Having Both is a Blessing


Story Summary:
Anna's year at Hogwarts is ending, in a most peculiar way; Secret keepers, hiding places, changes of attitude and loyalty. Who is in jeopardy? Who will die? New lives, old memories, shifting priorities and deadly miscalculations are coming to light in the bright summer sunshine. Will Harry, Neville, Hermione, Ron, Draco and the rest survive the next year? Will Hogwarts, itself, still be standing? When they return, are they walking into a trap ... to their deaths? Will everything they've learned from Anna be enough to save them and the school? And who will save Anna?


Chapter Summary:
Prologue Draco and Narcissa exchange letters and bits of news. Gwen, Narcissa and Dobby say good-bye to the "Little Lodge" and begin their journey.
Author's Note:
***** The prologue and first two chapters of this story intertwine with the last two chapters and epilogue, (covering, roughly, the last two weeks of term), of my sixth year story "Lost and Found...Love". If you haven't read that story, you'd better go through it quickly, or none of this story will make any sense.



Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

Slytherin House

Dear Mother,

I've had a talk with Headmaster Dumbledore and he says that I'm welcome to stay at Hogwarts over the summer holiday, as it would be "roughing it", to say the least, at home. YOU can cook; I cannot and I'd probably starve to death in a week! HA! HA! And I don't half fancy Apparating to the local pub every time my stomach growls.

I'm also not in the mood to spend any more time with Gregory or Vincent, even though I'm sure their mothers wouldn't mind if I stayed at either of their homes. I see enough of those two at school! Again HA! HA!

I'll keep in touch and let you know what I've been doing as the time goes by. Speaking of which, how are you doing? Has your morning sickness stopped? I hope so. Madame Pomfrey said to remind you about the old "crackers on the night stand" trick. She said you'd understand.

It's time for dinner and then I've got to study for exams. It's hard to believe the term is almost over. Hope to hear from you soon, but don't rush with a return owl. Enjoy this nice spring weather we're having and get outside for a bit for some fresh air. ( I sound like Longbottom's Gran fussing, don't I? HA! HA! HA!)

Your loving son,



Dearest Draco,

I'm so pleased you have finalized your plans for the summer. I'm sure you will find plenty to do over the holiday, as I know that Hogwarts is busy at all times of the year. And an extra pair of hands are always welcome, no matter how small the task.

I'm doing well, and yes, my morning sickness has abated. I did remember the cracker trick and thank Poppy for me. It helped a lot. The baby is making herself known, I can feel her moving, although not the kicking and rolling over I know will come. You were a tap dancer, on my ribs, if I remember correctly, so, HA! HA! yourself!

There is a lovely garden here, and I am making good use of every sunny day that dawns. No, you were not fussing at me, just being a loving, caring, devoted son. There, did that embarrass you enough? Good, that's my job; I'm your Mother. Again, HA! HA!

It's nearly lunchtime, so I'm going to stop writing and let this owl take my note to you. I miss you, but hope that we will see each other before too long. I'm very proud of you, Draco. You hold your chin up and be proud of the Malfoy name and what you will do for our family in the future. Don't forget to talk with Professor Dumbledore about the meeting at Gringotts. I sure he would be willing to go with you and offer his advice. Say hello to Pansy for me.

All my love,



I've enclosed the list of all of the family heirlooms we discussed. Please sign it and then send it on to Gringotts. Griphook replied to my letter and will put everything in motion as soon as he hears from you, as the head of our family. He agrees that all of the family silver, jewels and other valuables will be stored with utmost security and secrecy, as per our letter. They will go to the Manor the last day of term, so everything will be taken care of before your meeting the next day. This was a very wise decision and plan on your part, dear, and I'm glad I could help.

I've also sent Professor Dumbledore the passwords and charms for getting into your father's secret rooms, so that they may be emptied of all of those awful Dark objects, before they fall into the wrong hands. I fear we may never see the Manor standing whole again, but as long as our little family is intact, the building is just that, a building and our home will be where we are.


"Is that everything?" Narcissa was checking the back of Gwen's Range Rover, list in hand and pencil poised, ticking off supplies and personal effects.

"Everything of yours is packed and loaded, so there's no evidence of you ever being here. Anything else is mine and belongs here, so it won't matter. All of the potion ingredients are secure in the back and Dobby's booster seat is ready. Ok, I'll just lock up and we'll be going. DOBBY!"

"Yes, Missy Gwen?" The house elf came bounding into the hall. "I is finishing double checking and everything is as it was when Missy Cissa and I came here. We is leaving nothing, Missy Gwen!"

"Good work, Dobby. Here's your hat and jacket." Gwen handed Dobby a child size windbreaker and a baseball cap, slightly larger than needed to accommodate his ears. "You'll be in the booster seat in the back, in the middle, with packages on both sides to keep you out of view, but I thought you'd enjoy watching out the front and enjoying the ride. Sound like a plan?"

"Oh, yes, Missy Gwen, this is going to be an adventure for Dobby! I is never riding in a car!" He put on the jacket and crammed the hat down on his head, tucking in his ears.

"Dobby, you look like a refugee. Perfect!" Gwen laughed, shaking her head.

"Oh, thank you, Missy Gwen." Dobby beamed up at her.

Narcissa covered her mouth and giggled, looking away.

"What are you laughing at, chubby? Here's YOUR disguise." Gwen handed Narcissa a scarf and a jacket similar to Dobby's, but much larger, of course.

"The jacket, I like, but, must I wear this?"

"We're going for the Margaret Thatcher look; just tie it under your chin and it'll hide your hair and, trust me; you'll blend."

"And you'll be wearing?"

"Baseball hat and jumper. Just two gals and a kid out for a ride; ugly kid, but that can't be helped. No offense, Dobby."

"That is ok, Missy Gwen, I is knowing you is joking." The house elf nodded solemnly, which brought smiles to all of their faces.

Narcissa looked at the house and sighed. "I really enjoyed my time here, Gwen. I hope to return, someday."

"Oh, we'll be back before you know it, Cissa, don't you worry about that," replied Gwen, giving the pregnant woman's shoulder a squeeze. "Well, troops, let's get this show on the road."


"Did you tell Anna what we have planned?" Narcissa asked as they rolled down the drive, shooting a last look back at the 'Little Lodge'.

"All she knows is that we're moving to the new hiding place. Our little side trip is just between the three of us. She'd have a cow if she knew what we were planning to do, but when we tell her, after the fact, she'll see we - well you, Cissa - were right."

"As long as we're careful, we shouldn't be spotted."

"Right...well, here we go," Gwen replied, pulling out onto the lane leading to the main road.