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Sirius has died, and as Harry struggles with his guilt, new neighbors move in across the street on Privet Drive. But this foreign family from the Middle East has a very beautiful daughter, and she's taken a liking to Harry. But just as Harry must hide his own true identity, so too are the secrets that run deep within the Darbinyan family - secrets of death, secrets of life, secrets that will unwittingly guide Harry to rebirth, and the ultimate discovery of how Voldemort must be defeated.

Words: 361,674
Chapters: 74
Hits: 245,860
The Refiner's Fire by Abraxan

Complete. Prequel to "The Time of Destiny." In the summer before his sixth year at Hogwarts, Harry Potter learns to come to terms with the death of Sirius. As he heals and grows emotionally, he learns how to enjoy life again. But there's a war on, and Voldemort's primary objective is to kill Harry Potter, by any means necessary. As a result, Harry and his friends have a very adventurous sixth year at Hogwarts. Canon-based through OotP with some OC.

Words: 386,262
Chapters: 40
Hits: 214,284

Summer after the Trio's fifth year. Ron and Hermione get closer, while Harry grows distant from everyone -- including himself. Snape is reunited with someone from his past. Draco's life spirals out of control. Love blooms, and strange alliances are made. Black wings bring strange dreams. What wonders can wireless music and a little wandless magic work? HP/GW, RW/HG, SB/RL (slashy), DM/PP, BW/FD, NT/OC (slashy), PW/PC, SS/OC, AW/MW. Snape, Petunia, Draco, and Pansy redemption. Songfic. Illustrated. WARNING: includes graphic descriptions of self-harm. This fic DOES NOT encourage such behavior, but if you are bothered by the idea of Harry harming himself, even when it's portrayed as something he has to *overcome*, then do not read this fic.

Words: 179,707
Chapters: 34
Hits: 96,012

Fred and George Weasley's troublemaking careers didn't start the day they reached Hogwarts. In fact, they had been honing their mischief-making talents for years, with the help of a feisty little Muggle girl named Annie Jones from Ottery St. Catchpole. Their secret friendship continued even after the twins began leaving for Hogwarts, as the children kept in touch via owl post. It deepened into something more as teenagers, when George and Annie discovered an attraction to each other that they couldn't deny. Their love struggles to survive one of the most trying times in the magical world -- the Second War -- and its devastating consequences. A happily-ever-after awaits them... eventually.

Words: 359,779
Chapters: 62
Hits: 44,795

"It had taken Granger several years to track Potter down. Draco didn't know how, but done it she had..." It has been seven years since Harry broke up with Draco. Draco goes to find out what happened.

Words: 66,875
Chapters: 19
Hits: 42,081
Lost and Found...Love by Ilex

The new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher...Neville's free spirited Godmother...The love of Severus Snape's life...All the same woman?...BLOODY HELL! The arrival of Anastasia Twigg-Jones at Hogwarts sets into motion a year of intrigue, revenge, laughter, secrets, love and murder that reaches into the past and impacts everyone's future. Secrets...lies...old friends...new foes...anger...hatred...truce? Let's 'hang around' and watch the sparks and spells fly, shall we?

Words: 130,651
Chapters: 30
Hits: 39,478
The End by kazooband

Three months after the fall of Voldemort, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are finally beginning to hope that they might be free of the war that has run their lives. However, Ministry negligence leads to another mass breakout from Azkaban and, with the Order and the Aurors decimated by the final battle, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are the only ones left to fight. They hope to keep history from repeating itself, but it seems that history is not finished with them yet.

Words: 159,304
Chapters: 33
Hits: 29,251

It's Harry's Seventh Year and the war is looming on the horizon. Harry receives a book that once belonged to his mother and may hold the answer to defeating Voldemort. Why didn't Voldemort want to kill Lily Potter? The book holds the key to the answer to this question and others Harry hasn't even considered yet. ````Meanwhile, our heroes must grow up and prepare for battle while grappling with love, hate, jealousy and all your typical Hogwarts goings-on during this action-packed year.

Words: 73,075
Chapters: 12
Hits: 27,567

Anna's year at Hogwarts is ending, in a most peculiar way; Secret keepers, hiding places, changes of attitude and loyalty. Who is in jeopardy? Who will die? New lives, old memories, shifting priorities and deadly miscalculations are coming to light in the bright summer sunshine. Will Harry, Neville, Hermione, Ron, Draco and the rest survive the next year? Will Hogwarts, itself, still be standing? When they return, are they walking into a trap ... to their deaths? Will everything they've learned from Anna be enough to save them and the school? And who will save Anna?

Words: 207,265
Chapters: 39
Hits: 27,342

[complete] Luke Navarra has been hired to teach music at Hogwarts... but he's a Muggle. Will he survive Slytherin House? Wendy, his partner, stays behind as Luke heads off to Scotland, but soon learns that she's made a bad decision when the Death Eaters learn of her existence. Snape has his prejudices challenged, Hermione learns that talent comes in many forms, and Harry finds, if not an outlet for, at least a distraction from, his anger and grief.

Words: 113,268
Chapters: 19
Hits: 13,036

It's been 10 years since the end of the war. Ronald Weasley is divorced and trying not to die of boredom in his steady desk job at Gringotts. But when the woman who ruined his life seeks help unraveling a puzzling situation, he gets more excitement than he bargained for.

Words: 152,303
Chapters: 26
Hits: 12,985

A "terrible" thing has happened to Dudley Dursley's family. His eldest daughter, Priscilla, has received a letter from Hogwarts! Finally, after fifteen years of no conversation, Dudley is having to contact his cousin, Harry Potter, whose own daughter is going to Hogwarts as well.

Words: 9,247
Chapters: 3
Hits: 9,369
Potter Politics by GTheFinder

The two most powerful wizards in the world are his enemies. He no longer trusts his best friends. What happens when Harry falls in love with a hot muggle girl who helps Harry make new allies, find new friends, and learn to be wild.

Words: 9,624
Chapters: 7
Hits: 8,977

Harry has done his duty. Voldemort is dead, the Wizarding World is safe. Duty over, Harry has had enough. He 'exiles' himself from all things magic-related and starts a Muggle University. The magical world is nothing but a mermory-that is, until a trip abroad sends him hurtling back into the world he left behind.

Words: 15,641
Chapters: 5
Hits: 8,104
To Love a Twin by YaYaGoddess

Fred promised to marry Kira but had to leave to take care of something he couldn't talk about. A month, George came and told her Fred had been killed. Left pregnant, Kira tries to keep her pregnancy secret from her abusive father. When George finds out, he is determined to do the right thing. But neither knows that a psychotic stalker has fixated on Kira.

Words: 84,575
Chapters: 23
Hits: 7,476

Our tale begins immediately following the tragic events on the night of Dumbledore's murder. Where did Severus Snape go? Who helped him? The story is an exploration into the many faces of an undercover spy. Who is this man? What is his true self? Can redemption be found in loving another? Travel a while with the Slytherin spy and see how his life evolves.

Words: 46,848
Chapters: 11
Hits: 5,328
Of Dogs and Dragons by Labby

In the Muggle town of Newberry, veterinarian Emilia Reynolds, is mystified by a sudden streak of dog killings. When Charlie Weasley comes into town to try to capture the unknown threat, both of them learn more about life and love than they ever expected.

Words: 50,710
Chapters: 17
Hits: 5,272

What if Lily and James never died? James walked out on Lily and Harry when he was six? Harry is a dysfunctional teenager if there ever was one. His friendships are totally messed up, and he only finds solace in his guitar, his little brother and his cigarettes. That is, until Hermione whisks him and Ron off to La Jolla for the Christmas hols. There he meets Anna: a half-Japanese, half-Irish riot girl who is absolutely amazing. Everything is going just GREAT... until his dad shows up again and ruins everything. Song-fic to "The Story of My Old Man"

Words: 22,736
Chapters: 6
Hits: 4,496
A Sirius Christmas by Carole

It's 2005 and the Blacks are getting ready for Christmas and trying to steal a few moments for romance.

Words: 8,818
Chapters: 1
Hits: 3,426

London is a world of its own, with secrets hidden in every alley. Places you can only find if you know where to go or if you're in need of a refuge.``One night, young Redondo discovers a street he's never seen before, and through the fog he hears the sound of music. Looking for nothing but a beer and a few good stories, he soon finds himself in the centre of the weirdest tale of all.

Words: 20,578
Chapters: 6
Hits: 3,374

It's Hermione and Ron's wedding day, but Arthur Weasley and Julia Granger reveal a secret that ruins the big day completely. But they aren't the only ones with a secret that could wreck their lives. One Shot

Words: 1,830
Chapters: 1
Hits: 2,660

COMPLETE!!! Harry's mind has been erased. When he regains his senses, he finds that things are different and he doesn't quite understand why....

Words: 42,784
Chapters: 11
Hits: 2,401

“First, he asked me to marry him. Then he told me he was a wizard.” Can a Muggle learn to cope with the fact that her fiancé has incomprehensible powers, overcome parental misgivings, and still manage to keep everything a secret from her friends?

Words: 11,906
Chapters: 4
Hits: 2,268

TP01: Doctor Who for the Potterverse. Muggle meets magic, and past meets future. Genius inventor, Tristan Parkes, has invented the world's first TARDIS, by combining magic with early 22nd century technology. On landing in early 21st century Australia, Tristan discovers some unexpected history that is not recorded in the history books of his home time. Teaming up with local Muggle, Ashlee Lowe, Tristan sets about putting things right.

Words: 44,614
Chapters: 12
Hits: 2,239

As if dying had not been bad enough, Fred's ghost has gone and earned himself a nasty curse. Now the only way he can weasel out of a very gruesome exorcising is to solve a series of strange and horrific mysteries. Fred x OC, George x Luna

Words: 26,205
Chapters: 5
Hits: 1,864

Aeris Anthony is a normal Muggle girl...or so she thinks. After finding the Leaky Cauldron on her way to a coffee shop one day, she discovers something about herself that will change her life and the lives of those in her new world forever.

Words: 13,228
Chapters: 3
Hits: 1,859
Ginny Says by jamc91

Hyperness Sugar - the newest invention from Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. You can probably guess what happens next.

Words: 2,524
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,798

"Dear Harry," the letter had read, "I have exciting news! I’ve won a contest, and now we (Ron, Ginny, you and me) are going to America! I’ll explain more later, but now I’ve got to go and pack. You should, too. Our flight leaves tomorrow morning. Tell Ron all of this, and meet Ginny and me at Heathrow Airport (outside the International Terminal) at seven o’clock tomorrow!"...wow...Harry in America? What's gonna happen?

Words: 4,704
Chapters: 2
Hits: 1,489

"You will go to a Muggle farm and will stay there, working, the whole weekend, Mr Malfoy. You must learn some respect for Muggles -- if we cannot teach you that with theory, we'll teach you with practice."

Words: 4,176
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,478
Flower Shop by Cinderella200

Sirius and Remus help Lily choose flowers for the upcoming nuptials. The shop girl watches, and comes to an interesting conclusion. R/S pre-slash.

Words: 1,822
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,414

"By the time a girl like me has graduated from high school, she hardly remembers any of her friends from her elementary days. I think back to my first years in school and I remember little—names and faces, but not much more than that. . . But there’s one boy that I will never forget, not for as long I as live." Christina has just moved to Little Whinging, and she befriends a boy named Harry Potter. From the author of "Woes of a Midget Owl" and "Buckbeak's Ferret Dinner."

Words: 4,780
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,382

During the summer after his tumultuous sixth year, Harry embarks on a quest to learn everything he can about Horcruxes, knowing that he will need all the information he can get in order to survive the impending conflict with Lord Voldemort. A trio of new Muggle friends throws a wrench in the works--and the discovery of an arcane, long-forgotten spell leads to a series of revelations, adventures, and tragedies. Are the bonds of friendship and family enough to save the MacTavishes when Voldemort discovers their secret? And can Harry save them without dooming himself, and the entire magical community with him?

Words: 11,649
Chapters: 2
Hits: 1,290

The past can catch up to us when we least expect it. Harry Potter had fulfilled the Prophecy. He'd served his purpose. After running from his past for nearly five years, it had at last caught up with him...in the form of Ginny Weasley.

Words: 1,231
Chapters: 1
Hits: 933
Moon by Northumbrian

Her friends are getting older, getting married, and having children. Lavender Brown doesn’t even have a boyfriend, not a proper boyfriend anyway. What she has are issues, and these days most of them are Moon-related.

Words: 11,830
Chapters: 6
Hits: 929

Mal Young's sister was a witch. Mal Young's sister, along with many others, was murdered when Dolores Umbridge took over the Ministry. And the handful of Muggles who know of the wizarding world? They're starting to get mad. And they're starting to get

Words: 12,578
Chapters: 8
Hits: 837
'A Priori' by Mlle Slasheuse

Fugitives from both sides of the Second War, Draco and Snape are bound together by the Vow Snape made to Narcissa Malfoy - a vow that Draco will do anything to break. With no allies, no plan, and no hope except to stay one step ahead of their pursuers, time is running out for two very different men. Oh, and don't mention the werewolves.

Words: 9,028
Chapters: 1
Hits: 761

Harry knows that he's famous in the magical world, being the Boy-Who-Lived and all that. However, what he doesn't know is that he's famous in the Muggle world, too. Harry takes a trip to Borders and realizes just how famous he is and how obsessed some people are over HP (myself included!).

Words: 1,836
Chapters: 1
Hits: 691

Andrew Brody has heard rumours of a mysterious lake in the mountainous regions of Scotland. Determined to investigate legends of Nessielike creatures in its depths, he enounters something altogether unexpected.

Words: 4,495
Chapters: 1
Hits: 677

Hermione's getting married tomorrow morning, and her friends and sisters-in-law gather together to show her a good time. Luna proves to be the hit of the party (although Fleur gives her a run for her money). Rated for language, no slash. Companion to "George & Annie: an Unofficial Biography."

Words: 3,434
Chapters: 1
Hits: 664

Before Hermione and Ron met, another Weasley, and a woman soon to become a mother of a future Granger met. Read about how Septimus Weasley and Clara Winthraft met on a dance floor.

Words: 1,862
Chapters: 1
Hits: 647

The war is over, but its repercussions are still being felt more than a decade after the fact. George Weasley finds himself drawn into the latest machinations of a former Death Eater: one who just happens to be an old family nemesis. Short companion piece to "George & Annie: an Unofficial Biography"

Words: 8,100
Chapters: 4
Hits: 616

"After she finished work, Elspeth went down to the cemetery on Woodthorpe Road so she could see the ghost." A Potterverse story with a twist in the tail. One-shot.

Words: 1,158
Chapters: 1
Hits: 596
Demon Hunter by JJindiana

Post OOTP after a depressing fifth year, Harry's world is turned upside down when the guardian to the seventh gate of hell shows up and offers (more like demands) to train Harry as a demon hunter. InuyashaHarryPotter

Words: 3,412
Chapters: 2
Hits: 518

JKR mentions the Muggle raids in her books, but has yet to ever describe one. This fic is about an unsuspecting Muggle who has no idea of the wizarding world. Death Eaters (led by Lucius Malfoy) raid her quiet home. Will she meet the fate that so many unfortunate Muggles have, or will Lucius be merciful?

Words: 1,825
Chapters: 1
Hits: 496
The Couch by TattooedSiren

Harry had been sitting in silence for the better part of half an hour, pulling on the thread of the couch upon which he sat. He was feeling uncomfortable in this small room, unsure what it was that made him relent into coming here.

Words: 1,101
Chapters: 1
Hits: 418

An innocent Muggle meets the Death Eaters.

Words: 944
Chapters: 1
Hits: 356

Ever wondered about that scar above Dumbledore's left knee (the one that was a "perfect map of the London Underground")? Or why he said scars can be useful? Or why he likes chamber music? This story explores all those things, and also speculates about how Severus Snape spent the summer before Harry Potter started at Hogwarts. Two wizards meet a Muggle woman who learns something about magic, and about her own family.

Words: 2,480
Chapters: 1
Hits: 346
The Seer by bruno

She was nothing but a cheap fortune-teller, a simple housewife who made a few extra pounds by telling people nice stories. Eva dealt in dreams, not witchcraft. But then a chubby boy named Peter entered her tent.

Words: 3,249
Chapters: 1
Hits: 334

George Weasley has connections. And he knows how to use them. The title really says it all. Smutty, fluffy one-shot companion to "George & Annie: an Unofficial Biography." You've been warned!

Words: 6,430
Chapters: 1
Hits: 325

I have lived my whole life with Kolen and the rest of the vampire clan. We're constantly migrating; fleeing from sunlight and those dreaded, mortal humans who have for centuries been hunting down and slaughtering our kind. I was one of the few, lucky survivors. One day, Kolen came to me in and put me on a dangerous mission to recreate our clan. My name is Katrina Sillane, and this is the story of my fateful mission...

Words: 4,077
Chapters: 2
Hits: 314
Circe in the Books by Kalyca

Circe, an avid Harry Potter fan, traverses time and space to arrive at Hogwarts during Harry's first year. She in a quandary as how to carry on as an outsider in a storyline she knows all too well. Can she manage to realize her dreams about magic while not affecting those destinies inherent to the success of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone?

Words: 1,495
Chapters: 1
Hits: 311

A brief glimpse into the lives of Lycurgus Randall and Selena Lowell of the Werewolf Support Services as they fight an uphill battle to do their job.

Words: 1,360
Chapters: 1
Hits: 309

Mrs Upples of Chethamshire has got a new lawnmower! Unfortunately, it rather has its own ideas...

Words: 1,117
Chapters: 1
Hits: 276

Sirius was arrested on the charge of murdering Peter Pettigrew and a street full of Muggles, just after the murder of James and Lily by Voldemort. But Dumbledore believes Sirius to be innocent, and only Dumbledore could contrive to keep Sirius out of Azkaban. But he needs a place where Sirius can hide out--"out of sight, out of mind"--for a time. And another member of the original Order of the Phoenix has a second cousin who is an accountant and a Muggle and who has a cousin who is also a Muggle and who, being a Muggle, might be glad to have another helper at her stables ...

Words: 6,809
Chapters: 1
Hits: 242

Illness has temporarily taken River and Wrackspurt out of commission. But rather than inflict dead air on their loyal fans the Saturday before Valentine's Day, the WWN has agreed to let Annie and Angelina guest host one episode. The guys might live to regret it…. Companion to "George & Annie: an Unofficial Biography." No slash.

Words: 4,973
Chapters: 1
Hits: 235

"If there's one thing I'll never understand about my sister, it's her love of messing with people's heads. Making waves, she calls it. I'm more likely to call it making trouble."

Words: 3,772
Chapters: 1
Hits: 201

A mysterious corpse clad on a shabby old robe is a puzzle for the police, but not for the Muggle Interface Team.

Words: 8,043
Chapters: 1
Hits: 196

"I wish you could do magic!" Janie had shouted in a fit of temper. How exactly should a muggle mother respond to her daughter – especially when she wishes the very same thing?

Words: 4,000
Chapters: 1
Hits: 179

Rosalie Edwards thought she had the perfect life: a loving husband and three beautiful daughters, but her husband's secret past is going to turn their entire world upside down. **Written in response to NevilleFan's "The I Heart Muggles" Challenge on HPFF**

Words: 780
Chapters: 1
Hits: 177

Harry's life is quiet, but soon, his career as an Auror will lead both him and Ron halfway around the world to investigate a mysterious school known only as the Skat-Hatokha Academy of Magic. But from the beginning, something seems off. No one in the wizarding world has heard of this school, the board of directors can contact you, but you can't contact them, and the accepted students have all been in some trouble with the law and take their right to remain silent very seriously.

Words: 2,828
Chapters: 1
Hits: 167

15-year-old Muggle Roxette Summerson lives in a Children’s Home. However when a mysterious stranger introduces her to the magical world and an enigmatic character named Voldemort, Roxette knows she is about to kiss goodbye to her peaceful life. For some strange reason Voldemort makes this ordinary, boring Muggle girl his personal assassin and Roxette is given her first target: Harry Potter. But Harry Potter is in hiding and Roxette finds herself looking for someone who doesn’t want to be found. But she’s not alone. Roxette befriends a pair of teenagers from another world – Elyon and Cadia – and then there are those two mysterious boys who seem to be helping them. And throughout all this, Roxette is discovering powers she never knew she had.

Words: 4,916
Chapters: 2
Hits: 166

Listen, my children, and let me tell you a tale. . . one of horror, despair, and vengeance served. Strengthen your hearts, my children, for this tale is not meant for the weak. . . This, in the style of Beedle the Bard, is the true story of how the disease known as lycanthropy came to be. Inspired by whydoyouneedtoknow's "Facing Danger" on FanficAuthors.net.

Words: 1,791
Chapters: 1
Hits: 120