Here Be Dragons by shosier

As a little boy, Charlie Weasley cultivated a passion for dragons. But that little boy had no way of knowing where that passion would take him in life. These are Charlie's adventures – the ones only hinted at in canon. My story consists of vignettes of Charlie's life, with emphasis on those rare, brief moments when JKR mentioned him in passing, and few other gaps filled in.

Words: 118,069
Chapters: 28
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The war is over, but its repercussions are still being felt more than a decade after the fact. George Weasley finds himself drawn into the latest machinations of a former Death Eater: one who just happens to be an old family nemesis. Short companion piece to "George & Annie: an Unofficial Biography"

Words: 8,100
Chapters: 4
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Illness has temporarily taken River and Wrackspurt out of commission. But rather than inflict dead air on their loyal fans the Saturday before Valentine's Day, the WWN has agreed to let Annie and Angelina guest host one episode. The guys might live to regret it…. Companion to "George & Annie: an Unofficial Biography." No slash.

Words: 4,973
Chapters: 1
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George Weasley has connections. And he knows how to use them. The title really says it all. Smutty, fluffy one-shot companion to "George & Annie: an Unofficial Biography." You've been warned!

Words: 6,430
Chapters: 1
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Hermione's getting married tomorrow morning, and her friends and sisters-in-law gather together to show her a good time. Luna proves to be the hit of the party (although Fleur gives her a run for her money). Rated for language, no slash. Companion to "George & Annie: an Unofficial Biography."

Words: 3,434
Chapters: 1
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"I wish you could do magic!" Janie had shouted in a fit of temper. How exactly should a muggle mother respond to her daughter – especially when she wishes the very same thing?

Words: 4,000
Chapters: 1
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Percy is understandably leery at the prospect of a bachelor party planned by George. The latest of the Weasley brothers to marry, Percy asks them all a question burning in his mind during a serious moment: how did you know she was "the one"? A one-shot companion to George & Annie: an Unofficial Biography. George/OC, all other ships canon compliant.

Words: 2,312
Chapters: 1
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Lee Jordan and George Weasley (a.k.a. River and Wrackspurt) have been anonymously broadcasting a radio show on the Wizarding Wireless Network for nearly a year and a half, dedicated to educating the magical world about popular muggle music. This particular show, dated April 1, 2001, is a poignant tribute to someone near and dear to them both. A one-shot companion to George & Annie: an Unofficial Biography. No slash.

Words: 2,964
Chapters: 1
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Almost a year after the Battle of Hogwarts, George was surprised when his wife Annie told him Harry Potter at their door, asking to speak with him. Whatever it is Harry wants to tell him, it doesn't promise to be pleasant, judging by his old friend's level of discomfort. When will the Chosen One realize everything isn't his fault? A friend is about to explain it to him. A one-shot companion to George & Annie: an Unofficial Biography. No slash.

Words: 1,985
Chapters: 1
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Bundle of Joy by shosier

George is still reeling from the loss of his brother a few short months ago, but is putting on a brave face for his wife's sake. His good friend Lee Jordan arrives to help with the construction of George and Annie's new house, and shares some interesting news. One-shot companion to George & Annie: an Unofficial Biography. No slash.

Words: 2,033
Chapters: 1
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Fred and George Weasley's troublemaking careers didn't start the day they reached Hogwarts. In fact, they had been honing their mischief-making talents for years, with the help of a feisty little Muggle girl named Annie Jones from Ottery St. Catchpole. Their secret friendship continued even after the twins began leaving for Hogwarts, as the children kept in touch via owl post. It deepened into something more as teenagers, when George and Annie discovered an attraction to each other that they couldn't deny. Their love struggles to survive one of the most trying times in the magical world -- the Second War -- and its devastating consequences. A happily-ever-after awaits them... eventually.

Words: 359,779
Chapters: 62
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