'll have to see for yourselves!

Words: 504
Chapters: 1
Hits: 324
Closed Doors by bruno

Tyke’s mother has an unusual hobby – she breeds house-elves. But life isn’t always kind to those who are weak, something Tyke is about to find out.

Words: 3,883
Chapters: 1
Hits: 314

I have lived my whole life with Kolen and the rest of the vampire clan. We're constantly migrating; fleeing from sunlight and those dreaded, mortal humans who have for centuries been hunting down and slaughtering our kind. I was one of the few, lucky survivors. One day, Kolen came to me in and put me on a dangerous mission to recreate our clan. My name is Katrina Sillane, and this is the story of my fateful mission...

Words: 4,077
Chapters: 2
Hits: 314

After Voldemort's defeat, Harry and Hedwig have a run-in with an over-zealous Muggle official for animal rights at King's Cross on the way to back to Hogwarts for their 7th year. An alternate ending showing how things could have been if everything had stayed as simple as it was in the first 3 books.

Words: 1,988
Chapters: 1
Hits: 266
Halloween by Easleyweasley

Going out with your friends on Halloween should be fun, shouldn't it? It turns out to be a night of surprises for Alex ...

Words: 7,828
Chapters: 1
Hits: 261

A muggle-raised witch with a shadowy past unknown to her, and a snobby, predjudiced Pureblood girl- they were the last people you would expect to become friends, but on the eve of Voldemort's second rise, they will be thrown together in a desperate, bloody war.

Words: 589
Chapters: 1
Hits: 235

This is a one shot about the accidental meeting of Christopher Jones and Severus Snape, and the bitter-sweet outcome. It is mentioned, in passing, in my story, "What Goes Around...Comes Around--Lost and Found...Love."

Words: 1,929
Chapters: 1
Hits: 228

We all know what happens when a wizard travels through the barrier between platforms nine and ten at King's Cross station. What we don't know, is what happens when a Muggle accidentally stumbles onto platform 9 3/4. How will said Muggle handle the situation when a rambunctious prankster crosses his path?

Words: 1,459
Chapters: 1
Hits: 184

Harry's life is quiet, but soon, his career as an Auror will lead both him and Ron halfway around the world to investigate a mysterious school known only as the Skat-Hatokha Academy of Magic. But from the beginning, something seems off. No one in the wizarding world has heard of this school, the board of directors can contact you, but you can't contact them, and the accepted students have all been in some trouble with the law and take their right to remain silent very seriously.

Words: 2,828
Chapters: 1
Hits: 167

Listen, my children, and let me tell you a tale. . . one of horror, despair, and vengeance served. Strengthen your hearts, my children, for this tale is not meant for the weak. . . This, in the style of Beedle the Bard, is the true story of how the disease known as lycanthropy came to be. Inspired by whydoyouneedtoknow's "Facing Danger" on FanficAuthors.net.

Words: 1,791
Chapters: 1
Hits: 120

Nestled within the woods lies a long forgotten village that lives in old history. Its myths and tales still ring true to those who have not forgotten how to listen.

Words: 11,807
Chapters: 5
Hits: 111
The Finalist by iforget45

Written during OotP right after Harry leaves for 12 Grimmauld Place, this is Vernon's side of the All-England Best-Kept Suburban Lawn Competition incident. Short fic with no pairings.

Words: 969
Chapters: 1
Hits: 26