They Shook Hands: Year Three (Original Version)


Story Summary:
Harry Potter's summer holiday has been anything but fun. He's been treated like a common criminal by the Muggles. His circumstances don't begin to improve when he finally breaks out, for one of Voldemort's strongest supporters has likewise escaped, from Azkaban, the most secure place in England. The mad Sirius Black killed thirteen people with a single curse and is now believed to be after Harry. The Ministry of Magic takes drastic security measures, but what can stop the first man to elude the dreaded Dementors? Harry Potter is not safe, even within the walls of Hogwarts, for rumours are told that a traitor may well be in their midst.

Harry wakes up to find he has been imprisoned by the Dursleys. Those blasted Muggles just don't know what's good for them. When the opportunity for escape and revenge comes, Harry seizes his only chance.

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Chapter 02 - Escape

Harry has escaped from Privet Drive, and he won't ever go back! But he's broken the law, and Harry needs protection. He sets out for Malfoy Manor and stumbles across the Knight Bus. He finally makes it to Wiltshire, but even here he can find no respite as he gets caught in a trap!

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Harry has made it safely to Malfoy Manor, but what about the Muggles he hexed? Will Ministry officials be coming to take him away? Harry's reuinion with his friends is cut short by the awful neccessity of homework, but they need their new schoolbooks to get it all done. Where do they go? Why, Diagon Alley, of course! But when Harry steps into the Floo Network, something goes horribly wrong, and the place he ends up is most definitely not Diagon Alley.

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Harry has stumbled into Knockturn Alley! He's surrounded by lots of scary Dark Arts stuff, nobody knows where he is, and who is that greasy man peering at him from behind the counter? In Diagon Alley, Quality Quidditch Supplies has a new broom on display; is it better than Harry's Nimbus 2000? Wanted posters featuring Sirius Black are everywhere. Despite the danger, the crowds are out in force. Harry learns an unpleasant truth about Black, a pleasant truth about himself, and a frustrating fact about the upcoming year at Hogwarts.

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Harry tries out his new broom, and it's impressive beyond his wildest dreams. Shortly before they head back to Hogwarts, Harry goes to see Wand Smasher with Tim and Millie. At the show they meet up with the Patil twins, and Tim and Parvati engage in some onesupsmanship, setting up a Quidditch match for when they return to school. They all have a grand old time at the show when Harry's celebrity gets them close to the band!

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Harry and his friends are on their way back to Hogwarts, and all is well. Draco gets in some digs at Weasley, but the fun gets broken up by an unexpected source. Harry arranges for their tag-along, Ginny, to be kept out of their business by making a deal with the second years. The boys discover the new Defence professor riding the train, and they eavesdrop on the girls, but a horrible visitor boards the train, sending Harry into a fit!

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Harry leaves McGonagall's office just in time to see the Sorting. There's lots of brothers and sisters and cousins arriving this year. Dumbledore announces the new staff and warns everybody about the dementors. The gang pawn Ginny off on the second-years to everyone's delight, and the third-years are looking forward to their new classes. What lessons does Professor Vector have in store for them as they head to their first Arithmancy class?

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It's time for the first Defence class with Professor Lupin! And they have an actual lesson! What will each Slytherin see when confronted with a boggart? Later, Harry is called to Dumbledore's office, and he's anything but contrite. Will he say something he'll come to regret?

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Harry scored top marks on the Arithmancy quiz, but the subject is still dreadful. Ancient Runes starts out good but rapidly gets dull. Fortunately the weekend brings the Quidditch match, and Harry leads his friends into the sky to defend Slytherin honour against the third-year Gryffindors. But who plays Beater when they can't field a full team? What uninvited guests crash the party?

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Harry needs to get into Hogsmeade, but Filch won't let him out of the castle without a signed permission slip. What's a rebellious teenage boy to do? Meanwhile, Weasley continues to be a git, so Jenna concocts a plan for some much overdue revenge. Professor Lupin lets Harry peek at an upcoming lesson, Blaise and Harry have awkward adolescent moments, and the Halloween Feast is crashed by an uninvited guest.

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Sirius Black is in the castle! Harry wants to go hunting, but his friends make him stay put in the Great Hall. Unable to sleep, Harry eavesdrops on Headmaster Dumbledore and hears a possibility of a traitor at the school. Professor Snape wants Harry's Quidditch practices monitored for safety. Harry wants to learn how to defend himself against dementors, but who should he ask? There's a one-on-one confrontation with Weasley, the match against Gryffindor, and a series of vicious pranks. Who gets pranked and who hits the showers? It's the first week of November, but nobody can wait for the Christmas holiday.

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Harry gives Laine Slater the present he promised her for taking in Ginny, Jenna pulls Harry into an empty Potions classroom, and Blaise makes Harry's stomach turn into knots. The gang head for Hogsmeade to do some Christmas shopping, but Harry has a bad reaction to the dementors. It's a welcome relief to catch the Hogwarts Express back to London, but an unexpected wizard puts in an appearance. Harry gets some advice about girls, but it all goes right out of his head when the Christmas party rolls around.

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Harry is in a dead panic. He's taking Blaise to the Wand Smasher show, and he doesn't know what to wear; he doesn't know what to do. Draco doesn't want to be any help. Can Elan give him any advice? Mrs. Malfoy sits Harry down for a lecture on manners before they go.

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Harry tells Draco about kissing Blaise. He plans to do it at the New Year's Eve party, but many unexpected things happen. On the train, the lads fight amongst themselves, but they don't miss a chance to eavesdrop on the girls. Back at school, Harry makes his attempt to get Weasley back for his nasty prank. Goyle and Crabbe rave about Care of Magical Creatures, Jenna complains about Divination, and Draco is deliberately rude to someone.

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Harry finally begins his instruction in the Patronus Charm and struggles to think of a happy thought. A blizzard covers the grounds and provides hours of fun at sledding. There's Quidditch, snogging, more anti-dementor lessons, a confrontation with Weasley, more Quidditch, and more snogging. Something unexpected happens when the boys take Scabbers to his doom, Black attacks the Slytherin dormitory, and Pansy lures Harry to a side corridor.

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Pansy acts on the information she gleamed from Harry, Jenna solves a long-standing mystery, and Draco behaves like a braggart. Over Easter holiday, Harry gets a lesson on the behavioural standards of pureblood society that he won't soon forget. A duel ends in shattered crockery, broken windows, flying house elves, and a fire! A certain couple breaks up, and it affects many friendships.

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Harry makes an interesting discovery on the Marauder's Map and rashly goes off by himself to investigate. What a foolhardy Gryffindor-ish thing to do! Sirius Black finally makes himself known to Harry, and he tries to spin a web of moonbeams. Professor Lupin rushes in to save the day, and Professor Snape lends a hand.

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Peter Pettigrew is alive! Sirius Black is innocent! But can it really be that simple? Is it ever? No matter what happens, Harry still has to face exams. There's a Hogsmeade Weekend before exam results come out, and Harry has something important to discuss with Blaise. Harry makes his plans for the summer. One thing is for certain: he's not going back to Privet Drive.

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It's the last night before the school year is over. Harry isn't used to looking forward to the summer holiday, but that has changed. Slytherin celebrates the Quidditch Cup victory even as they raise their glasses to Captain Flint. On Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, many people are disturbed by Sirius' presence, but a few people aren't intimidated. Harry and Sirius get in queue at Puddlemucker's to head to their new home. The conclusion to They Shook Hands, Year Three.

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