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Harry Potter
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The Harry Potter at Hogwarts Years
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Published: 03/21/2003
Updated: 04/02/2003
Words: 236,431
Chapters: 31
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Harry Potter and the Thunderstruck Muggles

Horst Pollmann

Story Summary:
Seventh year in Hogwarts. Harry's year without Cho around. Shouldn't be a problem for him, after all, he can Apparate. Only ...``So, without distractions from this side, and with Voldemort nowhere seen, Harry can concentrate on his schoolwork as it condenses in three challenging``projects. However, soon enough some new challenges arise, and suddenly schoolwork has to do with some Muggles.``And one can't help thinking that, somewhere in the background, a well-known gnomish figure is pulling the strings ...

Seventh year in Hogwarts. Harry's year without Cho around. Shouldn't be a problem for him; after all, he can apparate. Only ...

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Harry travels to Santa Monica, too escort Cho to a moviemaker party. First, however, he has an encounter with a dog in London Linkport.

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Returning from Santa Monica, after having found not a single note from Cho, Harry has to think a lot. However, next day, his own worries are pushed aside - Ginny is back, and from what Harry can sense, her adventure tour turned awfully wrong.

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First school days in Hogwarts, new challenges for Harry. He starts a Potions project with Ron, he starts a Transfiguration project alone, and he combines his first project with his efforts in Care of Magical Creatures.

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Harry's schedule in this school year takes contours. His projects will include a lot of travelling , although not always to nice places. > His first journey, however, has to do with Rahewa's mother, and what Harry learns is as far from encouraging as possible. His next journey leads him on a small island in the north of Haiti - not for his own projects, just in paying back for Hermione's coaching.

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Harry does his first steps in his projects. He visits dragons, and he visits the Transportation Department, and for some reason, the difference seems small.

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The Muggles have detected the wizards and witches. For Hogwarts, the result is a large camp of young people, playing games, having fun, and waiting for their chance to do what they really want. Because basically, they are all groupies ...

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The contact between the Hogwarts people and the young Muggles in the camp extends at various levels, including even a ghost. Harry earns a very special nickname from them, without cheering up too much by himself. When visiting the dragons in the course of his project, he meets Samuel, a young male dragon, in air. And then, Harry's next trip to Haiti is due ...

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After a weird encounter with an apparently crazy Muggle, Harry starts his training for storing charms in items - with Fred and George as teachers. Then Harry is informed that Rahewa's mother isn't getting better, and that he should really start looking for adoption parents. Following this advice, Harry has some interesting conversations.

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Harry discusses Transfiguration techniques with Almyra, gaining some interesting insights. Then, as promised to Deborah, Harry appears as the star guest in a Muggle talk show. While this evening has its moments, the biggest surprise comes afterwards, when watching the recorded show in Sirius' house.

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Harry has to tell his adopted brother about Ginny and why she can't stand the view of this talk master. Then he has to make sure Rahewa won't go to meet that man with her knife.

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A certain talk master encounters a weekend he's not going to forget in a lifetime.

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Terms between Muggles and the wizarding world cool rapidly, as a result of new press reports every day about how wizards treated Muggles in the past. This escalates in uproar and street fighting, with a bad impact toward some people.

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Hogwarts under siege from Muggle lunatics ... But first, Harry and his friends have to perform a rescue operation. After hearing from the victim who shot her, Harry embarks on a nightly ride under his Invisibility Cloak.

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The Muggle bureaucrats have detected Hogwarts as something they have to administer. The first attempt is pushed off after a week. The second attempt is made by sending a tough lady.

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Love hurts. Troubled love hurts most - that's the lesson Harry can take these days. It seems a minor compensation that his desperate mood enables him to make the next step in his Transfiguration project.

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Harry learns from Almyra a bit more about the reasons why Cho treated him the way she did, after he treated her the way he did. It's an explanation, yet no help.

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Christmas in The Burrow. This feast of peace and love lacks some peace in the beginning, and this has to do with Harry's present. While Harry doesn't fall short on love, neither felt nor received, he still could see some improvement in this regard, actually a Chinese one ...

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Still Christmas break in The Burrow, interrupted by some visits. One of these visits sees Harry and Rahewa in the Magical Menagerie. Then Harry gets telegrams, and phone calls, and a kind of visitor, and a letter - all of them from some member of the Chang family, and each of them leaving an impression of its own.

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Chapter 20 - Traces

Harry - lonely Harry - does lonely work in his Portkey Programming project. This is interrupted by Paul inviting Harry into his office, to tell him the results of his research. Thrilled by the news, Harry speaks with several people about the next steps. Just when he is ready to do the next step, Harry gets an invitation from Sirius. Only - his godfather refuses to tell him why ...

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Harry has a long negotiation with the two FBI agents. The major problem is to convince them that only Harry is qualified to hunt Voldemort. At the end, however, they have a deal.

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Harry and Lupin on tour - six amusement parks across the States. First tour with helicopters and Learjets, next tour via Apparition, and an endless number of rides in ghost trains ... Until Harry finds a solution based on his portkey programming skill. Only problem is, the distances are still a bit wide ...

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Harry finds the last twist that prevented him from creating portkeys for any distance - and this skill, applied to his number plates along the route, is the basis for a remarkable Dementor hunt. In-between, Harry meets some other people. For example a few Pinkerton agents, ready to search Voldemort. For example Marie-Christine ...

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Back in Hogwarts, Harry feels suddenly out of place. Manageable projects done, the pending goals seemingly impossible - he doesn't know how to fill the time while his Pinkerton agents run their search for Voldemort. After trying this and that, with limited success but astonishing results, Harry invites Cho to a lunch in the same hotel where he was guest for a while. And Cho meets him there ...

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Harry's Pinkerton detectives start searching for Voldemort. The candidates they come along with can be dismissed quickly. In contrast, Hermione's Wolfsbane candidates are due again, and this time, Harry is ready with a portkey that sends Hermione on the Ile de la Tortue. So Monsieur Armodéc and Hermione finally have the opportunity to play tricks against each other ...

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For Harry, the Haitian episode is over - well, except for programming portkeys every now and then, something which turns out slightly more complicated than expected. Then Rahewa returns from another visit of her mother, and a look into her face tells Harry enough to know what happened.

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Chapter 27 - Broke

Harry visits the Ile de la Tortue once more, to check what he can learn about the dead Monsieur Armodéc. He meets Beatrice, and what Harry learns from her, also what Beatrice gives him in return for some financial support, puts a new light onto several things.

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Harry realizes that Cho has been kidnapped. He fetches Nagini, investigates the place again, to confirm what he expected - a portkey in the doorhandle of Cho's car. Harry's first attempt is a trance from Almyra to reach Cho through the void. Then his friends come to help, and the efforts culminate in a brainstorming to interpret the data collected by Francesco Lopez from a new angle ...

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Chapter 29 - Attack

Voldemort is found. Through his rat servant with the silvery paw, detected with the help of a girl with a kitten. Harry forms his plan, then tells his friends - reason enough to scare them, in particular Almyra. Because Harry won't even try to ask where Cho is - fully according to his promise, Harry intends to kill Voldemort first ...

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Harry has a conversation with Dumbledore - about some questions that were pending for quite a while. Then, after exchanging the latest news with his friends, he finally finds the time to establish the fund for Rahewa's father, and to ask Rahewa for her candidate. In the course of these actions, Harry encounters some surprises.

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Cho wants to celebrate her rescuer party, and it turns out Harry's job to invite all people. This includes Beatrice - not Harry's own idea, an explicit request from Cho who wants to expand her business into the potions range. Then the day arrives, all people join to eat and drink and talk and have fun. And when all is said and done, Dumbledore suddenly presents a letter for Harry ...

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