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Published: 04/02/2002
Updated: 04/16/2004
Words: 305,784
Chapters: 30
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Harry Potter And The Fall Of Childhood

E. E. Beck

Story Summary:
First in a trilogy of novels about harry's last years at Hogwarts. This one takes Harry through a new world of Death Eaters, secret identities, girls, battles and more than I can list here.

Chapter 01

The first in a trilogy of novels. Deviously plotted, this first story chronicles Harry's fifth year as he navigates hidden magical experiments, secret identities, conspiracies, and the world of dating and friendship. Very complicated and involved plot, and lots of character development.

Words: 2,702
Hits: 14,915
Chapter 02

Harry spends his summer at Hogwarts, though not necessarily uneventfully. Even a fun-filled birthday can't entirely make up for the reason he is there, nor for a few disturbing discoveries.

Words: 5,077
Hits: 2,421
Chapter 03

The school year gets off to a quick start with assignments, new duties, and some more clues to a mystery Harry doesn't even know he's solving.

Words: 5,333
Hits: 1,985
Chapter 04

Some info about Harry that he's never shared before. More classes, more Padma, some Quidditch, and a dash of Dumbledore.

Words: 5,285
Hits: 1,835
Chapter 05

Harry has a long overdue chat with Neville, and the Quidditch issue is settled. Also, Harry gets a new name.

Words: 4,632
Hits: 1,983
Chapter 06

Harry does some reading, gets disturbed, then Snaped, in that order.

Words: 6,096
Hits: 2,006
Chapter 07

Draco, libraries, Padma, Hermione, and a first for Harry.

Words: 6,304
Hits: 2,036
Chapter 08

Harry makes an early visit to Dumbledore, makes a date with Padma, chats with his Godfather, and plays some Quidditch. Then he falls over.

Words: 5,897
Hits: 2,165
Chapter 09

Harry awakens in the hospital wing, makes some ominous discoveries, and does some studying. Then he digs in some mud.

Words: 9,936
Hits: 2,274
Chapter 10

There's exercise and pondering and a clandestine meeting, among other things.

Words: 6,820
Hits: 2,626

First in a trilogy of novels about Harry's last years at Hogwarts. This one takes Harry through a new world of Death Eaters, secret identities, girls, battles and more than I can list here.

Words: 15,852
Hits: 2,699
Chapter 12

A chapter just dripping with juicy information that no one quite knows what to do with.

Words: 17,581
Hits: 2,177

First in a trilogy of novels about harry's last years at Hogwarts. This one takes Harry through a new world of Death Eaters, secret identities, girls, battles and more than I can list here.

Words: 11,057
Hits: 2,206

The ball, full of meaningful glances and odd conversations.

Words: 11,131
Hits: 2,683

Harry discovers that his holiday won't be quite what he's expecting.

Words: 15,721
Hits: 2,466
Chapter 16

Harry spends a pleasant Christmas morning with his Godfather, then has some pleasant and not so pleasant encounters.

Words: 12,908
Hits: 2,015
Chapter 17

Shocks, plans, and upsets.

Words: 11,429
Hits: 2,013
Chapter 18

Harry makes some discoveries in his mission to help Hermione, and has a very enlightening lesson. Or three or four.

Words: 15,363
Hits: 2,086
Chapter 19

A date, an interesting encounter, a Quidditch match and a revelation.

Words: 14,341
Hits: 1,909
Chapter 20

Harry has a revealing meeting with Hermione, a confusing talk with Hagrid, a date, and a really odd morning.

Words: 13,977
Hits: 2,010
Chapter 21

Harry and Hermione lay down the law. Harry gets a shock or three. Dumbledore is Headmasterly. Snape plans a fishing trip.

Words: 12,405
Hits: 1,843
Chapter 22

Harry remembers. Spans eight years, from 1988 through Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, and earlier in Fall of Childhood itself.

Words: 11,003
Hits: 1,809
Chapter 23

Harry goes fishing with Snape, and catches more than he expected.

Words: 10,442
Hits: 1,968
Chapter 24

Harry spends an early morning in the dungeons, drinks a potion, gets some mail, has an awkward conversation, then a few more awkward conversations.

Words: 11,689
Hits: 1,589
Chapter 25

Sirius arrives for a visit. There is Quidditch played, Harry style intrigue, Ginny, oh and a cliffhanger.

Words: 11,198
Hits: 1,547
Chapter 26

Harry has an enlightening tea with the Headmaster and...guest, then has a really bad couple of days. He also has a dream. Yeah, one of those.

Words: 10,256
Hits: 1,696
Chapter 27

The plot takes a sharp left turn, and Harry starts planning.

Words: 10,208
Hits: 1,534
Chapter 28

Harry does some covert reading, some wrestling, and some scheming. The summoning charm is abused by the forces of good and evil alike. Oh, and there's the big scary showdown.

Words: 11,118
Hits: 1,961
Chapter 29

In this penultimate chapter, everyone explains everything to everyone else. Well, almost everything. Also, Harry gets a shock, Snape gets a letter, and Ginny gets a spine.

Words: 12,200
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Chapter 30

The story comes to a close in this final chapter. Exactly one thing of plot importance happens, and there is blatant sequel set-up.

Words: 7,823
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