Having Both is a Blessing


Story Summary:
Anna's year at Hogwarts is ending, in a most peculiar way; Secret keepers, hiding places, changes of attitude and loyalty. Who is in jeopardy? Who will die? New lives, old memories, shifting priorities and deadly miscalculations are coming to light in the bright summer sunshine. Will Harry, Neville, Hermione, Ron, Draco and the rest survive the next year? Will Hogwarts, itself, still be standing? When they return, are they walking into a trap ... to their deaths? Will everything they've learned from Anna be enough to save them and the school? And who will save Anna?


Prologue Draco and Narcissa exchange letters and bits of news. Gwen, Narcissa and Dobby say good-bye to the "Little Lodge" and begin their journey.

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XoXoXo.....Anna arrives, the students leave, the Aurors descend on their unsuspecting target and Draco shows that he’s truly the new head of the Malfoy family. Oh, yes, there’s a new resident ghost. And it’s only the first day of summer holiday.....XoXoX

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XoXoXoX.....The ladies get started brewing potion, Draco helps Hagrid with a little emergency, Voldemort gives Bella a promise and the Durlsey's are the BIG WINNERS!.....XoXoXoX

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XoXoXoXoX.....The morning papers are full of news, none of which is unexpected. Voldemort turns his attention to punishing Draco, with a surprising twist. Sudden shock and sorrow descend on Hogwarts.....XoXOXoXoX

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XoXoXoXoX.....Tempers flare as guilt and sorrow spreads. Christopher and Hermione deliver the sad news. Harry and Aunt Petunia share a secret and come to an understanding.....XoXoXoXoX

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XOXOXOX.....Harry, Draco, Narcissa and Anna send messages. The Daily Prophet carries the event far and wide.....XOXOXOX

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XoXoXoXoX.....Draco discovers he has friends, as messages of support and sympathy arrive. Owls fly, bearing flowers, greetings, instructions and love.....XoXoXoXoX

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XoXoXoXoX.....Goodbyes and farewells; leaving the old, familiar places and heading for the next destination. Surprises and new beginnings; with friends, old and new....XoXoXoXoX

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XoXoXoXoX.....Harry and Draco get started on training, and Severus asks for an explanation of some puzzling events in the past. Potions are bubbling and Neville is spreading his wings, a bit. Life at the Burrow in the late summer is about to change…drastically.....XoXoXoXoX

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XoXoXoXoX.....The Floo connection to St. Mungo’s gets a lot of traffic from Ottery St. Catchpole. Neville and Luna don’t panic, but do manage to put two and two together. The word gets out, decisions are made and secrets are revealed.....XoXoXoXoX

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XoXoXOXOX.....Fred and George are notified of what happened, Alice and Frank have visitors and Luna and Neville have a parting of the ways. Draco and Harry hatch a plot, while Severus is summoned. Neville takes a ride on the Underground and finds a friend and makes a change of plans.....XoXoXoXoX

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XoXoXoXoX.....The weather isn’t the only thing that’s bad; Severus has one lousy day. Draco and Harry work well together, under adverse circumstances and Gwen doubles Anna’s burden. Which isn’t, necessarily, a bad thing, come to that.....XoXoXoXoX

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XoXoXoXoX.....Places to go, people to meet, new experiences, lists to be made, rides to be taken; and all before tea. Gran gets into the spirit of things and Severus returns to the ‘land of the living’. Just in time for dinner. Yum, yum!.....XoXoXoXoX

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XoXoXoXoX.....Everyone has places to go and things to do. But what if they’re seen? Would it matter? Would anyone suspect who they really are? And then there are those cravings one gets when one is pregnant.....XoXoXoXoX

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X#X#X#X#X---Everyone winds up where they belong, safe and sound…for the time being. It’s the Sorting Ceremony, the Welcoming feast and then there are those traditional 7th year toasts to be drunk, down in the Slytherin common room. What a busy day!---X#X#X#X#X

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Draco plays his part to perfection, and learns something that might help. The morning after the night before…not so loud! It’s time for some strategy and planning, for Draco’s sake. This might hurt a bit. It’s midnight, do you know where your house elf is?

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Draco gets an owl and a baby sister. Crabbe and Goyle make their plans. The ‘sting’ is on, and Draco puts his life on the line. Life goes on and the news isn’t good. Gwen and Eileen meet Cyrus. ‘Oh, goodie, another secret.’

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Gwen makes her presence know, and plans her Christmas surprise; surprise being the operative word. “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas.” Stop being stubborn, and that goes for both of you; kiss and make up...mistletoe optional. Gwendolyn Anastasia Malfoy meets the head of the family.

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“Special Delivery!” So much for that secret. Ah well, it would have all been found out eventually. Now if everyone who does know can just keep their mouths shut…what am I saying?

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Now if everyone who does know can just keep their mouths shut…what am I saying? And speaking of ‘saying’; what was that, Sybil? Let’s take a trip down the rabbit hole, shall we?

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Taking a little trip down memory lane, or hidden tunnel, as the case may be. What ever happened to old Salazar, anyway? Elementary, my dear Granger! Voldemort drops a few hints in Bella’s ear.

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Things happen fast and furiously; timing is everything. It’s not the drop…it’s the sudden stop. An unexpected and unconscious houseguest. Wormtail waits and watches, and wishes the worst.

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Round and round and round we go, and where Severus is…nobody knows…or do they? Wormtail keeps an eye on things and Gran arrives at Hogwarts.

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Severus checks out the makeover of his old home and gets reacquainted with Cyrus. Wormtail gets the scare of his life and a few questions. Surprise! Now…don’t tell anyone, understood?

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Dementors...and Boggarts…and Giants…Oh, my! It’s getting serious and the kids are buckling down to get ready. KABOOM! Well, that’s one way to rearrange things. Then there’s Bella, that naughty, naughty girl. NOW what’s she up to?

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The aftermath of the attack at St. Mungo’s; the news spreads quickly, in all directions. Gwen pays a visit, and Theo makes his own ‘fateful’ decision. Fred and George make a delivery…oh, goodie, new ‘stuff’!

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More allegiance shifts…for the common good and for the better. Gwen starts turning her plan into action, but how will she deal with this ‘giant’ undertaking? “Sweet Mary…Mother of Pearl!”

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My, my, such coming and going… everybody out and about, north and south, in and out. A little reminiscing, a little follow-the-leader, a little breaking and entering; busy day.

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What a difference a year makes. Last Spring break was the luau at Briarwood. Now the D.A. needs the memory of that fun occasion to fight off the Dementors sent by Lord Voldemort. But are they ever really going to be safe? When you least expect it…expect it!

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Surprises, quick thinking and family ‘secrets’ come into play, and the D.A. has only been at King’s Cross for five minutes! It’s family reunion time, with more pleasant surprises. ‘Big Hug’

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Anna and friends ‘make a break’ for Hogwarts. Everything is not what is seems and last minute surprises call for quick thinking. Is everyone ready? Let’s hope so.

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Playing Wizards chess takes skill, concentration, determination, and sacrifice…plus a bit of cunning and a dash of bravado. That’s all well and good, but make it real, with living witches, wizards, house elves, giants, Inferi, Dementors, ghosts, a Hippogriff and one gung-ho Muggle and…well….you’ll just have to watch and see who makes the first move! Aren’t I a stinker?

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Ever watch something wobbling on the edge of a table, and you know it’s going to fall off? Well, this is THAT kind of chapter. “Oh no, not again.” HE!HE!HE!

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Once it gets started, it’s the old “snowball rolling downhill and picking up speed” scene. D.A.s doing their thing, Death Eaters popping in and out, here and there, giants falling down, Inferi going up in flames and Tom does a little redecorating, just for ‘fun’

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Tom and Albus meet over tea, while the battles rage around them.

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It all comes down to this….but we knew it had to, didn’t we?

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Nope, no hints, just read…this is the chapter with the final battle, I promise

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A wizard’s debt is repaid and “the dead shall arise, more than one.” And later that morning…

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