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Published: 09/14/2003
Updated: 02/26/2004
Words: 94,331
Chapters: 19
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They Shook Hands : Year One (Original Version)


Story Summary:
Suppose Draco Malfoy introduced himself before he started acting like an ass. What if he had asked Harry's name before insulting Hagrid? A friendly handshake in Madam Malkin's leads to an alternate but realistic universe which is eerily like the canon, featuring a cast of first year Slytherins as you've never seen them: normal children. Join Harry Potter and his new friends as they discover their magical talents and help him to explore the world that has been kept from him these past ten years.

Harry makes friends with a boy his own age in Madam Malkin's robe shoppe. When he wants to go exploring Diagon Alley with his new friend, Hagrid gets upset. Can there be a peaceful resolution to all this sudden tension?

Words: 4,512
Hits: 22,474

Harry makes his way to King's Cross Station and boards the Hogwarts Express. When he finds his new friend Draco, he also meets more children his own age. Unlike other children he's known, they actually seem to like him. What's more, they don't make a spectacle of him the way the adult witches and wizards he's met have. What sort of things will happen on the train ride?

Words: 7,160
Hits: 11,440

Harry has arrived at Hogwarts and now has to be Sorted to one of the four Houses. Where will he go? How will he feel about it? And what mischief do his friends already have planned?

Words: 4,296
Hits: 10,312

It's the first day of classes. Already the inter-House rivalries have started, as some of the Slytherins and Gryffindors don't get along well at all. What part will Harry play in this?

Words: 5,309
Hits: 9,649

The second and third days of classes -- their first Astronomy, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Potions lessons. Harry and Millicent join Hagrid for tea and discover a mystery.

Words: 5,159
Hits: 8,792

The Slytherins have their first Flying class, Professor Snape makes an unexpected appearance, and Ron Weasley challenges Draco to a Wizard's Duel. Filch interferes in the situation, and Harry and Draco nearly get eaten by a monster. What is so special about the corridor on the third floor?

Words: 5,442
Hits: 8,139

Tim makes sure that Harry and Draco make it to Potions lecture on time. After class, they confront Weasley about his failure to show up for the duel and have a bit of fun. Marcus Flint, Captain of the Quidditch team invites Harry to trials. What sort of broom will Harry buy? Harry and Blaise have a long talk out on the battlements.

Words: 5,011
Hits: 7,487

Harry's broom arrives, and the first year Slytherins play a pick-up game of Quidditch. Weasley explains what happened on the night of the duel. The Slytherin House team holds trials. Will Harry make the cut?

Words: 6,655
Hits: 7,343

A troll crashes the Halloween feast. Who has the bright idea to go looking for it? The mystery of what is hidden in the school deepens, and Professor Snape gets to yell at someone.

Words: 5,842
Hits: 7,372

The Quidditch match between Slytherin and Gryffindor is finally here! Can Harry live up to everybody's expectations? He is flying well, but something's the matter with his broom. Who is behind it? Will the team come together to defeat their rivals?

Words: 4,153
Hits: 7,172

The Slytherins turn in their petition to start a school choir. The boys ambush Hermione Granger after History of Magic. The choir has its first meeting, but you'll never guess who's directing!

Words: 4,107
Hits: 6,437

It's Christmas time! Professor Snape teaches his young charges how to cope with the cold. Ron Weasley finds out one of Harry's secrets. What will he do about it? Harry gets Christmas presents for the first time, and he makes a startling discovery.

Words: 5,374
Hits: 6,126

What did Harry see in the Mirror? What does Draco see? Headmaster Dumbledore talks with Harry, the students come back to school, and Harry answers a long-standing question.

Words: 4,510
Hits: 6,129

The Slytherins raid the library and argue over who the bad guy is. Later on, Draco and Harry get in a fight. Harry gets valentines, the Slytherins fight the Gryffindors, and there's a party in the dungeons after the Quidditch match against Ravenclaw.

Words: 4,203
Hits: 5,762

What is Blaise's world-shattering news? The Choir has its first performance over the Easter holiday. Slytherin tackles Hufflepuff at Quidditch. The young Slytherins have a picnic, they work on inter-House relations, and there is lots of studying done. Harry and Millie have tea with Hagrid, but leave in a great hurry. What ever could the problem be?

Words: 4,414
Hits: 5,778

Harry, Millie, and Jenna go to hex Hagrid, but things don't work out exactly as planned. Weasley sticks his nose in where it isn't wanted and causes problems for everyone. The Slytherins get in trouble with McGonagall, and Professor Snape lends a hand.

Words: 4,239
Hits: 5,553

Harry, Millie, and Jenna have detention along with Ron Weasley. There is unexpected danger and many startling revelations. End-of-the-year examinations have snuck up on everyone, and Harry has a premonition of danger. When professors are nowhere to be found, Harry comes to a difficult decision.

Words: 4,017
Hits: 5,578

Harry and his friends enter the trapdoor and encounter the protections that have been placed around the Philosopher's Stone. Can they win through when the price they pay may be dear?

Words: 4,144
Hits: 5,455

Harry steps through the black flames to confront the Dark wizard who is after the Stone. Headmaster Dumbledore has a long talk with Harry. The school year is over, the Hogwarts Express leaves for London, and Harry sees the Dursleys again. The conclusion to They Shook Hands, Year One.

Words: 5,784
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