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Sirius has died, and as Harry struggles with his guilt, new neighbors move in across the street on Privet Drive. But this foreign family from the Middle East has a very beautiful daughter, and she's taken a liking to Harry. But just as Harry must hide his own true identity, so too are the secrets that run deep within the Darbinyan family - secrets of death, secrets of life, secrets that will unwittingly guide Harry to rebirth, and the ultimate discovery of how Voldemort must be defeated.

Words: 361,674
Chapters: 74
Hits: 245,860

Fifth year in Hogwarts. Even before terms start, Harry is involved in the defence against an evil attack from the Dark Forces, something which ``later will be called 'The Hogwarts Express Accident' ...``In Hogwarts, many things are different - most of all, the joining of all four``Quidditch teams in the 'Flying Squad', for patrol and exploration services.``For Harry, this looks like a path toward Cho Chang, except that - well, ``maybe this should really be left to the story itself ...``At any rate, expect Giants, Goblins, and house-elves to play their roles in ``this fic - as well as some new characters.

Words: 264,404
Chapters: 34
Hits: 87,813

Sixth year in Hogwarts. However, before reaching Hogwarts again, Harry encounters his four-weeks' seminar with a Japanese Zen master - as a formative experience for him, as well as for his crusade against Voldemort. Back in school, it looks as if Harry can spend his time with classes, Cho, Quidditch, and his friends - except maybe not in that order. After all, the Dark Forces should be lying low, after their defeat in the Battle of Hogwarts. Unfortunately, they don't ...

Words: 229,499
Chapters: 28
Hits: 48,946

Seventh year in Hogwarts. Harry's year without Cho around. Shouldn't be a problem for him, after all, he can Apparate. Only ...``So, without distractions from this side, and with Voldemort nowhere seen, Harry can concentrate on his schoolwork as it condenses in three challenging``projects. However, soon enough some new challenges arise, and suddenly schoolwork has to do with some Muggles.``And one can't help thinking that, somewhere in the background, a well-known gnomish figure is pulling the strings ...

Words: 236,431
Chapters: 31
Hits: 39,240

At the bachelor party celebrating his upcoming wedding to Cho, Harry is made aware of Hermione’s enduring love for him.

Words: 68,481
Chapters: 10
Hits: 24,951

Thirteen years after Hogwarts. Eight years have passed since the last time we saw our heroes. The number of children walking or crawling through the scene has grown from three to more than a dozen. And some of them are in the focus of attention - this way or the other ... Harry and Cho moved from California to Ireland. One of the reasons was to have the same time zone as Paris, where some other people are found, and some other children. However, it's their old place where the first dark clouds appear ...``A fic most of the characters known from the previous one - well, except for all these shorties somewhere between ten months and eleven years ...

Words: 178,786
Chapters: 22
Hits: 20,126

Five years after Hogwarts. Harry and Cho are married, and yes - they have the child a former dark wizard wanted to claim for himself. However, it's no son. Cho is a successful business woman, building an enterprise together with her co-owners and former Hogwarts teachers Sylvie Hooch and Jesamine Grubbly-Plank. Harry, on the other hand, is a happy house-husband. This peaceful scene is suddenly disturbed by events which, at first sight, raise the memory of dark times and dark wizards. Soon, however, it becomes obvious that the origin of these events must be something else. A fic with many of the characters known from the previous books, plus some new characters, each of them with their own role in the plot.

Words: 138,057
Chapters: 16
Hits: 17,918

It's twenty years after Hogwarts, and six after 'Presents from the Past', of which this story is a sequel. Harry, his wife Cho, and their children Sandra Catherine, Gabriel, Carlos, and Esmeralda all have their own agenda: Harry is in desperate need of something to do, now that the children are old enough to allow him some free time. Cho runs her 'Groucho Industries' on a long leash and invests her free time in a program to convert Muggles to Magicals. Sandra Catherine, in her last year at Beauxbatons, discovers the stage, though not quite as planned. Gabriel is already used to stages - as a musician in a band looking for a singer. Carlos and Esmeralda, the young ones, await their first year at Hogwarts.

Words: 221,611
Chapters: 26
Hits: 9,396

Every year when Harry returns to Hogwarts there is always an adventure waiting for him. It is known worldwide that almost anything can be overcome if you stick together. This story shows just what can happen if that isn't the case; if friends don't stick together, but listen to the tempting voices of the mind. This is a story about betrayal.

Words: 16,641
Chapters: 5
Hits: 4,863

Everyone loves Harry Potter. Everyone wants to kiss Harry Potter. Everyone wants to do Harry Potter. But what's Harry's opinion of all this. Who does Harry Potter love? Who does Harry Potter want to kiss? Who does Harry Potter want to do? Features the brilliant parings of; Harry/?????, Harry/Cho, Harry/Pansy, Harry/Ginny and Harry/Hermione.``*Warning* Features Harry Singing (shock Horror)

Words: 2,841
Chapters: 1
Hits: 3,270
Rising Sun by Icarus

Harry and Cho slip off together and learn a tough lesson about too much, too soon. Features teenage angst, messy relationships, male-bonding and medieval Hogwarts' traditions.

Words: 2,471
Chapters: 1
Hits: 2,382

This is an alternate to Half Blood Prince, as if that book never happened. Harry is starting his sixth year, and is once again THE BOY WHO LIVED, but will his bad attitude, and evil forces at work inside Hogwarts bring him down again? Also Cho strugles to do the right thing, and get Harry's back again.

Words: 21,215
Chapters: 7
Hits: 1,911
Midwinter Waking by Mary G

Sometimes, winter brings change. Harry/Cho.

Words: 1,315
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,758

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, a red-haired young man lived in a great castle where boys and girls learned magic. If only he could go to the Ball.... Think you know Cinderella? Think again. (Written pre-HBP and decidedly AU.)

Words: 10,017
Chapters: 2
Hits: 1,468

"It’s a horrible thing, you know, to be constantly thinking of the dead, because it’s useless. It won’t get you anywhere, and all productivity stops once the mind turns to remorse and what-ifs and should-haves." How do you let go of someone you never had? Cho/Cedric, Cho/Harry

Words: 2,361
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,375

Ginny experiences heartache and emotional hardship as she deals with Harry's infatuation with Cho Chang and virtually ignoring her for the better part of a year. However, their relationship inexplicably improves considerably near the end of the year. Can the newest (and positive) prediction that the Divination teacher, Sybill Trelawney, gave her regarding herself and Harry be coming true?

Words: 13,651
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,110

It wasn't anything like wanting to rule the world. She just wanted to be thinner.

Words: 3,145
Chapters: 1
Hits: 931
A Last Love by Absolum Sarah

Harry is grieving over his loss of Sirius, but doesn't have long to brood over it. This year at Hogwarts is going to be one of the most eventful yet, and Harry will have to make some tough decisions. Why does Cho Chang keep trying to get back with Harry? Why does Harry keep getting this werid feeling around Ginny? And why are Hogwarts students going missing without a trace? As more stories come out in the press of torturous murders, it becomes clear that they have to find the missing students quickly before they suffer the same fate. With Harry laying his life on the line again and confused about who he should fall in love with, will this love he chooses be his last?

Words: 6,422
Chapters: 1
Hits: 808

Harry and Cho go on a magical ride. Written for a Valentine's Day Challenge.

Words: 709
Chapters: 1
Hits: 641

It's Harry's 7th year at Hogwarts. The unicorns have come to human form and are here to save them all. But what they don't realize, is that the world is in more danger than they thought. Evil comes full force, Malfoy returns and needs help, Ron gets a little cheeky, and many romances are formed. Harry has girl trouble to the highest extent but that's not the height of his troubles. Will he even make it to the end of the year?

Words: 4,701
Chapters: 2
Hits: 591

It's the summer after Harry's fifth year at school and he is once again The Boy Who Lived, but will dark forces at work in Hogwarts, and his bad attitude bring him down again? Also Cho Chang struggles to do the right thing as her world comes down around her.

Words: 4,115
Chapters: 3
Hits: 395

By a chance encounter Buffy and Company learn of a whole new magical world they never knew existed and all the problems this world is having. Will the Scoobies help the wizarding world? Will the wizarding world want there help? What will happen when the Scoobies pasts are revealed? Can some things be forgiven? A/N- I know there are a lot of OC's, but these are all Buffy people. I only made up a couple characters. All other OC character are established in either the Buffy-verse and Harry Potter-verse.

Words: 1,391
Chapters: 1
Hits: 374
Business by Goldy

Harry/Cho. "It’s been years since he last saw her and he’s amazed by how different and how very much the same she is."

Words: 1,018
Chapters: 1
Hits: 357
The Line by Mstar

"A fine line runs between almost everything in life. Sometimes we choose to cross that line, and other times we're pushed across it. And on occasion, that line is broken entirely, taking the choice out of anyone's hands. I didn't like any of the situations. If I chose to cross it myself, then that would mean that I was responsible for what I had done. If I had no choice in the matter, then at least I'd be able to blame someone else, and then, just maybe, no one would blame me. I had no such luck."

Words: 3,069
Chapters: 1
Hits: 262
My Wish by PhoenixGinny

Harry didn't have any friends before his days at Hogwarts. What if things were different? What if he did make a friend? What if that friend...was me? Haven't you ever wished that you could actually meet Harry Potter? I have. There are things I wish I could say to him and now, I can! So ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present...My Wish. Rated PG for mild language and mild violence. Brief Harry/Ginny and very, very brief Harry/Cho.

Words: 11,411
Chapters: 1
Hits: 223

Harry struggles the year after winning the Triwizard Tournament. All his waking and sleeping moments are spent worrying about the Terror that is Lord Voldemort; but what if there was another Horror... behind the veil?

Words: 926
Chapters: 1
Hits: 218

This story is on Fanfiction.net too... Just a oneshot on Harry's thoughts before his final battle with Voldemort.

Words: 498
Chapters: 1
Hits: 191