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Remus Lupin/Sirius Black
Remus Lupin Sirius Black Harry and Hermione and Ron
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The Harry Potter at Hogwarts Years
Prizoner of Azkaban
Published: 12/03/2004
Updated: 06/24/2013
Words: 120,615
Chapters: 65
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Another Prisoner, Another Professor


Story Summary:
AU. In Harry's third year he must learn the various truths about the new DADA teacher, Professor Black, and an escaped convict, Remus Lupin. SB/RL.

Chapter 01

AU. In Harry's third year he must learn the various truths about the new DADA teacher, Professor Black, and an escaped convict, Remus Lupin. SB/RL.

Words: 623
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Chapter 02

Eavesdropping on Ron's parents, Harry learns even more about the dangers of Remus Lupin.

Words: 972
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Chapter 03

On the train to Hogwarts Harry, Ron, and Hermione encounter a new teacher, Professor Black.

Words: 922
Hits: 2,933

Malfoy has something to gloat over.

Words: 1,071
Hits: 2,976
Chapter 05

The dementor arrives on the train.

Words: 1,419
Hits: 2,938
Chapter 06

The train arrives, Crookshanks has a new discovery, and the feast begins.

Words: 1,778
Hits: 2,897
Chapter 07

Malfoy is whimpering in the hospital wing, Harry and Ron read Astrophil's letter, and Hagrid is depressed.

Words: 1,685
Hits: 2,867
Chapter 08

When Neville creates a flawed Shrinking Solution, Harry surprises himself.

Words: 1,669
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Chapter 09

In the first DADA class, Harry discovers that Professor Black has an interest in duelling and a curious lack of fear concerning snakes.

Words: 1,489
Hits: 2,794

All the books about blood magic are gone from the library.

Words: 1,792
Hits: 2,739

Harry, Ron, and Hermione, having found no books about blood magic, decide to sneak into the Restricted Section; Fred and George discover Astrophil's letter.

Words: 1,447
Hits: 2,373

Harry, Ron, and Hermione sneak into the Restricted Section, where they find a book that provides more questions than answers - much like Black, who has a strange request of Dumbledore.

Words: 2,344
Hits: 2,621

Hermione is newly suspicious of Black, but Harry and Ron disagree.

Words: 614
Hits: 2,302

While Black becomes the subject of numerous rumors among the students, Harry has another mysterious episode.

Words: 1,245
Hits: 2,321

While Ron and Hermione go to Hogsmeade, Harry helps Black and his house-elf carry boxes to Black's office, where the two of them talk over a couple of butterbeers.

Words: 1,847
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Most of Harry's fears are relieved, until a new threat arrives in the castle.

Words: 1,387
Hits: 2,190

As theories abound and the truth is still elusive, Snape's suspicion has turned to Black.

Words: 1,365
Hits: 2,037

As the first Quidditch match approaches, Harry's under stress. Ron and Hermione fighting doesn't exactly help.

Words: 1,696
Hits: 2,167

As he prepares for the Quidditch match, Harry wishes he'd been more selfish.

Words: 551
Hits: 1,603

Harry has a disturbing dream in the hospital wing. When he wakes up, he has visitors: Ron, Hermione, and, surprisingly, Cedric Diggory.

Words: 1,457
Hits: 1,739

Harry and Professor Black advance their plans for Harry to learn to fight dementors, Hermione is under stress, and Snape gives Harry some advice Harry doesn't trust.

Words: 1,051
Hits: 1,602

Harry reads about werewolves and ponders the psychology of one particular lycanthropy sufferer.

Words: 1,411
Hits: 1,438

Harry goes to his first anti-dementor lesson and learns Professor Black's worst fear.

Words: 1,269
Hits: 1,305

In Harry's second anti-dementor lesson, he makes progress with the Patronus Charm and learns more about Black's past and about a vulnerability of Snape's.

Words: 2,110
Hits: 1,281

Harry's anti-dementor lessons aren't going as well as he would like, and everyone has advice as to what broomstick he should buy.

Words: 1,457
Hits: 1,157

The bad: Fred and George can't keep their mouths shut. The good: Malfoy has detention.

Words: 1,769
Hits: 1,166

Remus Lupin is sighted in Edinburgh, and Black has a different perspective on him than Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Words: 1,948
Hits: 1,170

Harry sneaks out to Hogsmeade and hears the professors, Fudge, and Madam Rosmerta talking about Black, Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and Harry's father.

Words: 4,173
Hits: 1,121

Harry can't forgive Black and finally takes Snape's advice.

Words: 2,396
Hits: 1,181

When Harry arrives at a new theory, he, Ron and Hermione plot to break into Black's office.

Words: 1,643
Hits: 1,077

Harry, Ron and Hermione break into Black's office and find a variety of surprises.

Words: 3,995
Hits: 1,100

Ron thinks he's got the answer to what's wrong with Black; Harry agrees, but Hermione isn't convinced.

Words: 1,540
Hits: 930

Harry, Ron and Hermione start a new unit in Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Professor Black becomes even busier.

Words: 1,764
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Ron and Hermione continue to argue about Crookshanks and Scabbers, and Harry finds out some new information about Black.

Words: 1,798
Hits: 1,066

Crookshanks versus Scabbers intensifies, Snape has a shock, Ron and Hermione make a bet, and Professor Black has startling news.

Words: 1,809
Hits: 1,007

The Malfoys may be investigated regarding Regulus's disappearance, and Black warns Harry to stay out of the entire situation.

Words: 965
Hits: 838

Harry, Ron and Hermione theorize about the Malfoys, Pansy Parkinson is a surprising ally, and Ron and Hermione's bet is settled once and for all.

Words: 1,807
Hits: 811

The bet is settled for good, Ron finds out who the bearded man is, and Lavender has an emotional episode.

Words: 2,404
Hits: 851

Oliver Wood puts some faith in Cedric Diggory, Gryffindor plays against Ravenclaw, and Black has some news for Harry.

Words: 1,927
Hits: 841

The press steps up coverage on the investigation of the Malfoys.

Words: 1,879
Hits: 868

Opinions on the werewolf school differ, Hermione has a plan about getting the blood magic book, and the morning of Buckbeak's hearing arrives.

Words: 1,690
Hits: 796

A surprise visitor has some startling information for Harry - but not on the topic Harry wants.

Words: 2,301
Hits: 721

Hermione has a different take on Dobby's story. Harry tells Black something important, but not before Black tells him something else important first.

Words: 1,742
Hits: 615

Black tells the story of the day after Harry's parents died.

Words: 2,938
Hits: 600

Harry hears more about Black's house and the two of them think over how to save Buckbeak.

Words: 2,153
Hits: 597

Hagrid tries to find hope and Valentine's Day has a few unpleasant surprises for Malfoy.

Words: 2,915
Hits: 637

Hermione's plan doesn't turn out the way she expected.

Words: 2,082
Hits: 556

The Trio have to keep a secret, Lavender draws some conclusions about the Astrophil letter, and Brutus Swift has a theory that might change everything.

Words: 2,226
Hits: 460

Swift argues for Lupin's innocence and Harry learns another secret of Black's, though not the one he wonders about the most.

Words: 1,785
Hits: 517

Brutus Swift has an idea, and tells Black some news about Regulus.

Words: 1,200
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Chapter 51

Harry learns more about his family, Black's family, and why Pansy Parkinson changed her mind about Malfoy.

Words: 2,370
Hits: 471

In which Harry starts the Easter holidays early, Black is in something of a mood, and the author throws in a classical allusion.

Words: 2,079
Hits: 495

Harry gets a crash course in Black family history.

Words: 2,793
Hits: 462

More Black family history.

Words: 2,076
Hits: 485

Harry catches something the Aurors missed; the Tonkses arrive.

Words: 2,073
Hits: 444

When he was fourteen years old, Regulus Black started keeping a diary.

Words: 6,203
Hits: 458

Something else was left with the diary...

Words: 2,181
Hits: 363

At St. Dymphna's, Harry muses about right, wrong, and Regulus Black.

Words: 2,023
Hits: 469

Harry gets used to life at Grimmauld Place.

Words: 2,160
Hits: 274

As the Easter holiday nears its end, Sirius, Harry, and Brutus Swift have to adjust some of their plans.

Words: 1,878
Hits: 387

In the week before the Quidditch final, Wood has strategy, Hermione has insight, Pansy has plans, and Sirius has news from Moody.

Words: 1,776
Hits: 388

The Malfoy investigation yields good news and bad news.

Words: 526
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Chapter 63

The Quidditch final.

Words: 2,709
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Chapter 64

Regulus's estate provides a surprising revelation.

Words: 1,172
Hits: 449

Harry and Sirius have their first fight.

Words: 1,076
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