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Suppose Draco Malfoy introduced himself before he started acting like an ass. What if he had asked Harry's name before insulting Hagrid? A friendly handshake in Madam Malkin's leads to an alternate but realistic universe which is eerily like the canon, featuring a cast of first year Slytherins as you've never seen them: normal children. Join Harry Potter and his new friends as they discover their magical talents and help him to explore the world that has been kept from him these past ten years.

Words: 94,331
Chapters: 19
Hits: 159,287

Suddenly with a higher profile after being proved right about Voldemort's return, Harry's use of Voldemort's name around Hogwarts gains popularity. It also attracts Voldemort's attention in the form of a series of attacks, and Harry soon finds that he is shouldering a burden even greater than the prophecy--the likelihood that Sirius's fate could come to his friends, who will stop at nothing to protect him.

Words: 419,861
Chapters: 24
Hits: 157,499

Harry Potter's holiday with the Muggles has been dreadful. He wants nothing more than to return to Hogwarts, but when he is rescued by a masked wizard in a black robe, it sets off a chain reaction of disasters. Things are no calmer at school as an ancient legend comes to life and a deadly monster stalks the halls. The new Defense professor boasts that he will end the threat, but can even the magical might of the famed Gilderoy Lockhart prevail against the Heir of Slytherin? Nobody knows who it could be, but the prime suspect is none other than Harry himself!

Words: 97,140
Chapters: 21
Hits: 109,125

As Harry starts his seventh year at Hogwarts, he becomes more directly involved in the fight against Voldemort than ever before. Seeing death far more often than any seventeen-year-old should have to, Harry struggles with the costs of leading the fight: seeing those closest to him suffer for following where he leads, the necessity of making moral compromises, the burden of knowing that a lapse in judgment could have devastating consequences... and the fact that his pursuit of the "nice, boring life" he so desperately wants but has never had must always be secondary to his pursuit of Voldemort. Blaming himself after a mistake lets Voldemort slip through his fingers, will Harry take one step too far in his attempt to fulfill the prophecy?

Words: 447,573
Chapters: 24
Hits: 89,177

AU. In Harry's third year he must learn the various truths about the new DADA teacher, Professor Black, and an escaped convict, Remus Lupin. SB/RL.

Words: 120,615
Chapters: 65
Hits: 86,935

A story of Lily's life from pre-Hogwarts to marrying James Potter. How she coped with growing up with Petunia to her friendship with the four boys that would change her life - and eventually the course of history - forever.

Words: 389,988
Chapters: 59
Hits: 80,010

Draco Malfoy has seen his share of nightmares and now, as the war with Voldemort rages around him, it takes Ginny Weasley and a ragged band of orphans to teach him what true love and loyalty really are. Draco/Ginny, and a few brief instances of m/m kissing.

Words: 98,611
Chapters: 18
Hits: 65,644

It's Harry's fifth year and he's finally able to escape the Dursleys only to find that Voldemort has other plans. After numberous failed attempts to rid himself of the Gryffindor brat, Lord Voldemort now knows he must change tactics. But how does a Dark Lord convince a fifteen-year-old boy, orphaned by his own hand, to join him? Give him what he's always wanted, of course. Read on to discover how Voldemort manipulates Harry's life for three years to achieve the balance of power and reclaim the wizarding for his own.

Words: 71,682
Chapters: 19
Hits: 65,031

My first attempt at writing novel-length fanfiction for Harry Potter. This is my own take on what I think transpires during the last two years at Hogwarts. My theory is based on in-depth research and discussion of the Harry Potter books, and I hope it holds true to the original works that are the genius of J.K.R. This story explores the relationship between Snape and Harry especially.

Words: 169,444
Chapters: 58
Hits: 62,196

Harry Potter's summer holiday has been anything but fun. He's been treated like a common criminal by the Muggles. His circumstances don't begin to improve when he finally breaks out, for one of Voldemort's strongest supporters has likewise escaped, from Azkaban, the most secure place in England. The mad Sirius Black killed thirteen people with a single curse and is now believed to be after Harry. The Ministry of Magic takes drastic security measures, but what can stop the first man to elude the dreaded Dementors? Harry Potter is not safe, even within the walls of Hogwarts, for rumours are told that a traitor may well be in their midst.

Words: 97,256
Chapters: 19
Hits: 56,584
Moving Company by Lady Lance

When Harry becomes Slytherin, everything changes. Old relationships end, new bonds are formed, and Harry becomes one of many new Defense Professors.

Words: 34,842
Chapters: 10
Hits: 51,262

Harry begins his sixth year at Hogwarts and many things happen: he keeps getting horrible nightmares, he fights with Ron, he starts feeling something deeper for Hermione, he discovers an incredible truth about himself and he meets his mortal enemy, Lord Voldemort. Will he be able to finally defeat him and save his friends? Will he be able to open his heart to Hermione?

Words: 92,271
Chapters: 35
Hits: 51,207

What is sweeter than honey, what fiercer than lions?``What binds us together, both pauper and scion?``A bond that's eternal when freely bestowed.``A harvest more plentifully reaped than when sowed.````Sixth Year: As the war with the Dark Lord draws ever nearer, the Order of the Phoenix learns that an ancient sect of evil wizards has joined forces with Voldemort. Harry struggles to understand his fate, and begins to discover his hidden power within with the help of a new friend and a new enemy who is closer than anyone can imagine. R/Hr? H/OC? H/Hr? Wait and see! If you read, please review!

Words: 197,372
Chapters: 39
Hits: 46,108

Harry Potter's new life with his godfather, Sirius Black, is the stuff his best dreams were made of. As they turn 12 Grimmauld Place into a real home, Harry finally gets to hear all about his father and mother. At the Quidditch World Cup, Harry learns of the upcoming Triwizard Tournament from Mr. Lucius Malfoy. Back at Hogwarts, there's treachery afoot, as Harry is named as a fourth Champion. Can his reputation recover from what the other Houses are saying? Who will stand with him? Who will stand against him? Tasks of immense danger loom, and dark shadows are gathering again. How can Harry survive with life and limb in peril? Will Harry ever be the same again?

Words: 167,828
Chapters: 25
Hits: 43,331

Join Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny in their quest to solve a modern-day mystery and uncover an ancient secret that will help in the fight against the Dark Side. But then Harry has a more daunting task to complete - he\'s the Anima Summa - a champion of the Light Side - the latest of a rare and exclusive breed stretching back into the mists of time, and he has to find his soul mate, his female counterpart, the girl he’ll love above all others. But who is she?

Words: 185,664
Chapters: 14
Hits: 41,223
Only Time by Rynne

After the defeat of Voldemort, Harry is offered the chance to rest, relax, and have fun...by going back in time to 1977, where he teaches his parents Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Words: 53,844
Chapters: 18
Hits: 41,151

Things aren't exactly as they seem during Harry's 5th year at Hogwarts. Aside from there being romance in the air, discoveries are made, secrets are revealed and Harry embarks on an adventure that he will never forget.

Words: 87,376
Chapters: 20
Hits: 40,339
Realizations by Wishweaver

Started before OOTP, this is an AU summer-before-fifth-year fic. What would have happened if Dumbledore had sent the Dursleys a letter telling them about the tournament and Voldemort, and they panicked and ran? Harry returns to Privet Drive after GOF and finds the house empty and his relatives gone. What does he do? The answer might surprise you!

Words: 231,321
Chapters: 34
Hits: 38,077

Have you ever wanted to know how No. 12 Grimmauld Place became the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix? Have you ever wanted to see a meeting of the Order, and how they came to accept ``Sirius back into their ranks? Have you ever wondered what life at Grimmauld ``Place in these weeks must have been like for Sirius, Remus, the Weasleys ``and the rest of the Order? In short: Have you ever wished that OOTP had ``come with a long prologue? It does now. This story bridges the gap between the events concluding “Goblet of Fire” and the day Harry arrives at Headquarters, told from Sirius Black’s point of view. 100 % canon; lots of angst and drama; mild hints of romance (no slash).

Words: 75,187
Chapters: 37
Hits: 37,735

Lily Evans and Severus Snape are in love, but James Potter is in love with Lily too.

Words: 8,766
Chapters: 15
Hits: 37,547
Remember Me by QuidditchMom

Harry and Ron believed that Hermione died when Voldemort did four years ago. Dreams and a mysterious message lead them to her. But when they find Hermione, she doesn't know who they are. Will she remember? Can she?

Words: 24,892
Chapters: 8
Hits: 33,577

As the second war against Voldemort begins, Maud and Snape must face an indefinite separation. Can their partnership -- and they themselves -- endure the ultimate test? Sequel to "Personal Risks". NEW POST-OOTP EDITION!

Words: 70,947
Chapters: 12
Hits: 31,768
Snape, A History by kailin

Hermione Granger Weasley is facing a divorce. To take her mind off her woes, she turns to a new, well-suited hobby.

Words: 58,887
Chapters: 22
Hits: 30,083

7th year fic in the good old traditional style. Voldemort has a daughter (only he lost her), Harry has a dream, Dumbledore has a past and Hermione has a problem. Major revelations about the Potters, and the beginning of a possible romance...

Words: 68,419
Chapters: 14
Hits: 27,838

Nothing lasts longer than a Malfoy's thirst for revenge. Nothing, that is, except for the memory of a Garden Gnome, and Ginny is about to become tangled in both as she searches for her own adventure in the Forbidden Forest.

Words: 46,936
Chapters: 10
Hits: 26,478

Join the Anima Summas and their friends in their quest to find the second repository of ancient wizarding knowledge to help them fight the Dark Side. And if you dare, follow Voldemort as he starts his own quest to find the fabled Necronomicon and the evil spells that lurk within its pages. Dark times are ahead for the wizarding world, and meet some old friends as they are drawn into the conflict.````Follow their progress as they are faced with mystery, danger - and romance.

Words: 194,962
Chapters: 15
Hits: 26,427

All that she was has been lost or forgotten.... until now.``Young Thomas Potter begins his first year with his friends and a mystery to``solve... Who was his mother?

Words: 139,838
Chapters: 43
Hits: 25,261

Hermione is in a ruthless game of Truth or Dare, but games are just for fun, right? She's about to discover that that is truly wrong.

Words: 8,236
Chapters: 8
Hits: 24,906

Harry and Malfoy go back in time to when Harry's parents were at Hogwarts! In the devastating search for a way to get back to their time, Harry finds some feelings he has for a certain girl... exciting!

Words: 125,714
Chapters: 8
Hits: 24,782
Our Fathers by Indarae

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy – three boys coming of age in a world of terror face off against an uncertain future. A father dies, a father tells his story, and a father is made human against the backdrop of Voldemort’s second rise to power and a mysterious discovery hidden in the history of Hogwarts itself.

Words: 103,182
Chapters: 25
Hits: 24,573

Seventh grader Alexandra Quick returns to Charmbridge Academy. This year she will face bullies from another wizarding school, a secret Dark Arts club, and the schemes of her mysterious father, but her most terrible trials await her in the strange and deadly Lands Below!

Words: 227,820
Chapters: 37
Hits: 24,137

Lily's parents arranged her marriage to a wizard when she was born, and sealed the deal with a binding magical contract! Nobody counted on Lily choosing not to cooperate! Someone's heart will get broken. Will it be her own? Lily / James, AU

Words: 71,278
Chapters: 24
Hits: 23,765

Harry Potter's time at Hogwarts is over, and now it's time for his son's adventure to begin. Follow Connor as he and his friends deal with classes, Quidditch, precognitioin, and a mysterious dream that will lead them on an adventure left unfinished from twenty years ago.

Words: 141,026
Chapters: 37
Hits: 23,493
Family Therapy by gemmadw

Before there was Hogwarts for Harry, there was the Dursley family with two children, one of whom had no friends, hobbies, or even much of a life. Thanks to the generosity of the British Public Health system, the family was bound to be referred for therapy.... Beware of broken or falling glass! And yes, the author is actually a psychologist.

Words: 17,523
Chapters: 9
Hits: 21,383

Harry and Draco find that sometimes people aren't who they think they are, and changes can and will happen. Are they always for the best though or are some changes worth waiting for?

Words: 78,242
Chapters: 24
Hits: 21,252

Some disturbing revelations lead Maud Moody to question the basis for her trust in Snape, while an unexpected crisis forces her to make a decision that could change both their lives. NEW POST-OOTP EDITION!

Words: 30,723
Chapters: 7
Hits: 21,067
Kissing Harry Potter by Aja

Draco is That Way and Harry is Crazy; The Hufflepuffs have Steak-knives and Morag Is A Boy. Find out why everyone wants to be Kissing Harry Potter.

Words: 7,445
Chapters: 1
Hits: 21,012

There is no one definition for a Dark Star. Ask different people, and you will always get different answers. In this case, however, it is probably a good thing. Dark Stars cannot be defined. They are beyond the three feeble dimensions in which we exist. They can only be seen by a select few; they cannot be touched by any means that the race of man posesses. They swallow planets in their wake. It is thought that they can cause events by their mere existence, and indeed, those born under the influence of a Dark Star are considered ones to whom things Happen. ````This is the first part of the Dark Star trilogy - the tale of things explained, things unexplained, and things beyond explanation.

Words: 35,503
Chapters: 10
Hits: 20,999

Winky was left in a state of limbo at the end of GoF. This story picks up at the point and is about her, Dobby, and the other Hogwarts house elves. Dobby and Winky have several adventures, make a number of discoveries, and eventually make house elf history.

Words: 51,575
Chapters: 17
Hits: 20,788
Summer by Circe713

In Summer you'll see: Harry getting to live a little during the summer without interference from the ministry; Hermione learning to loosen up and have some fun; ultimate reversal of the Dursley's way of life (They'll be better off for it... someday)

Words: 38,861
Chapters: 10
Hits: 20,632

Eight hundred years on from the fall of Voldemort, a young historian sets out to solve the mystery of the Lightning Letters.

Words: 10,036
Chapters: 5
Hits: 20,583

Welcome to How to Snog a Pillow. When one desires to snog a person, one must first be practiced in the prestigious art of Pillow Snogging. If one should fail in said activity, then one must avoid human snoggage at all costs. In this book, our very adept pillow-snogging author shall explain the techniques and skills required for the snogging of pillows. Now, should you desire to learn this unprecedented skill and art of which few have mastered in the recent centuries, please turn to Lesson One. WARNING: Humor, nonsense, and Ron up ahead! Prepare to laugh!

Words: 749
Chapters: 1
Hits: 20,498

Harry is back at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for his fifth year, and along with all his friends he has a bit of a problem. The dark lord is back and more dangerous than ever! How will Dumbledore be able to convince the Wizarding World of the truth?``In the mean time, Harry has three new teachers to contend with and a new subject which no one has EVER studied at Hogwarts before. ``On top of all of this, Harry has to face a personal dilemma, and will he decide to follow in his beloved Father's footsteps?

Words: 125,843
Chapters: 18
Hits: 20,490
Acts Infernal by samvimes

An old man in Diagon Alley has a story to tell, if the price is right: about the gates of Hades, a silver boy and a sable boy, a cast-off angel, and a knife that can sever your soul.

Words: 29,317
Chapters: 10
Hits: 20,487

Rose Weasley secretly feels she quite doesn't fit in her family. She doesn't play Quidditch, she doesn't consider herself hero material, and she is not pretty either ("I look like an owl!"). Simply put, she feels like the ugly duckling of the family, but when she meets Scorpius Malfoy, the reclusive boy with the wolfish eyes, she might just have met her very own kindred spirit.

Words: 14,321
Chapters: 9
Hits: 19,774

What if Harry's difficulty with Occlumency stemmed from the fact that Voldemort had put a spell on all of Great Britain, forcing everyone to sing about his or her feelings, rather than being able to keep them a secret? [Parody of "Once More with Feeling" AKA Buffy the Musical; slightly but not completely AU version of OotP.]

Words: 10,401
Chapters: 10
Hits: 19,538

Lily Evans never fit in quite right with her picture-perfect family. She always dreamed of something more, but by the time she was eleven had become too jaded to dream any more. But before she can figure out what has happened, the girl is thrown into a world ``of fickle friendships, slimy Slytherins, arrogant Quidditch players, and magic of more than one kind.

Words: 178,864
Chapters: 35
Hits: 18,754
Darkness Dying by Iniga

It’s 1980. James is afraid to think. Sirius is afraid to act. Remus is afraid to speak. Peter is afraid to confess. In other words, an answer to the age-old question: how could Sirius suspect Remus? Be warned that a sympathetic Peter lies ahead.

Words: 43,639
Chapters: 6
Hits: 18,634

This is the third and last book in the series. The gang and their protectors start their final quest - the search for the source of magic and the final spell that will complete the powers of the Anima Summas. Voldemort grapples with the spells that will activate the Disc of Gates and unleash it\'s awesome power on the world. And lurking impatiently in the Dark Realm are the Nephilim...

Words: 141,764
Chapters: 12
Hits: 18,382

Harry Potter discovers why polka dots are evil. Snape discovers why it's a bad idea to forge your medical records. Lucius Malfoy discovers why you shouldn't give suprise presents to your boss.

Words: 18,983
Chapters: 10
Hits: 18,202

Stalked through the dungeons by a wild beanbag chair, Draco and Harry have no choice but to come to terms with their differences and work together to survive. Featuring sharp, pointy rocks of doom, rabid furniture, drunken mops, and kisses in broom closets. Harry/Draco.

Words: 5,557
Chapters: 1
Hits: 18,065

To Lily Evans, James Potter was the most arrogant, egotistical jerk in all of eternity. Just her luck that James had had a crush on her ever since first year. Now it’s their seventh year at Hogwarts and James’ last chance to win Lily’s heart.

Words: 11,221
Chapters: 11
Hits: 17,653
Destiny of Souls by ezzie

Kara, a witch with immense powers finds herself lured to Hogwarts ``as the new DADA Professor. When she arrives she is introduced to Snape and begins ``to discover that her past has all been planned carefully for her. Have you ever ``wondered why Snape is so mysterious and guarded? She is the answer, and only Dumbledore ``and her old Mentor know why. A non-fluffy romance that will explain everything ``you ever wanted to know about Snape, Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore.

Words: 86,850
Chapters: 24
Hits: 17,180

At the beginning of fifth year at Hogwarts Ron and Hermione start dating. Harry says he is okay with it, but then why does he flinch everytime Hermione and Ron are close? And what about Hermione's odd behavior towards her boyfriend? Then something occurs to Ron, leaving Harry to deal with a stricken Hermione. Emotions are revealed between the two of them. What will happen? COMPLETELY H/Hr

Words: 65,520
Chapters: 12
Hits: 17,079

What if Harry Potter was really REALLY flamboyantly gay?````A/U first year fic, featuring flaming Harry.

Words: 57,396
Chapters: 16
Hits: 16,998
Paris by Circe713

Harry is finally getting out of England, with the Grangers, for a proper holiday. Hermione, Chris and Ivy are going to see that Harry turns fifteen with some major fun. And of course, Hermione will probably insist they visit some of the more haunted spots, to add to their summer essays...

Words: 31,933
Chapters: 7
Hits: 16,980

When Harry and Draco finally push everyone over the edge, steps are taken to finally put an end to their constant feuding. Who could have ever known how it would all turn out?

Words: 27,573
Chapters: 12
Hits: 16,827

NEW CHAPTERS! Awaited sequel of SECRETS FROM THE PAST which you can read on Astronomy Tower! Written before HBP - Seventh year at Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione are a couple now, but the arrival of a new, mysterious Gryffindor student will bring a lot of problems to their love relationship. Meanwhile, the war in the magical world is becoming more and more bloody. Voldemort has got a perfect plan in his mind, in order to destroy his mortal enemy and win the war, and the plan is, pulling away each one of Harry's friends, one by one. Will Harry be able to master his new Seer powers and change his destiny? Read and find out...

Words: 109,515
Chapters: 18
Hits: 16,759

The promised sequel to of “Foreshadowing the Past”. Harry and Ginny’s son, Connor is moving into his third year at Hogwarts, and will face a new set of challenges in the form new characters, new classes, and an unwanted increase to his precognitive abilities. Things aren’t always as they seem, however, and Connor’s life is about to take a turn toward paths he never expected.

Words: 198,025
Chapters: 28
Hits: 16,601

James Potter has just started his sixth year at Hogwarts. He and his three best friends are looking forward to exploring Hogwarts, playing Quidditch, and causing trouble whenever possible. James is confident he's up to any challenge the year can throw at him... until he meets Lily Evans.

Words: 29,144
Chapters: 7
Hits: 16,310

Harry returns to Hogwarts for his sixth year. He has to deal with Sirius' death, new dangers and threats, and even his friends seem to be keeping secrets from him.``In this chapter, Harry returns to the Dursleys. His friends are planning something, but when will he get away from the Dursleys to meet up with them?

Words: 59,596
Chapters: 19
Hits: 16,009
Chasing a Dream by Kinoryo

Bad things keep happening to Hermione. Harry want's to know why but Hermione refuses to tell him. Then the illnesses take a turn for the worst when Hermione is killed. But is she really dead? Harry thinks so until one night when he sees hope and something else on the horizon...

Words: 41,357
Chapters: 25
Hits: 15,835

Harry was expecting a busy summer, but he thought he'd get home before it started. First it's Dementors. Then it's Basilisks, werewolves, weddings, scrambled eggs, rats, runes, and Founders. Voldemort wasn't the only one putting spells on that locket, Snape is brewing something nasty, and the Horcrux hunt is on.... Seventh-year fic. Obviously.

Words: 47,787
Chapters: 17
Hits: 15,608

A young blind woman comes to Hogwarts on a secret mission, only to find herself allied with the one man she has been warned not to trust -- Severus Snape. NEW POST-OOTP EDITION!

Words: 11,855
Chapters: 3
Hits: 15,518
After Hogwarts by Wendy Lee

Little Ginny is all grown up and has just graduated from Hogwarts. She still carries Harry Potter in her heart, but is determined to get past her unrequited love, so she decided to move to London and start fresh.

Words: 110,888
Chapters: 20
Hits: 15,112

Harry and Hermione obviously like each other, but are either of them brave enough to make the first move? Or will Ron and company have to help them along? Romance...Comedy...it's all here!

Words: 10,131
Chapters: 11
Hits: 14,870

Ever wondered how patrician Andromeda Black ended up with a Muggleborn like Ted Tonks? Step back in time to the swinging 60s, when skirts were short and love was free!

Words: 51,098
Chapters: 19
Hits: 14,650

Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts begins quietly, his fame turned to notoriety after last year's happenings. However, now Voldemort is returned to power, he begins a journey Northwards with his supporters. Who will protect the school when Dumbledore falls ill? Harry thinks he has enough headaches with this, but then his scar starts to hurt, Snape is absent for days at a time, the Aurors are called out, and Draco's after Ginny...

Words: 66,797
Chapters: 32
Hits: 14,574

Voldemort is trying to find an ancient artifact that will give him another chance at immortality. Harry is trying to figure out how to balance his friendship with two girls, one who loves him and one who intrigues him.``In the first chapter, Harry is finally at the Burrow once more but filled with guilt over the death of Sirius and fearful of the prophecy. Is this the best time for Ginny to confess that she still loves him? Maybe not.

Words: 37,934
Chapters: 10
Hits: 14,357
Ask Moony by Abigail Nicole

Do you need advice? Are there problems you really need help on? Well, too bad! Read the column written by the most unqualified person in the world to give advice.

Words: 24,617
Chapters: 12
Hits: 14,106

Ron was sick and tired of them dancing around. He was going to end it by any means necessary. Poor Harry and Hermione.

Words: 15,306
Chapters: 6
Hits: 14,046

Hermione and Sirius have both returned to Hogwarts, a few years after Hermione finishes school. Now an acclaimed arithmancer, Hermione is the head of Gryffindor House. Sirius Black, finally cleared of murder, has become the Defense Agains the Dark Arts teacher. As they face the challenges and rewards of teaching, they find the nature of their relationship beginning to change.

Words: 15,684
Chapters: 26
Hits: 13,947
A Wrinkle In Time by Mr.Intel

During the summer after Harry’s fifth year, he visits the Burrow to find out about a mysterious gift given by Ginny Weasley. When the gift’s powers are revealed, Harry and Ginny decide to use it to finally give Harry what he has always wanted.

Words: 30,067
Chapters: 8
Hits: 13,861

Tonks' quest to win Remus' heart takes her into his past, where she discovers a history she never dreamed existed. Enter the world of the Marauders, in which they romp around Hogwarts in a series of slumber parties, fights, late night swims, snogging sessions, sobbing sessions, Astronomy Tower excursions and general obsessing over Sirius Black. Meet Alice, The Unspoken Reason. *complete!*

Words: 35,873
Chapters: 16
Hits: 13,738

Coming home after their fifth year at Hogwarts Ron, Harry and Hermione find their world turning upside down as their lives are taken over by love triangles and war.

Words: 151,854
Chapters: 18
Hits: 13,606

Just before Harry's eleventh birthday Severus Snape shows up on the Dursley's doorstep and changes Harry's life forever.

Words: 17,589
Chapters: 6
Hits: 13,530

AU.  Farm Girl Hermione's life changes forever when she meets Sir Harry Potter and the Mage Knights.  A complete medieval type adventure, with swords and swordfights, quests and adventure, and kings and kingdoms.  Contains H/H romantic subplot.

Words: 28,896
Chapters: 8
Hits: 13,442

Back from Paris, and almost time to head back to Hogwarts, but a bit more revenge and some "Weasley doings" first. Still fun and fluff, and more about the new characters.

Words: 21,485
Chapters: 4
Hits: 13,366

It's the end of fifth year and Harry is looking forward to another boring, Dursley filled summer. However, Harry and Ron find themselves being whisked away from King's Cross for reasons unknown... off to the Isle of Mann to study professional Quidditch under the watchful and domineering eye of the mysterious Stan Swan. What adventures... or dangers, await the famous twosome this summer? Read on to find out...

Words: 142,478
Chapters: 22
Hits: 13,192

An inebriated Ginny Weasley breaks down and writes a rambling letter to the one she cares for most.

Words: 30,556
Chapters: 14
Hits: 13,042
Searching for Dawn by cindale

Harry Potter finally killed Lord Voldemort, but did the end justify ``the means? In this post-Hogwarts story Harry and his friends encounter new adventures, ``old enemies, and all the changes that come with adulthood. Plenty of romance, ``humor, angst, and red tights?````In this chapter, Harry is in on the run in a foreign country while his friends worry at home.

Words: 68,950
Chapters: 11
Hits: 12,907
Which Witch? by Firenzie

(PWP) 'Which Witch?' is a game that basically consists of naming two girls and asking which the other boy would rather kiss, date, marry, and so on. One day, while playing, Ron presents Harry with a difficult choice: Cho...or Hermione?

Words: 2,405
Chapters: 1
Hits: 12,900

The silver blonde serpent and the redhead lioness. Two lives so different fleetingly cross paths causing a stir of romance. But like fire and ice, can this relationship lead to anything but destruction?

Words: 21,263
Chapters: 14
Hits: 12,856

Harry Potter was sent to Azkaban for a crime he didn't commit. He escaped, but no one knows where he is. Where is he? Who is he? Will he come back? Back at Hogwarts, Herm and Ron are in their seventh year, and both struggle with confused feelings. Can Harry forgive them? And more important, can he admit his feelings for a certain girl?

Words: 96,753
Chapters: 18
Hits: 12,670

Last Year. Last Chance. Last Battle. Last Dance. It's time for Harry to say goodbye to Hogwarts. Harry comes of age and enters his last year at Hogwarts. A new Slytherin transfer student is causing a stir, and something's wrong with Draco Malfoy. Snape's in a good mood, Hermione's worried, and Ginny's Quidditch Captain. Before the summer ends there is a death, a rescue, and an engagement. Looks like the makings of another uneventful year at Hogwarts...canon through OotP, alternate 7th year. COMPLETE.

Words: 124,022
Chapters: 10
Hits: 12,505
Enchanted by Firenzie

Valentine's Day is coming up at Hogwarts. After Draco Malfoy is insulted, he puts an Entrancement Enchantment on Hermione, causing her to act very 'strangely,' towards one Harry Potter in particular...

Words: 21,752
Chapters: 3
Hits: 12,403
Secrets of the Animagi by Wiz

Harry's 5th year of Hogwarts brings him to a crossroads. Following Dumbledore's advice means sacrificing a season of Quiddich. It also means keeping secrets, even from Hermione and Ron.

Words: 38,816
Chapters: 12
Hits: 12,397
Restricted Section by Aja

See Draco. See Draco read. See Harry see Draco read. See Harry distract Draco. Features Harry/Draco, Jane Austen, gay self-help, and a random Hufflepuff.

Words: 1,621
Chapters: 1
Hits: 12,359
I Can See You by BlackLupin

The Marauders, in their sixth-year at Hogwarts, are all seeking romance. Remus Lupin is attracted to Natasha Strauss who's a Slytherin in every way. Sirius Black looks set to break the heart of Natasha's best friend Kathleen Curtis. Pairings: RL-OC; SB-OC; JP-LE; PP-no way!

Words: 38,646
Chapters: 19
Hits: 12,301

Hermione thought of summer camp as extra credit. Ron thought of it as torture. Draco thought of it as insulting, but Harry thought of it as freedom. Food had appeared on the table, but suddenly, no one was hungry. H/H, some R/L and more surprise ships.

Words: 17,589
Chapters: 11
Hits: 12,281

It's hard to be cheerful when your parents are missing, your family hate you and the students at school are scared of you. But when you start having flashbacks of things you couldn't possibly have remembered, you know it's going to be just that little bit harder to squeeze out that extra smile.

Words: 57,085
Chapters: 19
Hits: 12,177

The Hogwarts professors are trying to kill each other! But no need to worry, it's only a game. Who will come out on top in Hogwarts Assassins? And who will come out on top in the game of love? AD/MM, SS/FD, HG/SB, BW/OC.

Words: 28,309
Chapters: 16
Hits: 12,037

Against all hope and expectation, an eleven-year-old Remus Lupin is invited to attend Hogwarts with his peers, thanks to Albus Dumbledore. Is life about to get easier or harder for the first werewolf to attend the famous wizarding school in over a century?

Words: 50,764
Chapters: 8
Hits: 11,935

During the summer after GoF, Harry's so depressed that even the Dursley's are worried.

Words: 7,514
Chapters: 7
Hits: 11,564

Voldemort threatens more than England, he threatens the entire wizarding world. So his defeat should have world-wide repercussions, yes? On the far side of the globe, a doctor has to treat a very unusual patient (she doesn't recognize him, but you'd better), and nurse him back to health against his will. Set post-Hogwarts.

Words: 10,600
Chapters: 3
Hits: 11,432

Over 25 years in the future, a young woman reporter travels to a rural part of Scotland to interview someone who had disappeared at the highest point in their career. The world had been saved, the people rejoiced, but what they didn't know was what had to be sacrificed as result. No one would ever truly understand, but what the young reporter comes to realize- is that in order to understand the reason, you must first understand the cause.

Words: 53,460
Chapters: 11
Hits: 11,410

Before Draco's fifth year at Hogwarts, Lucius transfers Draco to Durmstrang, the Dark Arts school in Russia. A new group of Death Eaters has been formed, and they have orders to kill. Draco must choose between his duty as a Malfoy and love.

Words: 7,562
Chapters: 9
Hits: 11,358