Lowlands Girl

After the Quidditch Final in Half-Blood-Prince, Neville finds himself discussing relationships with Katie Bell of all people. Shameless fluff, absolutely no plot.

Words: 1,134
Chapters: 1
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Persuasion by Lowlands Girl

It's Ginny's second year. The Chamber of Secrets still lies closed. Her diary, however, is wide open, and she's been writing in it for the past year. Tom Riddle has her firmly in his grasp.

Words: 14,784
Chapters: 1
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After the war, Dean finds himself obsessed.

Words: 1,046
Chapters: 1
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A missing moment fic, explaining exactly how Fleur Delacour got back to shore after being attacked by grindylows in the Second Task.

Words: 1,019
Chapters: 1
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Regulus visits Horace Slughorn for tea and advice, and even though he doesn't get the answers he wants, they're the ones he most needs.

Words: 2,138
Chapters: 1
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Petunia Dursley, waiting for Vernon on a night out, runs into someone she wasn't expecting.

Words: 2,585
Chapters: 1
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No More by Lowlands Girl

Draco, running for his life, wants it all to stop.

Words: 1,633
Chapters: 1
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In a beach villa in the south of France, Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour are allowed to be sisters. Genfic, oneshot.

Words: 1,692
Chapters: 1
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About Face by Lowlands Girl

Sirius, alone in the drawing room at Number Twelve, Grimmauld Palce, feels the need to do something reckless.

Words: 1,110
Chapters: 1
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Willpower by Lowlands Girl

Harry stumbles across Susan after her splinching in the Great Hall.

Words: 1,117
Chapters: 1
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Severus Snape contemplates his home for a few quiet moments at the beginning of the summer before The Half-Blood Prince.

Words: 784
Chapters: 1
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Transparent by Lowlands Girl

Harry finds himself in Sweden, hunting for the Crumple-Horned Snorkack with Luna and her father.

Words: 1,767
Chapters: 1
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Mary-Sue Potter has come to Hogwarts, inspiring questions: Who is she? What's her secret? And why doesn't she have violet eyes? (Parody)

Words: 1,316
Chapters: 1
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Mrs Upples of Chethamshire has got a new lawnmower! Unfortunately, it rather has its own ideas...

Words: 1,117
Chapters: 1
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Sometimes all you can do is laugh. First of the Sondheim songfic series.

Words: 747
Chapters: 1
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Nine Lives by Lowlands Girl

Cats have nine lives, but humans are only given one. Ginny, alone at the Burrow, muses on this.

Words: 770
Chapters: 1
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"...there will be NO chapter called 'Lupin’s Papers' in book six, nor will there be chapters entitled 'Pettigrew’s Pamphlets,' 'Sirius’s Circulars' or 'the Pocket Crosswords of Severus Snape'." - JKRowling.com

Words: 819
Chapters: 1
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[complete] Luke Navarra has been hired to teach music at Hogwarts... but he's a Muggle. Will he survive Slytherin House? Wendy, his partner, stays behind as Luke heads off to Scotland, but soon learns that she's made a bad decision when the Death Eaters learn of her existence. Snape has his prejudices challenged, Hermione learns that talent comes in many forms, and Harry finds, if not an outlet for, at least a distraction from, his anger and grief.

Words: 113,268
Chapters: 19
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You Are by Lowlands Girl

Songfic to Alanis' "U R". After the war, Hermione contemplates the future.

Words: 898
Chapters: 1
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Erised by Lowlands Girl

Neville brings his parents to stay with him at Hogwarts, and Alice Longbottom begins wandering the corridors.

Words: 913
Chapters: 1
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Grandfather tells a favorite bedtime story, of a fair maiden named Maire and a young wizard named Brennan, and of hatred and fear.

Words: 3,556
Chapters: 1
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500 Miles by Lowlands Girl

Songfic to the Proclaimers' "500 Miles." Set during Chamber of Secrets: Ron thinks about Hermione as he prepares to follow Harry and the spiders into the Forbidden Forest.

Words: 952
Chapters: 1
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Hallie by Lowlands Girl

Hallie is a good house-elf. Hallie works for Professor Dumbledore, and she is a proper house-elf. She cleans the fireplaces and cooks the food and she washes the laundry. Hallie won't let Miss Hermione tell her what to do.

Words: 753
Chapters: 1
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