Paris by TattooedSiren

Remus does something cliche. Remus/Hermione.

Words: 764
Chapters: 1
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Something unexpected happens when Remus and Hermione are on a mission for the Order. But falling in love doesn't always equal a happy ending.

Words: 1,806
Chapters: 1
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They by TattooedSiren

They say we need help. That there is still hope for us. But I know that to be a lie. There is no hope for us. We did what we had to do and we did it for them. Isn't that enough?

Words: 932
Chapters: 1
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Flinch by TattooedSiren

He couldn't be here. He just couldn't. He belonged to her old life, the one she left behind a million years ago, and his being here would throw everything out of balance.

Words: 2,184
Chapters: 1
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Hell & Bliss by TattooedSiren

Remus stood outside the worn, wooden door, a rush of thoughts running so quickly through his brain that he struggled to hold on to any one of them.

Words: 1,184
Chapters: 1
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It felt surreal to Remus, standing in Harry and Ron's bedroom. He hadn’t been here since it happened and he was struck by how normal and happy and

Words: 1,928
Chapters: 1
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Responses by TattooedSiren

She loves the responses she can get out of him.

Words: 899
Chapters: 1
Hits: 625

Sequel to Can't Go Back. Harry and Hermione are happy and in love. But there is something they just can't let go of.

Words: 3,301
Chapters: 1
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Even though she knew it was kind of silly, Hermione would wish on stars and pray to whoever was listening, hoping to find someone to love. Clearly, she should have added some fine print.

Words: 649
Chapters: 1
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We had done it. Everyone said we were going to, but we denied it at every mention. And for once, they were right and we were wrong. We had become that which we mocked. A love triangle.

Words: 660
Chapters: 1
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Before Harry goes to face Voldemort, he gives Ron and Hermione the only thing he can - time to be together. Ron/Hermione

Words: 2,098
Chapters: 1
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Prelude by TattooedSiren

Hermione returns to Grimmauld Place and finds herself being drawn to the person she least expects.

Words: 2,902
Chapters: 1
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Sequel to back to being. Two months after their night together, Harry and Hermione deal with the consequences of their actions.

Words: 2,242
Chapters: 1
Hits: 2,365

Harry thought he had experienced every negative emotion there was: depression, guilt, despair, hatred, loneliness, anger, jealousy. He had felt the entire spectrum of dark feelings course through his body. But he had never felt this – not even when he lost the man he considered to be his family.

Words: 670
Chapters: 1
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The Couch by TattooedSiren

Harry had been sitting in silence for the better part of half an hour, pulling on the thread of the couch upon which he sat. He was feeling uncomfortable in this small room, unsure what it was that made him relent into coming here.

Words: 1,101
Chapters: 1
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Grey by TattooedSiren

After everything she had been through - the yearly life-threatening adventures, the battles, the war - she didn’t think it would end this way.

Words: 875
Chapters: 1
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In the years to come, Harry would have no memory whatsoever of what it was they actually talked about. All he would be able to remember was the way his cheeks hurt from smiling so much, the way he almost lost his voice from talking and laughing for hours on end, the way Hermione clutched her stomach as she laughed so hard she nearly cried. H/Hr with some R/Hr.

Words: 3,107
Chapters: 1
Hits: 2,483

It is a widely acknowledged fact that relationships that begin in school rarely last. They usually tend to be sweet romances, over as soon as the two teens leave school and go into the 'real' world. Clearly, Hermione thought, no one had ever told any of the students from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this fact.

Words: 4,016
Chapters: 1
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Twilight by TattooedSiren

Four years after the death of Sirius, Hermione and Remus share conversation and hot chocolate.

Words: 2,037
Chapters: 1
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Pretend by TattooedSiren

“I can’t do it anymore,” Hermione said, taking a step towards Remus. “Do what?” he asked. “Pretend,” she breathed as she breached the gap between them and kissed him.

Words: 16,899
Chapters: 2
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Shouldn't by TattooedSiren

Remus and Hermione are alone together in the DADA classroom, having thoughts and feelings they shouldn't be having. A fluffy ficlet. RL/HG

Words: 1,015
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,391
Cut and Run by TattooedSiren

When Ron and Hermione can't find Harry, they quickly deduce that he has run away. Will they be able to find him? If they do, can they convince him to come back home with them?

Words: 4,808
Chapters: 1
Hits: 990

After the events of PoA, Harry's life is turned upside down, for more reasons than one. HP/HG.

Words: 1,867
Chapters: 1
Hits: 2,607

Hermione spends the afternoon in the snow with one of her best friends. Hermione POV. HG/??

Words: 1,369
Chapters: 1
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Three by TattooedSiren

"One might ask how we arrived at this point. It is not an easy story, nor is it a simple one. It’s not like there was one day, a turning point, which set us from the path we were on to the path that has led us here. I think, we were always destined to end up here, ever since the first day we met." Ron POV. HP/HG/RW

Words: 4,251
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,042