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Malfoy Security Inc. is hired when Chudley Cannons' star Seeker Harry Potter starts receiving disturbing letters.

Words: 40,796
Chapters: 17
Hits: 231,087

Bill Weasley begins his education at Hogwarts in 1975, in the middle of Voldemort's reign of terror. He never suspects that the Gryffindor prefects he looks up to, Lily Evans and James Potter, will eventually have a son who saves the wizarding world, nor that the Weasley family will eventually play an important role in the Dark Lord's fall. All he knows is that in a very scary wizarding world, Hogwarts is a safe haven where he has always longed to be--until, that is, there are whispers of vampires and werewolves, of Death Eaters and traitors, and a Seeress pronounces a Prophecy which will shake the wizarding world to its very foundations....

Words: 341,732
Chapters: 20
Hits: 179,335
Replay by Barb

Aunt Marge's arrival causes Harry to flee to avoid performing accidental magic again. But when number four, Privet Drive is attacked, he becomes the chief suspect and a fugitive from both the Muggle police and the Ministry. He tries going to Mrs Figg's but finds unfamiliar wizards there. With an Invisibility Cloak and nowhere to turn he hides in the house next door, to keep watch on Mrs Figg's. He has no idea that this will irrevocably alter the rest of his life....

Words: 410,658
Chapters: 40
Hits: 159,304
Becoming Neville by Jedi Rita

Neville's Gran breaks her hip just after his fifth year at Hogwarts, and he must spend the summer with Harry and Remus at No. 12 Grimmauld Place. He and Harry discover a hidden message in the candy wrappers Neville's mother has been giving him over the years, and they begin to uncover secrets about the past, even as they must confront dangers in the present. Along the way, Neville learns just how much he has in common with The Boy Who Lived, and how to be his own kind of hero.

Words: 134,451
Chapters: 37
Hits: 105,190

Arthur and Lucius, Ron and Draco... the enmity betweent the Weasleys and the Malfoys has not ended with the defeat of Voldemort. But as Michael Weasley and Elizabeth Malfoy are start their sixth year, they begin to learn more than they ever knew about the past and about themselves, with the aid of their new DADA teacher... a hero unseen in wizarding Britain since the war ended...

Words: 47,349
Chapters: 45
Hits: 80,259

A prequel to Paradigm of Uncertainty that takes place six years before the events in that story, chronicling the lives of Sirius, Harry, Hermione during the summer and fall of 2001.

Words: 183,365
Chapters: 18
Hits: 76,276
Malfoy, P.I. by Nancy

"I'm Draco Malfoy, private investigator. I've seen a lot--I mean a lot, and I'm like sweet seventeen a lot. I thought I'd seen it all, until a pair of green eyes stepped into my office." A noir AU set in L.A. where passion and magic collide. Slashy and sexy.

Words: 60,498
Chapters: 11
Hits: 76,193

First in a trilogy of novels about harry's last years at Hogwarts. This one takes Harry through a new world of Death Eaters, secret identities, girls, battles and more than I can list here.

Words: 305,784
Chapters: 30
Hits: 74,152

Ginny and Draco wake up one morning to find themselves in a totally different world. The year is 1607, Draco is Prince of Wales, Ginny Princess of England, and they're Muggles. Everything's different, but the worst thing is they're . . . engaged.

Words: 143,884
Chapters: 17
Hits: 70,312

What if Hermione Granger was suddenly and violently knocked out of time, finding herself in a blacked out Hospital Wing with visitors whom she doesn't recognize because the people she knew by their names were battle worn, broken, recovering, or dead? What if she had knowledge that could change the course of history? Would she listen to Dumbledore's warning or would she try and fix what she could? What if she fell in love with a man destined to suffer? Can she let history repeat itself when she has the chance to change it?

Words: 96,663
Chapters: 17
Hits: 64,316

Anna Grayson was born into a powerful wizarding family. However, Anna is different than the rest of her brothers and sisters who attend Castlewood Academy for the Magical Arts in America. Born a squib and now thirteen years old, Anna has accepted life as a future Muggle. Then, unexpectedly, Anna begins to show signs of astonishing power and ability. These changes lead Anna to questions about her past, the death of her mother, and eventually to the reality that magic has moved to protect itself from the madness of battle between good and evil by creating a young guardian in the Order of Merlin.

Words: 356,475
Chapters: 43
Hits: 50,834
Surfeit Of Curses by Heidi

A series of discoveries and events turns Draco Malfoy's world inside out in the weeks after the end of the Triwizard Tournament.

Words: 156,166
Chapters: 10
Hits: 48,443
Dracaena Draco by Al

In the months following the end of the ill-fated Triwizard Tournament, the usually indomitable Draco Malfoy is thrown into a situation that will change his life for ever. In a time when nobody is quite what they seem, can the Dark Side really be divided? The first story of three in the Dark Descending Trilogy.

Words: 173,859
Chapters: 12
Hits: 46,966

Our lives are not our own. Fate is set, choice is meaningless and the mark of the chosen never truly fades. When Harry finds a way to change his destiny, will the result be better than the path already chosen for him?

Words: 158,281
Chapters: 46
Hits: 46,488

Sequel to The Silent Siege. As Harry, Hermione, and Ron prepare for their seventh and final year at Hogwarts and Ginny her sixth, it comes in an atmosphere of unusual calm: Voldemort has just been defeated and his Death Eaters rounded up and returned to a now, more secure Azkaban prison. Even Draco Malfoy’s strangely smug behavior is easily dismissed and forgiven. But this peace does not last for long. Soon, students begin to disappear: first the Muggle-borns and then the Squibs. But worse than this, no one seems to remember them after they’ve gone - no one, that is, except Ginny.

Words: 297,999
Chapters: 29
Hits: 45,901
Lust Over Pendle by A.J. Hall

A comedy of manners, in the Golden Age detective thriller genre, set in the year immediately after Voldemort's fall. Lust Over Pendle begins when a Daily Prophet paparazzo manages to take a sneak photograph on the beach at an exclusive Indian Ocean hideaway resort, and the families of both Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy find themselves Very Startled Indeed.

Words: 142,861
Chapters: 12
Hits: 45,092

A wandering student comes home, a broken man pays his penance, and a gruesome murder is both more and less than it seems. Some paths to self-discovery have more twists and turns than others.

Words: 114,933
Chapters: 32
Hits: 44,255

COMPLETE! When Draco Malfoy overhears Ron Weasley saying something about a mirror that apparently showed him a glimpse of the future, he is determined to find this mirror and use it to aid Lord Voldemort. But things don't always go as we plan, do they? Written mostly from Draco's POV, this fic includes mysterious spells, transfer students, strange and interesting new plants, problem parents, OotP members, occlumency, Draco Malfoy with attitude, Ginny Weasley with even more attitude -- and at least one person gets kissed! Ships include D/G, R/Hr.

Words: 124,431
Chapters: 24
Hits: 44,150

Post-Hogwarts. Harry deals with aunts and other Muggles, ex-Death Eaters, love, life, and loss-all with some help from the rest of the trio.

Words: 82,057
Chapters: 17
Hits: 43,829

Harry’s sixth year is about to start. Why has Dumbledore hired a Dark Sorceress to teach the students Defence Against the Dark Arts? What is her link with the Marauders and Lily? And why does Snape act so strangely with her? The sequel to OoTP. A lot of Snape for Snape-lovers.

Words: 340,891
Chapters: 59
Hits: 43,581

It's never plain sailing for a newly-qualified Auror, and especially not for Nymphadora Tonks. Her Metamorphmagus talents are a big career advantage. Her dark wizard relatives certainly aren't. Being thrown in at the deep end on her first case doesn't make things any easier, either. So when Tonks puts her shape-shifting skills to good use investigating the trade in a highly dangerous potion, while simultaneously trying to deal with her family's very 'Black' past history, things quickly get complicated ... [Set during the first half of GoF, plot crosses paths with the books from time to time but mostly runs parallel.]

Words: 283,059
Chapters: 44
Hits: 43,484
A Plague of Legends by Ishuca

Is there truth to be found in legends? How much are people controlled by legends, both mundane and otherwise? A story of stone hearts hidden away, demonic pacts, toga parties, and unlikely liaisons between living myths. HP/DM Slash.

Words: 109,591
Chapters: 20
Hits: 43,218

I was born the day you kissed me...I died inside the night you left me...But I lived, oh how I lived while you loved me....

Words: 50,270
Chapters: 19
Hits: 42,416

The terms of the will: Remus gets Harry. Harry, Remus, and Tonks get a bit of gold and some unusual bonding experiences. The Weasley twins get a hippogriff and an unexpected source of inspiration. After that, things get complicated... (Summer after OotP, but about as lighthearted as possible.)

Words: 32,765
Chapters: 10
Hits: 41,653

Join Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny in their quest to solve a modern-day mystery and uncover an ancient secret that will help in the fight against the Dark Side. But then Harry has a more daunting task to complete - he\'s the Anima Summa - a champion of the Light Side - the latest of a rare and exclusive breed stretching back into the mists of time, and he has to find his soul mate, his female counterpart, the girl he’ll love above all others. But who is she?

Words: 185,664
Chapters: 14
Hits: 41,223

In his fifth year at Hogwarts, Harry returns to a half-empty school full of strange whispers of a dangerous future. In a time of uncertainty, of shifting alliances and unexpected foes, Harry finds himself turning to the person he'd least suspected -- and who seems to want nothing to do with him.

Words: 91,993
Chapters: 8
Hits: 38,299

In the dead of a hot summer night, a mysterious visitor leaves Ginny frightened and confused, along with two directives: deliver two objects to Harry Potter and stay the hell away from Draco Malfoy...

Words: 32,707
Chapters: 10
Hits: 33,594
Beyond the Veil by Helene

Trapped in a world where he can be neither seen nor heard, Sirius Black struggles to communicate to his friends that he may not be as dead as they think he is... and that something dreadful lurks beyond the veil.

Words: 43,250
Chapters: 10
Hits: 32,771

It's the autumn of Harry's sixth year. The kids are back at school, the Death Eaters are back on the loose, and Lord Voldemort is plotting to abduct Professor Trelawney. Can a werewolf, a Metamorphagus, a crusading journalist, a Muggle lawyer, and an ex-Death Eater turned singing sensation thwart the Dark Lord's plans? Well, there wouldn't be much of a story if they did, would there?

Words: 54,535
Chapters: 16
Hits: 32,454

Harry returns to his sixth year at Hogwarts to find that darkness is very quickly``permeating the school. It seems as though the only person to realise this, is``Harry. When all seems lost, two people come to him and offer their help. ``Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy. As the three work together to unravel the``mystery that is hovering over them, Harry and Draco have to fight their own battles and``overcome the darkness that is threatening to take them.

Words: 96,957
Chapters: 16
Hits: 32,144

It's been six months since Remember Me ended, and something dark is hovering on the horizon.

Words: 72,829
Chapters: 12
Hits: 30,499
Draco By Trial by Thrintje

Harry and Draco were friends, closer than some people thought was healthy. Everything seemed to go wrong at once, and now Draco is on trial for murder. Nobody knows what really happened between the two boys except Draco, and now he has no choice but to tell his story.

Words: 57,008
Chapters: 12
Hits: 28,900

7th year fic in the good old traditional style. Voldemort has a daughter (only he lost her), Harry has a dream, Dumbledore has a past and Hermione has a problem. Major revelations about the Potters, and the beginning of a possible romance...

Words: 68,419
Chapters: 14
Hits: 27,838
A Sirius Change by Carole

Five years after their marriage, something sinister is happening to the Blacks. Is Sirius really attacking his own family, or is someone setting him up? A mysterious organization is making demands and Cordelia is caught in the middle. Can Sirius and Cordelia come to grips with the changes that result from this nefarious alliance, or will these changes be too much. Draco is working for Sirius in an attempt to help unravel the mystery and Ginny and her business are caught up in the intrigue as well. Takes place simultaneous to Lori's Show That Never Ends, in the Paradigm of Uncertainty Universe. Ships include Ginny/Draco and of course Sirius/Cordelia.

Words: 197,907
Chapters: 13
Hits: 26,391

Harry is stranded at the Dursleys for another horrible summer, when he is 'rescued' by Sirius and taken away to spend a great summer with the ``former Marauders, Padfoot and Moony. But when he returns to Hogwarts, the world of magic is becoming darker and thrown into deeper mystery. You worship the ground that Sirius stands on? Read this fic!

Words: 138,239
Chapters: 23
Hits: 26,301
Crucio by NotEvenHere

When Umbridge subjects Harry to the Cruciatus, Snape intervenes, veering not only his own life off its intended course, but Harry’s and Sirius’ as well, spawning tragedy and devastation in its wake. First story in the Unforgiveables trilogy. In response to the OOTP: Crucio Challenge by royalnavigator on Potions and Snitches. Rated for violence and character deaths.

Words: 80,060
Chapters: 25
Hits: 25,910

All that she was has been lost or forgotten.... until now.``Young Thomas Potter begins his first year with his friends and a mystery to``solve... Who was his mother?

Words: 139,838
Chapters: 43
Hits: 25,261
The Time Of Trial by Al

The second part of the 'Dark Descending' story arc. Harry must finally begin to come to terms with his past, and his future, in this epic adventure, but Voldemort has returned, and the Light is fighting for survival ...

Words: 172,582
Chapters: 9
Hits: 24,974

Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts for his Fifth Year of schooling. In the process, he finds his godmother, mysterious letters, a secret Order, and he returns to his home in Godric's Hollow.

Words: 51,840
Chapters: 9
Hits: 23,929

Harry Potter's time at Hogwarts is over, and now it's time for his son's adventure to begin. Follow Connor as he and his friends deal with classes, Quidditch, precognitioin, and a mysterious dream that will lead them on an adventure left unfinished from twenty years ago.

Words: 141,026
Chapters: 37
Hits: 23,493

Revolving around Harry Potter’s sixth year at Hogwarts. As he inherits Sirius's Diary, he discovers new dark secrets about his past, about his parents and godfather. He travels to a different world, where he will have to overcome new challenges and face up to the enemy he was prophesied to kill....

Words: 84,229
Chapters: 23
Hits: 23,100

DH disregarded. Damaged by the war, Harry flees everything that used to be familiar to him and instead roams the night, haunted by unsolvable questions -- what truly killed Voldemort? And what lurks in the Forbidden Forest, where the trees seem alive? As his investigation progresses, everything Harry has learnt is called into question as he discovers the most jealously kept secret of the entire Wizarding civilisation.

Words: 165,159
Chapters: 17
Hits: 22,562
Love is a Crime by Lissanne

In the sequel to "Love is a Battlefield", Harry and Hermione announce their engagement and begin to plan one of the most important days of their lives. However, not everyone in the wizarding world is thrilled with their news. There is someone who believes Hermione belongs to him and not Harry... and he will do anything to get her. Will they be able to find out who he is before he is able to carry out his plan or will they be too late to stop him?

Words: 85,666
Chapters: 5
Hits: 22,037
Black Mirror by ESINED

Harry and the Protectors are home for the summer at Snape Manor. Wedding Plans are being made but a mystery is about to take place which will affect them all. Will Harry be able to protect Phaedra from losing her soul? AU Female Harry

Words: 99,629
Chapters: 16
Hits: 21,007

Harry returns for his final year at Hogwarts and his love for Hermione is deeper than ever. Which is good; because dark clouds are hovering once again. This is a sequel to "Snow".

Words: 173,917
Chapters: 26
Hits: 20,995

A post-Hogwarts fic inspired by Draco Dormiens, dealing with the Trio plus Draco and Sirius at the St Andrews Institute for Wizarding Education. Rated R for language and some relationship material.

Words: 55,723
Chapters: 9
Hits: 20,971

Eight hundred years on from the fall of Voldemort, a young historian sets out to solve the mystery of the Lightning Letters.

Words: 10,036
Chapters: 5
Hits: 20,583

Life was never easy for him. Now, Harry is confronted with the only evil he has ever feared; an enemy he cannot see. For the leader of the treacherous Black Order is as elusive as it is powerful. Residing in secret, withholding power beyond anyone has ever known, and capable of penetrating what we thought once as safe, the leader has but one obstacle in the way. But before Harry Potter can confront and rid our world of treachery once more, he must first battle the weakness of his own mind...

Words: 228,084
Chapters: 15
Hits: 20,549

After a late night in the library studying for her N.E.W.T.s, Hermione is hurrying back to the Gryffindor common room when she stumbles across a rather peculiar painting, a painting she's never seen at Hogwarts - a painting called "Time". One glance, one glance is all it takes before Hermione is plunged into a world both foreign and familiar, to carry out a purpose she does not know - a world where she will change lives whether she means to or not. The Past.

Words: 48,837
Chapters: 14
Hits: 20,532
The Coin by Rhetts Lady

The course to true love never runs smooth. Hermione is given an old coin with an ominous warning attached by a mysterious old woman. Will Hermione heed the warning or will she ignore it and bring tragedy on herself and the one she loves? Is the right path to follow her heart or her head or can the truth be found somewhere in between?

Words: 104,478
Chapters: 12
Hits: 20,310

Harry has always trusted Dumbledore, but does Dumbledore truly deserve that trust? Strange things are happening at Hogwarts (well, stranger than normal…) and Harry has no one to turn to with his suspicions except Snape?!

Words: 28,227
Chapters: 16
Hits: 19,910
Heaven and Hell by Anja

Once they had been friends, and now Serena got the job that Severus always wanted. But is this the only reason why he dislikes her and her son so much? To get an answer, you have to know about their past... It's Harry's 5th year at Hogwarts, and Voldemort is plotting evil as usual.

Words: 156,470
Chapters: 22
Hits: 19,595
Heavenly Creatures by Anise

It is the summer of 1997, and all Hogwarts walks in fear. Six months earlier, Death Eaters attacked the Hogwarts train on its return from the Christmas holidays, killing some students, and taking others back with them. And Ginny saw the final fall of Draco Malfoy. Little does she know that the worst is yet to come. Yet she cannot stop trying to figure out the point of inevitability, the last chance to change the events that are bearing down on her like an avalanche. She may not know, but she can remember that last summer before it all began, the summer at Twelve Grimmauld Place with Sirius Black... and the secrets Harry did not know.

Words: 138,440
Chapters: 11
Hits: 19,477

The Marauders discover a plot that involves their new friend, Veronica Croft. James and Sirius also discover that Remus is falling in love with Veronica. Does she love him back? Will they ever be happy?

Words: 85,948
Chapters: 44
Hits: 19,451

Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot & Prongs are in their sixth year at Hogwarts; someone who was once outside their circle is now at the center of it. And the Dark Lord has a new cruel method of attack.

Words: 112,302
Chapters: 10
Hits: 19,116

The Potions Master is about to meet a bitch of unexpected dimensions.

Words: 244,962
Chapters: 59
Hits: 18,456

It is time for Draco to play his part in the plans of Voldemort – but they aren’t as glorious has he imagined. Not only does he hate being a pawn, he decides he can’t bring himself to harm Harry either. As mishaps, adventures and angst ensue, both Draco and Harry have to face their feelings, and their fates.

Words: 75,059
Chapters: 10
Hits: 18,310

By the spring of her fifth year, Ginny Weasley had almost convinced herself that she didn’t really still want Harry Potter. But when he finally kissed her one Hogsmeade weekend in June, she couldn’t resist the power of all those years of waiting and watching and hoping and praying. Six months later, her dream has finally come true… except that Draco Malfoy just won’t leave her alone. Strange things are afoot, and once Ginny starts to figure out what’s really going on, nothing is as simple as it seems…

Words: 73,993
Chapters: 13
Hits: 18,140

Voldemort may be be gone but Death Eaters are still about. Trying to get revenge for their Master's demise, they find out where nine-year-old Harry Potter lives. Harry ends up being rescued. How different would Harry be if he had been in the Wizarding world for two years before he went to Hogwarts, under the care of Severus Snape?

Words: 54,317
Chapters: 18
Hits: 17,746

After the occurrences at the end of OotP, Sirius finds himself on the pavement of a Muggle city. Slowly he begins to learn of a life beyond the Veil, but, when old alliances crumble and he must depend upon enemies, Sirius begins to long for home.

Words: 86,893
Chapters: 37
Hits: 17,610
Draco Falore by Yael

Draco Malfoy had gone missing barely a month after he and Hermione became a couple. Now, he is found among an army led by Voldemort - the very same army that plans to raid Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the end-of-the-year feast. Has Draco really become a Death Eater? Has Hermione truly gotten over him? What is Harry going to do about everything that's happening, and what will become of the school?

Words: 83,927
Chapters: 10
Hits: 17,547

Harry’s fifth year starts out with a bang, literally, when the Hogwarts Express crashes. The Dark Mark left hanging over the crash sets the tone for the year and is only the beginning of the mystery. When the Sorting Hat malfunctions, things go from bad to worse. Then things get downright creepy; in Ron’s words, “Snape smiling. That means trouble.” Prophecies are being fulfilled and the time has come when the Dark Mark may be seen above Hogwarts. Parvati is a true seer, and one of her first visions is rather important: “Upon this child rests the future of the wizarding world.” The quest for the truth is only beginning, as the child is not Harry Potter. The prediction and Old Magic hold the key, but will they figure it out in time?

Words: 120,925
Chapters: 28
Hits: 17,525

It is more than eighteen years since the fall of Voldemort, and the world is now at peace. Harry, being finally allowed to live his life without the heavy burden placed on him, now has a family with its own set of problems. It is now the turn for his daughter to experience the delights that are Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, strange turns of events may lead Harry back there too. Join Harry as he experiences a new episode in his life, full of strange new experiences and unknown dangers.

Words: 76,108
Chapters: 14
Hits: 16,960

Harry's 6th year. Aside from Trelawney's Prophecy, there was an ``ancient prophecy concerning the Magus Awakenings. Two Magids are loyal to the ``Light, and will help in the Third War, but it will an even more ancient Power ``to draw back the Shadow. Different points of view (main characters), New Powers, New Troubles, Marauders Reinstated, Harry and his friends (the trio), the D.A. Reinstated, and division and unity of the wizarding world.

Words: 98,647
Chapters: 15
Hits: 16,754
Moonlight by adoranymph

Love. Betrayal. Understanding. Friendship. Sacrifice. These are the words describing the story that unfolds as Teddy retraces the story of his father Remus Lupin. Hey guys! Well, currently I am juggling a schedule and only have time to submit new chaps to one site at a time, so if you wish to read more about this story, catch up with it on harrypotterfanfiction.com. If you can't wait. If you can, then just sit tight and I'll be updating again soon. :)

Words: 202,116
Chapters: 28
Hits: 16,553

Continuing on in the RM/JoT Universe, everyone is now settled into their lives, secure in the feeling that nothing *else* can go wrong. Of course, something is about to. Chapter 1 sets the course, welcomes you back and lulls you into a false sense of security about the lives and loves of my favorite six. There are still some unanswered questions and there is something foul bubbling within one of the characters.

Words: 102,194
Chapters: 9
Hits: 16,394

Starting off where we finished with Order of the Phoenix while attempting to stay true to canon. Harry deals with grief, depression, love, and adolescence while questioning life and death in a Rowlingesque adventure that begins at the Dursleys and spans his sixth year at Hogwarts. Harry will discover many revelations about his past and answers to the many questions that remain. If all goes as planned, this is as close as you'll get to the real thing, as I try to remain true to canon and the themes from mythology and folklore that Rowling uses so liberally.

Words: 89,214
Chapters: 19
Hits: 16,000

Ron Weasley has been missing presumed dead for five years. Trying to relax and get her mind off things, Hermione decides to take a magical Carribean cruise. On the cruise she runs into Harry who she hasn’t seen in three years, although they’ve been communicating. Everything should have been wonderful; sunning, swimming, reconnecting with an old friend, and making new ones. Then a red–headed stranger appears, and Hermione’s relaxing Carribean cruise becomes a fight for her life—and her heart.

Words: 40,751
Chapters: 11
Hits: 15,615
After Hogwarts by Wendy Lee

Little Ginny is all grown up and has just graduated from Hogwarts. She still carries Harry Potter in her heart, but is determined to get past her unrequited love, so she decided to move to London and start fresh.

Words: 110,888
Chapters: 20
Hits: 15,112

Harry is sad, and is bugged by a voice in his head. Shocking revelations about his ancestors. Harry gains his powers. A new prophecy.

Words: 14,622
Chapters: 18
Hits: 15,073
Nighthawk by SkoosiePants

Hermione is a woman with a plan - a well thought out, if a bit desperate, plan - and the most unlikely person decides to step in and help. But just how pure can an ex-Slytherin's intentions really be?

Words: 37,007
Chapters: 9
Hits: 13,978

The year after GoF, a new Dark Arts professor comes to Hogwarts and must convince a highly suspicious Snape that she's not walking the same crooked path as the previous Dark Arts professors. However, strange events keep making her job rather difficult...False selves, true forms, lust, lies, betrayal and how being a Death Eater ruins the lives of those around you.

Words: 87,044
Chapters: 12
Hits: 13,847
To Face the Wolf by Maglor

Snape finds a badly wounded, mysterious stranger in the Hogwarts dungeons. The stranger seems to have been bitten by a werewolf - and the only werewolf at Hogwarts is DADA teacher Lupin. Who is the stranger, and what exactly happened to him? Has he been turned into a werewolf? And what has his presence got to do with the book Hermione Granger is reading?

Words: 57,580
Chapters: 18
Hits: 13,438
The Oddest of Couples by Fyre

This is a series of 1500 word vignettes about random odd pairings in the Harry Potter world (and some of these are seriously bizarre) that I have seen mentioned on FictionAlley Park at various times in the last month. Some are slash. Some are het. The challenge is for you - the reader - to guess the couples, before finishing the story.

Words: 22,507
Chapters: 15
Hits: 13,351
Book of Memories by Mystiq

Harry survived the Killing Curse once more but the world considers ``him dead. Sirius is missing half his soul and the condition will begin to take ``a toll on Harry. Voldemort is weak and striving to gain power... There's something ``under the school and Harry finds out that Voldemort wants it. Harry needs what's ``there -- and soon for more reasons than he knows at first -- but Dumbledore is...

Words: 127,994
Chapters: 25
Hits: 13,266

Hogwarts offers a new subject. For the first time in recorded History, the North-East Asian and Indian Confederation of Magic will provide the European magic community with real masters of Asian arts of "Magic". In the mean time, the Durselys are their usual abusive selves. Harry temporarily loses his ability to speak. He berates himself to look ahead and prepare but doesn't realize the scar tissues in his heart aren't healed at all. For Harry, such scars can be deadly.

Words: 63,094
Chapters: 12
Hits: 13,248

It's been 10 years since the end of the war. Ronald Weasley is divorced and trying not to die of boredom in his steady desk job at Gringotts. But when the woman who ruined his life seeks help unraveling a puzzling situation, he gets more excitement than he bargained for.

Words: 152,303
Chapters: 26
Hits: 12,985

It is Harry Potter's fifth year at Hogwarts and he has much to see, do and learn. Lord Voldemort has made it known that he has returned and in his quest for immortality and the power he lost all those years ago, he wishes to gain an old and extremely powerful book of black magic. Harry, his friends, and the whole cast of Hogwarts teachers and staff (as well as some new additions and old friends) are all represented in this story. Mystery, drama, angst, and even some H/H lie in these chapters.

Words: 77,695
Chapters: 24
Hits: 12,680

When Vernon's abuse goes to far, will Harry be able to live with the effects? (Warning graphic descriptions regarding referring to sexual content and violence.)

Words: 36,205
Chapters: 9
Hits: 12,527

Ginny Weasley is by and large a failure, and therefore a perfect candidate for taking up politics. When she finds herself inadvertently facing not only a mystery but a general election as well, those who would have her as their puppet realise, however, that she has a few aces up her sleeve – and some rather unexpected allies. Also featuring Mercenary! Draco, Machiavellian! Snape (literally) and an insane amount of Committees’ luncheons. Rated strong PG-13 (language, situations, politics)

Words: 32,143
Chapters: 5
Hits: 12,422

When all hope is lost for her time, Susannah Potter, daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, returns to the time before her parents were murdered by Voldemort in hopes of changing the future for the better and saving her parents so that she could have the life that she had always wanted.

Words: 14,791
Chapters: 11
Hits: 12,218

Lucius Malfoy is found dead at his home during a hunting week-end. The Trio, Ginny, Draco, Narcissa, Snape, Dumbledore and Voldemort each have their reasons for wanting Malfoy dead. Stranded together during a magical storm, suspicions will build and tempers will fly. But will they solve the mystery in time?

Words: 61,216
Chapters: 17
Hits: 11,992
Watching by Airiel

This is his sister's story. The one that no one knows, because no one knows *her.* She follows him, she always has. They share blood, but only half. They are the same age, but not twins. How did Lily do it? She's trying to find out. How will Harry react when he learns even his family has secrets?

Words: 27,928
Chapters: 32
Hits: 11,645

London, early 21st century. The war is won. Voldemort is dead. But the scars still remain.``In a world increasingly unfavorable to pure-bloods and suspected death-eater sympathizers, a series of murders in London brings the best aurors to investigate. And during the investigation, the auror Harry Potter runs into a suspect, one Narcissa Malfoy, and begins something that neither of them ever dreamed possible. Meanwhile, Harry's partner Neville Longbottom meets his new neighbor. Who also happens to be an old friend from his school days - Cho Chang.``Harry/Narcissa, Neville/Cho.

Words: 46,782
Chapters: 7
Hits: 11,574

Good Idea: Studying for exams. Bad Idea: Finding a nasty suprise in the library. Hermione seems to be in for an interesting term. Will Harry survive another encounter with Moldy Voldy's cloaks and daggers? Will Hermione?

Words: 35,864
Chapters: 9
Hits: 11,515

Why is Harry so special? Could it have been something completely out of his power that made him what he was? Explore Harry's fifth year as many things change- his feelings, his relationship with Dumbledore, and even his destiny. Not your usual 5th year fic.

Words: 24,088
Chapters: 8
Hits: 11,505
You're Me?! by RonWeasley

After a potion mix-up, Ron and Hermione go through some life changing experiences. Will Ron be able to control his fascination with Hermione's body? Will Hermione be able to... you know... go?

Words: 11,119
Chapters: 10
Hits: 11,291

COMPLETE. When Harry turns sixteen, he is removed to Hogwarts amid fears for his safety. But not even Hogwarts is safe any more, and when Hestia Jones discovers a real wand for sale in a Muggle shop, Harry finds himself dealing with a new and deadly enemy, and a betrayal that happened before he was born.

Words: 32,843
Chapters: 10
Hits: 11,152

Quidditch games, a killer on the loose, hangovers, unrequited love (of course), deadlines, not-so-blind dates, command performances, Ron gets a girlfriend, and everyone cries at least once.

Words: 87,223
Chapters: 7
Hits: 11,073
Crystal Power by Marissa

When Draco finishes at Hogwarts, he's in for a huge shock. He is the greatest Dark Lord ever, but how is Virginia Weasley involved?

Words: 27,370
Chapters: 18
Hits: 10,860

Sequal to Harry Potter and the Unbreakable Link. The ultimate next generation story containing large doses of mystery, adventure, romance (especially triangles!) and humour. Secrets, blackmailing, prophecies and lots of the old saving the world ploy. Conceived and started before the publication of OotP so now completely AU.

Words: 74,241
Chapters: 11
Hits: 10,646

When Hermione Granger discovers Draco Malfoy is still walking within the walls of Hogwarts long after the world thought he was dead, she finds that she has no choice but to help him. And in the end, saving him could be the one thing that might save her.

Words: 37,826
Chapters: 12
Hits: 10,574
Memory Madness by Lucy-Liza

Harry Potter disappeared after the Third Task. Now, a year later, a boy with dark hair, green eyes and no memory will be taken back to where he belongs, Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Mystery, suspense, and, hopefully, a fantastic plot.

Words: 29,471
Chapters: 8
Hits: 10,523
Mirrorverse by Piri Malfoy

Four people find out the hard way why you should be very careful what you read or what books you touch, because you never know where they will take you. Harry and Draco are thrown into a world completely unlike their own, and they not only have to deal with who and what they encounter, but with two of their professors who have also landed in this odd world...as teenagers! As a team they try to find their way home, without getting cursed or killed in the process, but can they find the way home before this strange world changes and corrupts them completely? (AU; SS/RL, HP/DM)

Words: 95,334
Chapters: 13
Hits: 10,415

Harry Potter has a companion for the summer, but it is suddenly cut short by an unexpected event. Harry is taken to another place, and the story ensues. Sequel to Harry Potter and the Legacy of Merlin.

Words: 13,727
Chapters: 18
Hits: 10,217

Harry meets a girl (Karlien) and they will fall in love immediately. After a pleasant holiday, Harry, Karlien, Hermione and Ron return to Hogwarts for their fifth year. Dumbledore gives them special treatment, like own dorm and bath room, no curfew. After a nice Christmas holiday in Amsterdam, they find a book. A very special book...

Words: 61,354
Chapters: 19
Hits: 9,928
Mark of Ancients by Mystiq

The glitter from the mark of ancients is back and at least now Harry knows how to use it. It's causing quite a bit more commotion this time around. What was the history of the ancients? Were they good? Bad? Why does it sometimes glow black...

Words: 91,195
Chapters: 17
Hits: 9,706

The empathetic neice of Severus Snape, Lilah, goes to Hogwarts for answers on her past. After befriending a Hufflepuff, named Nigel Moon, they find themselves caught in the middle of an ancient grudge over the mysterious Green Flame Torch. A twist on the Arthurian Legend, involving the Founders of Hogwarts and a curse on the Slytherin family.

Words: 77,919
Chapters: 14
Hits: 9,699