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Our tale begins immediately following the tragic events on the night of Dumbledore's murder. Where did Severus Snape go? Who helped him? The story is an exploration into the many faces of an undercover spy. Who is this man? What is his true self? Can redemption be found in loving another? Travel a while with the Slytherin spy and see how his life evolves.

Words: 46,848
Chapters: 11
Hits: 5,328
Keeping Emma by YaYaGoddess

Keeping Emma begins the summer following the deaths of James & Lily. After inadvertently causing Lily's death, Severus has sworn never to love again. Oh, there'd be women, but only on his terms. Then, a chance encounter with a Muggle on the street of London has far-reaching consequences.

Words: 94,724
Chapters: 21
Hits: 5,326

Ever wondered about that scar above Dumbledore's left knee (the one that was a "perfect map of the London Underground")? Or why he said scars can be useful? Or why he likes chamber music? This story explores all those things, and also speculates about how Severus Snape spent the summer before Harry Potter started at Hogwarts. Two wizards meet a Muggle woman who learns something about magic, and about her own family.

Words: 2,480
Chapters: 1
Hits: 346