Free Will and Fate

Sara Winters

Story Summary:
Our lives are not our own. Fate is set, choice is meaningless and the mark of the chosen never truly fades. When Harry finds a way to change his destiny, will the result be better than the path already chosen for him?

Prologue: Fidelius

An unusual turn of events influences Harry to make a choice that will change eveything.

Words: 5,190
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Harry begins to discover just how much in his world is different.

Words: 2,492
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A happy reunion opens the door to a new mystery.

Words: 3,203
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Strange relationships add to the growing mystery.

Words: 2,180
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Problems take root, a deadly illness is discovered and an investigation begins.

Words: 2,770
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Harry faces interrogation and discovers an enemy close by.

Words: 3,489
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Harry is forced to tell the truth.

Words: 3,079
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Dumbledore and McGonagall debate a plan, Hermione reacts to Harry's story, a temporary plan is devised.

Words: 2,092
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Professor Trelawney gives a prediction.

Words: 2,082
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Harry reveals something about himself and Hermione.

Words: 1,958
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Harry learns how and why much of this world is different from the last.

Words: 4,167
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Hermione prepares to research and the Ministry gets further involved.

Words: 2,834
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McGonagall makes her offer, Draco becomes a source of information and concern.

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Key clues are discovered and a conspiracy is revealed.

Words: 3,240
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A death sentence is given and things get a little heated.

Words: 2,577
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The Ministry takes action, Harry considers his options and the target is identified.

Words: 3,172
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Harry and Hermione plan, Snape interferes.

Words: 1,930
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Hermione finally makes her objective known.

Words: 3,130
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Bella panics, McGonagall fumes and Hermione bides her time.

Words: 2,495
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Snape gets some family time, Harry and Hermione discover a more complex plot.

Words: 3,696
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Harry and Hermione spend quality time with the family, Snape checks in.

Words: 3,320
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Hermione unlocks part of the mystery.

Words: 2,871
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Harry and Hermione face Dumbledore with the truth about Harry's past.

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Chapter 24 - Mercy

Harry and Dumbledore come to an understanding.

Words: 2,444
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Hermione becomes more determined, Draco becomes a source.

Words: 2,952
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McGonagall questions Dumbledore's motives, Hermione gets desperate, Harry gives in.

Words: 3,375
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Snape begins his plans with repercussions.

Words: 3,315
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Bella and Snape plan, McGonagall gets answers.

Words: 4,406
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Harry discovers more about Neville. McGonagall, Hermione and Harry discuss the past.

Words: 2,748
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Harry faces questions, Snape gets aggressive.

Words: 3,206
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The quest for information continues, a visit to the hospital.

Words: 4,318
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Discussions of the past continue, Neville questions Harry.

Words: 2,657
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Hermione puts forth a plausible theory.

Words: 3,922
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Harry discovers a possible solution, Bellatrix is getting desperate.

Words: 3,676
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Chapter 35 - Hope

A possible cure discovered.

Words: 2,773
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A visit to the hospital proves memorable.

Words: 4,406
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McGonagall, Harry and Hermione discuss what needs to be done next.

Words: 3,769
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Hermione gets closer to her goal, Professor McGonagall confers with Dumbledore.

Words: 4,197
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Chapter 39 - Plan A

McGonagall sets a firm plan.

Words: 3,858
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Dumbledore gives Harry a choice.

Words: 3,606
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Harry explains, Snape plots.

Words: 4,413
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Chapter 42 - Plan B

Tonks leads the charge, Harry questions loyalties and sets Plan B in motion.

Words: 6,336
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Plans change, truth comes out, and Snape lets his true feelings become known.

Words: 4,536
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A battle ensues, a spy is created and an end is reached.

Words: 4,338
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Harry's relationship with two important people takes on new meaning.

Words: 4,391
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Dumbledore gives Harry news, Lily and Harry start over.

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