A sequel to "A Contraceptive Controversy". Frank Longbottom finds a certain Muggle innovation lying around the castle and has difficulty identifying it. Fortunately, the Marauders are there to help.

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Written for the Portkey 7 'fore 7 challenge, theme #1. James finds a certain muggle... innovation lying around the common room and has difficulty identifying it. Lucky for him, everyone seems willing to help.

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The seventh year girls decide to play a little game. Poor Lily- with friends like these, who needs enemies? Oh well, at least James ends up happy.

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The Line by Mstar

"A fine line runs between almost everything in life. Sometimes we choose to cross that line, and other times we're pushed across it. And on occasion, that line is broken entirely, taking the choice out of anyone's hands. I didn't like any of the situations. If I chose to cross it myself, then that would mean that I was responsible for what I had done. If I had no choice in the matter, then at least I'd be able to blame someone else, and then, just maybe, no one would blame me. I had no such luck."

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A mysterious person takes James Potter and Sirius Black from the past and whisks them into the future. They agree to help this person prank Fred and George Weasley. The catch is that none of the students (including the Trio) know that James and Sirius are in the school! Hilarity ensues when people start seeing the "criminal" Sirius Black and Harry Potter in more than one place!

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To Lily Evans, James Potter was the most arrogant, egotistical jerk in all of eternity. Just her luck that James had had a crush on her ever since first year. Now it’s their seventh year at Hogwarts and James’ last chance to win Lily’s heart.

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Are you tired of those fics that have the most insane ships EVER? Ships that if they happened would completely change the plot of the canon? Well I am. I, the evil authoress, send the HP characters on a journey, meeting people from other books/TV shows, to break an evil spell causing the maddest pairing ever. Hilarity ensues.

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