They Shook Hands: Year Four (Original Version)


Story Summary:
Harry Potter's new life with his godfather, Sirius Black, is the stuff his best dreams were made of. As they turn 12 Grimmauld Place into a real home, Harry finally gets to hear all about his father and mother. At the Quidditch World Cup, Harry learns of the upcoming Triwizard Tournament from Mr. Lucius Malfoy. Back at Hogwarts, there's treachery afoot, as Harry is named as a fourth Champion. Can his reputation recover from what the other Houses are saying? Who will stand with him? Who will stand against him? Tasks of immense danger loom, and dark shadows are gathering again. How can Harry survive with life and limb in peril? Will Harry ever be the same again?

Harry Potter has come home. Unfortunately, the house is an absolute mess and needs to be cleaned. Fortunately, Harry is permitted to use magic and Sirius invites Remus to participate. Can the two Marauders out-think the Permanent Sticking Charm? Harry finally gets to learn a bit about his mum and dad and hears Sirius' and Remus' lifestories.

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Harry invites his friends over to help with the housework. Kreacher makes an appearance and both he and Mrs. Black manage to offend Harry's friends. Tim makes a keen observation, Pansy and Draco try to show each other up when they're not sneaking away to snog, and Blaise continues to hang all over Harry, much to his dismay.

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With the house finally in decent shape, Sirius begins his long-promised Animagus lessons. Harry gets an unexpected letter from Susan Bones. Prompted by Sirius, Harry begins making friends outside of Slytherin House and learns something very interesting.

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Harry finally gets to have a proper birthday party, and he's invited practically everyone he knows. Grimmauld Place is filled with people having a good time. Harry eavesdrops on a conversation between Sirius and Mrs. Malfoy. Sirius retrieves his flying motorbike. Harry does his school shopping.

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Sirius and Harry are off to the Cup Final. Harry, Draco, and Millie go exploring and engage in some diplomacy with three lads a few sites over. After dinner, Harry and Sirius call upon the Malfoys, and the conversation is painfully forced as Sirius remains cold and terse toward his cousin by marriage. Mr. Malfoy tries to tantilize everyone with some important news, but Sirius has had quite enough of trickiness.

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It's time for the big match. Susan Bones joins the party as they ascend to the Top Box. It's Bulgaria versus Ireland. Bulgarian Seeker Krum is impressive, but even his skill can't counter the luck of the Irish. How will Sirius handle the pressing crowds?

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Death Eaters are running amok at the World Cup! The campsite is under attack! Sirius and Harry escape to the woods and find Draco. They all hunker down and wait for things to be over, but panic breaks anew when the Dark Mark appears in the skies overhead.

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Back at Hogwarts after an uneventful train ride, Harry waits patiently for the Sorting to be over so he can eat. Professor Dumbledore introduces the new Defence teacher, "Mad-Eye" Moody, the famous ex-Auror. As shocking as he is, though, the announcement of the Triwizard Tournament rocks the Great Hall. Every single Slytherin wants the glory, fame, and the thousand Galleons of prize money.

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It's the first class with Professor Moody. Is he really as crazy as the upper students say? While passing between classes, Draco and Harry encounter Weasley, who is determined to pick a fight, but things don't exactly go as expected. Tim manages to rub Harry the wrong way, and the resulting explosion radically shifts the dynamics in Slytherin House. Harry continues to keep tabs on Ginny Weasley, he and Draco partner in Potions class, and Professor Moody's lesson plan is very controversial.

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October has arrived, and the Hogwarts gossip mill is churning full-tilt. Harry continues to improve his illicit Transfiguration skills, and his reputation for Arithmancy continues to win him respect. Padma Patil tracks him down, and the result is a study date. Lost in pleasant memories, Harry discovers he can't get in to the common room. But there's no need to fear; Professor Snape is there. When the guests from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons arrive, Draco shows off his skill with the German language. The result? A personal introduction to Viktor Krum, Bulgaria's star Seeker! Professor Dumbledore explains the Triwizard Tournament, but why does Headmaster Karkaroff react so badly to both Harry and Professor Moody?

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Lots of Hogwarts students have submitted their names, but who will be chosen? When scandal erupts, Harry is naturally at the centre of it all. History is made as the Tournament With Four Champions begins. Conflict erupts between the three Headmasters, but Professor Snape defends Harry against accusation. "Mad-Eye" Moody has a theory, but Karkaroff is skeptical. Harry finally escapes all the accusing eyes and returns to the dorm where his housemates are celebrating his cunning, but not everyone is delighted. Kreacher pays a visit, bringing a letter from Sirius.

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Harry's friends express their support for him in the tournament and promise to keep the Hogwarts grapevine under control. Laine Slater volunteers to be his public relations agent, and he needs one when his friends in the other houses give him the cold shoulder. Slytherin calls a meeting, discussing a change in the unofficial Rules. Harry is pulled out of Potions class for the Weighing of the Wands, and to his delight, Rita Skeeter is there for the Daily Prophet. Maybe he can get his side of the story out publicly first. Through Slytherin trickery, Harry discovers the nature of the first Task and is near to panicked. Thankfully he gets to see Sirius on the Hogsmeade Weekend, and everything doesn't seem so bad.

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Three days left to the first Task, and Harry has a battle plan. Professor Snape inquires of Harry's preparation and mocks the rule against help from teachers. His plan much improved, Harry is in high spirits. Struck by a moment of fairness, Harry decides to share his foreknowledge with Diggory. Entertainment is provided by Weasley making a fool of himself for the part-veela champion from Beauxbatons, and that leads in to the prank Harry and Draco plan for him. Harry invites his friends to join him in practicing for the Task.

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Harry makes his final preparations, and Millie helps him pick out his clothing. If his wand arm binds, he'll be toast. Harry draws second in the order and the Chinese Fireball for an obstacle. Will his plan be enough to let him get the egg? And how will the other champions do? It'll be a hot time at the old castle tonight!

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Harry has survived the first Task and earned the admiration of many. Now has to do something much harder: find a date to the Yule Ball. Pansy and Jenna find some juicy gossip in the pages of Witch Weekly but don't tell Blaise. Harry agonizes over which of his female friends he wants to ask to the dance, and he seeks out advice from Sirius. Dates are made and feelings are hurt as everyone looks forward to a rocking good time.

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It's the social event of the year! Harry's having quite a wild time. In addition to the students, the school governors, certain Ministry officials, and other important people are present as well. Nobody else's date seems to be going well at all. A party crasher ends up with all the Beauxbatons girls on his arms. Harry and Padma, Draco and Parvati go for a walk in the rose garden and dance the night away under the stars.

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Harry is very nervous about the New Year's Eve party at Bridget Sawyer's house. No parents, just older siblings? Funtastic! All manner of old Slytherins are hobnobbing, the guest list is exclusive, and there's even a few celebrities present. The Sawyer yacht takes a trip on the Thames to a prominent social spot for fraternization and fireworks as they ring in the new year in style.

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All of Hogwarts' Chasers and hopefuls sign up for the broom race. Draco and Millie convince Harry to let them practice down in the Chamber of Secrets. Race Day finally comes, and the stands are packed with spectators. With all kinds of nasty tricks and traps in store, nobody can predict the winner. Harry decides it's time to figure out the golden egg, but where does his time come from?

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It's time for a Hogsmeade weekend! Harry can't figure out the egg and turns to Sirius for help. The awful noise is no more familiar to his godfather, but together they work on Harry's Animagus skills some more. Harry eventually discovers the secret of the egg and works out the nature of the second task. He begins to brainstorm ideas and has to choose amongst several options. Professor Snape has his own idea, and he gives Harry a brief demonstration.

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Valentines make the rounds of the castle, as it is that time of year again. All of the couples are doing the couple thing, but what about poor Pansy? With Draco and Tim being right berks, will anyone remember her? The second task draws near. Harry goes exploring under the lake, but who will his hostage be? Can he finish his Task in time?

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It's another Hogsmeade weekend, and Harry finally gets to see Remus when he and Sirius get together to work on the Animagus transformation some more. They spend the whole afternoon in the Three Broomsticks and make plans for Easter. The presence of couples causes a realignment of the working groups in Herbology, and Harry has a surprise for Padma. Professor Moody shows them how to block unfriendly curses, and Harry crosses wands with Tim. Harry and Draco challenge Weasley and the Gryffindors to a broom game, but it's not Quidditch!

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Harry takes the train back home for the Easter holiday and is introduced by Ginny to Mrs. Weasley. Mr. Malfoy issues an invitation to Malfoy Manor on Easter Sunday. Back at Grimmauld Place, Harry works at his Animagus form, but something goes wrong. Sirius has been in communication with his favourite cousin, who insists on having them over for dinner. The full moon comes, and Harry is left to his own devices. An old bit of government legislation goes in to effect, causing Harry and Sirius to quarrel and causing Sirius and Mr. Malfoy to shout at each other.

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What have they done to the Quidditch pitch?! Harry is in the lead, but that just means the denizens of the Maze get first crack at him. Harry gets advice from Professor Snape, but it's Professor Vector who really comes through for him. They celebrate Draco's birthday with a flask of spirits, but the prefects aren't happy. Sirius saves the day, and Harry stops worrying about getting through the Maze. Harry has practiced hard for this moment, but will it be enough?

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The Triwizard Cup was a Portkey! Harry winds up in a very bad place, and his worst dreams are realized as Voldemort returns. His Death Eaters answer his call, and Harry's stomach turns when he recognizes Mr. Malfoy and all his friends' fathers. Voldemort wants a little dog and pony show to prove that he is mightier than Harry, but things don't exactly go according to plan.

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Harry talks to all of his friends, trying to gauge where they stand. He has conversations with Draco, Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Tim. Even the younger students get some attention. Harry has to decide how much he's going to tell Padma. Professor Snape sits Harry down for a heart-to-heart. The announcement of Voldemort's return appears in the Daily Prophet. The school is all abuzz with the news, and Professor Dumbledore addresses things during the Leaving Feast. Professor Snape urges unity and loyalty to the house. Sirius comes to Hogwarts to take Harry home. The conclusion to They Shook Hands : Year Four

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