Harry Potter has never once asked why he so often ends up fighting alone at the end. Not when he went to save Ginny Weasley from the Chamber of Secrets. Not when his name came out of the Goblet of Fire. Not even when he learned about the prophecy. He has never pitied himself for his situation or wished for relief from his responsibility, but for his friends he would ask that someone else take his place. Someone strong. Someone brave. Someone who knew what they were doing. He never expected someone to actually make it happen. But someone did; they sent him to a world where he grew up with his mother's best friend, and Neville Longbottom was marked. Set in the Prelude to Destiny/Backfire Universe.

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Chapters: 6
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They lived to defy Voldemort. They lived to enact vengeance. They lived in the shadow of better people. They lived to earn the respect of better people. Their story is more than the tragic beginning of the great victory over the Dark Lord. It weaves its way through heartbreaking love, games of magical tag, hours of learning animagi transformations, dates with the wrong sort of boy, and the bonds that death cannot break. This is the story of the people who will star in the footnotes of the great battles of Harry Potter- they who History deems unworthy of great attention and who worked diligently with Destiny to pave the path of the Boy Who Lived.

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There were five of you, the heirs to all that was Black. You were to become the next generation of power-wizards. Born into privilege and taught to wield power, people noticed when you entered a room. Your clothes were impeccable, your language flawless. Your friends were handpicked. Your house at Hogwarts and life afterward predestined. What went wrong? How did you all fall apart?

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It sounds like New Year's Eve or Bonfire Day - hundreds of people celebrating - but really it is the sound of a hundred cowards fleeing, a hundred Death Eaters trying to escape the recent memory of the defeat of their Master, a hundred hate-filled villains running from a boy of seventeen with deep green eyes and murder in his heart.

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He was one small boy, sent to live with an aunt who would come to hate his very existence. He was one small boy, taken from the ashes of a ruined home in order that he might rise again. He was one small boy, marked as evil's equal.

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Petunia Dursley wanted nothing more than a clean, well-run home and a normal, ordered life. She hadn't wanted to be common, but she loathed the idea of becoming her sister. Her sister who had died so brutally at the hands of a man who now wanted Petunia dead for the exact same reason: the boy.

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Azkaban brings back memories you thought you destroyed. Sitting on this bed, the vapours of the Dementors swarm around you, stripping from your mind thoughts of your house, your wife, your son, your wealth, your power. It leaves only flashes of red hair and a pretty face.

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What if Hermione Granger was suddenly and violently knocked out of time, finding herself in a blacked out Hospital Wing with visitors whom she doesn't recognize because the people she knew by their names were battle worn, broken, recovering, or dead? What if she had knowledge that could change the course of history? Would she listen to Dumbledore's warning or would she try and fix what she could? What if she fell in love with a man destined to suffer? Can she let history repeat itself when she has the chance to change it?

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