Having Both is a Blessing


Story Summary:
Anna's year at Hogwarts is ending, in a most peculiar way; Secret keepers, hiding places, changes of attitude and loyalty. Who is in jeopardy? Who will die? New lives, old memories, shifting priorities and deadly miscalculations are coming to light in the bright summer sunshine. Will Harry, Neville, Hermione, Ron, Draco and the rest survive the next year? Will Hogwarts, itself, still be standing? When they return, are they walking into a trap ... to their deaths? Will everything they've learned from Anna be enough to save them and the school? And who will save Anna?

Chapter 14 - Chapter 13 : Blue Plate Special

Chapter Summary:
XoXoXoXoX.....Places to go, people to meet, new experiences, lists to be made, rides to be taken; and all before tea. Gran gets into the spirit of things and Severus returns to the ‘land of the living’. Just in time for dinner. Yum, yum!.....XoXoXoXoX

Chapter 13

Blue Plate Special


"Dad! What's the word?"

"Where's Anna?"

"Taking a nap. She's really starting to feel the pregnancy...and...she's carrying twins." Gwen grinned at Christopher.

"Really? Did the sonogram..."

"Dad. No electricity, no sonogram."

"Oh, right."

"But I distinguished two heartbeats and she's showing a bit too much, for a first pregnancy. Anyway, what's the word on Severus?"

"He'll be just fine. Appendix was taken care of and he's being treated for any resulting infection. Also, for the after effects of any 'punishment' Voldemort might have subjected him to...the bastard."

"Agreed, but with a little luck, he'll soon be referred to as 'the late'..."

"Late? What? Who?"

Anna was halfway down the stairs, eyes wide, gripping the railing.

"Late Lord Voldemort, Anna, we were disparaging his name." Christopher was quick to reassure her.

"Oh, you scared me!"

She came down the last few steps and saw Gwen wagging her finger.

"I thought you were taking a nap."

"I was resting, but heard you talking. I came to see if it was Christopher or if you were losing your mind, and had started talking to inanimate objects."

"Ha! Ha! Very funny, considering I now talk regularly with a ghost and my own dead Father. And what about Tut, he's not exactly your run of the mill Harley," Gwen noted

"True. Well," Anna continued, turning to the portrait. "How is he?"

"Remus says Artemus told him that Severus will be just fine, he's resting and will probably be back at Hogwarts day after tomorrow. They're keeping him asleep for twenty-four hours to heal completely."

"Right. Ok, now I can relax and get some rest." She sat on the bench. "Please thank Poppy and Artemus for their quick work and Remus for the report. Oh, and Harry, Draco and Albus, of course. Especially Harry and Draco; that was outstanding teamwork."

"I hear I'm going to be the great uncle of twins!"

"Yes, apparently...Great uncle?"

"Closest relationship that sounds correct. I'm not going to be Grandpa, not yet, I don't think." Christopher gave Gwen a long look, with his eyebrow arched and then he winked.


"Christopher! You are incorrigible," Anna laughed. "But let's not tell anyone about the twins; I want this to be a big surprise."

"Oh, it will be," Christopher agreed, chuckling."


Dean and Neville emerged from Lime St. Station and turned right. The trip from London had gone quickly while they talked about what they'd been doing all summer and Neville had given Dean an account of yesterday's events at the Burrow and St. Mungo's.

"You know you'll have to tell the whole story again to Seamus, don't you?"

"I know, but that's ok. I don't mind." Neville looked around. "Where are we going, by the way?"

"You, mate, are about to be introduced to Muggle food at it's finest. We're meeting Seamus at the Blue Plate Special, an honest to goodness American greasy spoon!"

Neville skidded to a halt.

"Did you just say greasy spoon?"

"It's an expression, Neville. The Blue Plate is actually a really cool place, according to Seamus. All stainless steel and tile and rock & roll playing on the jukebox; trust me, you'll love it. And the food..."

Dean rolled his eyes in anticipated gastronomic ecstasy and then grabbed Neville by the arm and dragged him down the road. Six long blocks later, Dean stopped.

"There!" Dean pointed. "The Blue Plate Special."

Neville's eyes grew wide as they beheld a long, one story, silver and glass building with several cars parked in front and a big neon sign, proclaiming:



at the


Authentic American Diner


WE'RE OPEN 24 Hrs!



"Isn't it something? Come on!"


Cutting across the car park, they looked around for Tut and Seamus.

"Looks like we beat him here," observed Neville.

No sooner were those words out of his mouth then they heard a familiar roar. Spinning around, they watched Seamus turn off of Prescot Road, pull into a parking space and shut off the engine.

"Hey, mate!" "Hi, Seamus!"

"Dean!" Neville? Where've you come from, then?"

"London. Came on the train with Dean"

"Right, but what were you doing in London?"

"Shopping for school, then I got caught up in the excitement yesterday."

"Yeah? Well, I want to hear all about that."

Dean poked Neville in the ribs and they exchanged looks and grinned. Neville walked around to the front of Tut. The headlight swiveled up and blinked.

"Hello, Tut. Did you like Ireland?"

The big motorcycle nodded its headlight and shivered with delight.

"We've had a lot of fun, traveling all around the Isle; great motoring roads, isn't that right, Tut?" Seamus patted the cycle affectionately.


"Seamus, you're going to have to put the sidecar on, because I told Neville we'd give him a ride home this afternoon," Dean informed him.

"Yes, and you two are spending the night at my house; that'll save you at one nights lodging money. Fair trade, that," Neville suggested to his two friends.

"Hey, that'd be great, Neville, that is if you think your Gran won't care that we just drop into her lap, so to speak," replied Seamus.

"Oh, she loves having company and she's all the time telling me I should have my friends to stay. Besides, we've got lots of room and I can show you around Yorkshire, if you've a mind."

"Ok, we're not glued to a list of places to see; just winging it, so yeah, Neville, you're on," agreed Dean.

"And, Seamus, I've been trying to convince Neville to come with us for the whole trip; go back to Hogwarts in style."

"Yeah, Neville, you gotta come with us, it'll be a blast! Hold on, let me get out the sidecar, before I forget."

Seamus opened one of the saddlebags and took out the miniature sidecar. He placed it on the tarmac next to Tut and looked around, checking that no one was watching. Sure that he wouldn't be seen, he tapped the sidecar with his wand and it grew rapidly to its full size and hooked itself to the attachment points on Tut.

Rubbing his hands, Seamus turned and headed for the diner. "Ok, you lot, let's eat!"


The boys entered the big front door and were immediately engulfed in the sights and sounds of the Blue Plate Special. Music blared from the juke box, neon lights lined the walls, people were chatting or reading the paper; it was utter bedlam. Food was being carried to the various tables by bustling waitresses and also being served at the lunch counter, which was lined with stools, most of them occupied.

"Merlin's Beard!" gasped Neville.



"Hey, man, how the hell are you?" Seamus was engulfed in a bear hug by a man who had stepped from behind the counter. "Don't tell me that's your Hog?"

"Naw, I'm just babysitting it for one of me professors for summer holiday."

"Get outta town! None of my profs would have trusted my with their kid's tricycle, much less a Harley!"

"Do you blame them?" came a shout from the kitchen. "Hey, Seamus!"

"Hey, Steve! How's it going?"

"Same old, same old! SUZIE! PICK UP!" DING!

The cook waved at him and then turned his attention to the next order. He had just shoved a plate full of hot, steaming food onto the ledge of a big opening in the wall between the kitchen and the walkway behind the counter and then hit a small bell, sitting precariously near the edge.

"Thanks for the second opinion, bro!" shouted Joe toward the kitchen, then he turned back to Seamus. "So, introduce me to your friends."

"Oh, sure; this is Dean Thomas and this is Neville Longbottom; two of my roommates at school. Guys, this is Joe Kowski and that's his brother Steve in the kitchen.

"Hello." "Glad to meet you."

"Welcome to the Blue Plate Special, boys, or as it's also known; the "Finnegan Family Feeding Trough".

"Hey, watch it; or we'll take our business elsewhere!"

"Liar!" Steve laughed, and then poked Seamus in the stomach. "You don't deny it, do you? Let's face it, Seamus; it's against your family's religion to come through Liverpool without stopping in here! True?" Joe folded his arms and cocked his head, regarding Seamus with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, alright, it's true enough!" Seamus admitted.

"So, where are you three off to then?"

"We're giving Neville a ride home, and then Dean and I were going to go on a 'scenic route' ramble back to school. We're trying to convince Neville to come along for the whole ride."

"That sounds like a blast and a half! How long you got?"

"About a week."

"Well, in that case, let's get you fueled up for your adventure. Agnes! Our best table for these strapping young men!"

"Sure, hon! Right this way, you handsome devils."


They followed Agnes down the length of the diner to a table marked with a small sign which read:

Reserved for Honored Clientele

Don't even THINK of sitting here!

Unless...there's not another seat available.

In that case,

We'll be too damn busy to notice!

Bon appetite! (That means enjoy the eats!)

Agnes brought cutlery and menus, popping her gum in time to the music as she set everything down, and then scurried off, as "AGNES! PICK UP!" DING! was heard, promising to return to take their orders as soon as possible.

"Blimey," said Neville as he read down the menu. "Where's the pumpkin juice? I see apple, orange, grapefruit and, ugh, prune juice, but no pumpkin. "

"They don't know about pumpkin juice, Neville; Muggles only know pumpkin pie," Seamus explained. "Just order something simple, something you recognize; that's the easiest way, mate."

"I guess I should; I don't know how my stomach's going to react to riding in that sidecar," Neville agreed, although he didn't like admitting he was a little apprehensive about the coming trip.

"Look, Neville, you've used the Floo Network, a Portkey, ridden a Thestral, and you told me you can Apparate to beat the bloody band, so riding in a sidecar should be easy. Just get something you like and you should be fine," advised Dean.

Agnes reappeared at their table, order pad at the ready.

"Ok, boys, what'll it be?" Seeing they were still reading, she put on her best smile and leaned over to point at the piece of paper clipped to the inside front page. "Might I suggest the 'special of the day'? Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and candied carrots. Comes with drink and choice of dessert; five pounds; not a better deal around."

"That sounds good, I'll take it." Seamus put down his menu.



"Make that two." Dean laid his menu on top of Seamus'.

"Ok. And how about you, sweet cheeks?" asked Agnes, turning to Neville, and popping her gum.

"Oh, ah...I'd like some scrambled eggs with toast, on the side, please."

"Butter? Jam or jelly with that?"

"Buttered, with a bit of jelly, please."

"You want some bacon, sausage, or scrapple?"

"What's scrapple?"

"Don't ask," Dean laughed.

"Oh, well, a bit of bacon, then, and a glass of milk, please," replied Neville, closing his menu.

"That's it, then?"

"Yes, thank you."

"You're very welcome, hon." She beamed at him. "Let me make sure I got it right: Two specials with moo juice, Adam and Eve, wrecked, strips and shingle with a shimmy and a shake, in the alley and another moo juice. You all want these painted or a lighthouse?"

"What?" Neville was gob-smacked.

"Give us a lighthouse, Agnes," replied Seamus as Dean rocked with silent laughter.

"Ok, fine." Picking up the menus and turning, Agnes walked over to the counter and handed the order to Joe, who shouted it into the kitchen to Steve and then hung the slip on a rotating wheel and spun it into position for Steve to see.

Neville looked at Dean and Seamus, who were grinning like fools.

"What the bloody hell did she just say?"

"She wanted to know if we wanted Ketchup on our food or should she bring us the bottle?" Seamus explained. "Painted - on the food, or lighthouse - in the bottle; diner lingo, here read this."

Seamus grabbed a laminated piece of paper, with an entire list of foods and their diner equivalents, from behind the condiments and handed it to Neville.

"You're winding me up," said Neville as he took the sheet and started to read. He scanned down the page then flipped it over and read the back. "Unbelievable. Muggles...you have to love them!"


"Can I make a suggestion?"

Steve Kowski had come out of the kitchen and pulled up a chair to join his brother at the boy's table. It was after 2 PM and the diner was almost empty. It would be another half hour or so before the shift change at nearby Royal Liverpool University Hospital would signal the start of the evening crowd.

"Sure." Seamus looked over at his friend as he pushed his empty dessert plate away and leaned back.

"Three words - Edinburgh International Festival, coolest get together of the year: art, girls, concerts, dancing, plays, girls, fun, food, girls and basic craziness. If you're heading north anyway, why not stop and see it? They have the Tattoo at the same time and you might even be able to catch some of the Highland Games.

"That bit we'd thought about. Just watching the caber tossing would be worth the side trip," agreed Seamus.

Dean looked down at a napkin he'd been writing on, and shook his head.

"Blimey! We keep adding places; we won't get back to Ho...school until nearly Halloween!"

"We can talk it over on our way to Neville's," Seamus suggested.

"We had better get going, too! It'll be nearly tea time when we get there, as it is!" Neville pushed back his chair and stood.

"Well, it's been great seeing you again Seamus. And good meeting you, Dean and you, Neville; be sure and stop in any time you're in Liverpool, you hear?" Steve shook their hands and then grabbed their tab. "This is on the house."

"No, we can't let you do that!" protested Seamus.

"We can and we just did. We own this joint, remember?" Joe laughed. "Just leave Agnes a nice tip."

"Ok, it'll be a bloody big tip, too, right guys?" Seamus looked around at Dean and Neville as he dug in his pockets.

"Too right!" "Yeah, Agnes was great."

"Alright then, off you go, guys, and have a great time!" Steve shook hands with the three boys and headed back into the kitchen.

Joe followed them outside and walked around Tut, looking him over, talking with Seamus. Dean and Neville stowed their backpacks in the toe of the sidecar, and then Dean did a quick shrinking charm on them to give Neville enough foot room, before he swung his leg over Tut and moved onto the back of the seat. Neville lowered himself into the sidecar and put on his sunglasses. Seamus settled onto the seat and started the motor as Joe gave them the thumbs up signal and waved them on their way.


Neville was hooked. Zooming down the road, sitting low and secure in the sidecar, he had soon relaxed and started enjoying the ride. Never having been very good on a broom, except for basic flying, Neville now had a fairly good idea of the thrill of speed that Harry was always going on about.

He was acting as navigator, making sure he pointed out some of the more historic and interesting features of the region. After all, this was his territory, his home stomping ground, as it were. And Neville really did know his way around, having hiked over a lot of the Yorkshire Dales.

The outdoors had always intrigued him; the plants and animals, which is why Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures were his favorite classes. Yes, it was true that Herbology and Potions were linked closely, but he preferred leaving the use of the plants to those students who were so inclined. Raising and gathering magical plants was where his future lay, he just knew it; perhaps a professorship in Herbology ...maybe...someday.

"Hey, Neville!"

Dean poked him, shaking Neville back to reality.


"Which way, mate?"

They were approaching a crossroads.

"Left," he replied.

"Right." Seamus nodded.

"No! Left!"



"I heard you."

"Oh. Right."

"You said left!"

Neville looked over, thoroughly confused, to see Seamus was grinning at him and Dean laughing out loud. Neville shook his head, and then started laughing himself.

"Shut up, Seamus and turn!" Neville pointed. "Then in about a mile, there's a stone wall with a gate, on the right. Turn in there."

"Ok, you're the map reader. Hey where is your map?"

"Map? He don't need no stinkin' map! Ain't that right, Neville?" stated Dean as he patted Neville on the back.

"Not around here I don't!"


In a few minutes the wall came in sight and Seamus carefully turned through the gate and drove slowly down the lane. It was a long drive as the lane was nearly a mile in length. The Longbottom house was nestled in a little valley, overlooking a rushing brook and the hilly countryside to the south. It was not a small house but rather a rambling structure, made of ancient stone that hugged the land and it was surrounded by tidy, well kept grounds and gardens.

Circling around, Seamus stopped Tut on the gravel drive, facing the great oak front door, and shut off the engine. Looking around, Dean and Seamus seemed a bit stunned.

"This is your house, eh, Neville?" Seamus asked.

"Oh, no, it's Gran's, but I've got my own rooms, in that wing," he answered as he climbed out of the side car, pointing to the end of the house.

"Crikey, mate! This is really an impressive pile of stone." Dean turned around, taking in the view and the grounds. "Plenty of room, too."

"Yeah, well, we own the whole valley; it's been in the family forever."

"Wow!" Seamus gasped as he took off his gloves and looked around.

"Let's go in and get something to drink. I'm a bit parched, myself," suggested Neville.


Opening the huge oak door, Neville ushered his friends into the entrance hall.

"Gran!" called Neville. "I'm home!"

"I saw you coming, Neville, dear, and heard you."

Augusta Longbottom came out of a side hallway and approached the boys. Neville gave her a kiss on the cheek and she turned to look at the other two boys.

"Hello, Mr. Finnegan...Mr. Thomas. Welcome to our home."

"Hello Mrs. Longbottom," they chorused.

"Now, we'll have none of that. I insist you two call me Gran, and I won't have any argument about it."

The elderly woman smiled warmly at the two schoolmates of her grandson, which was slightly disconcerting after all they'd heard about the woman. They looked at each other, shrugged and then turned to her and smiled.

"Ok, Gran it is." "Yes, Mrs...Gran."

"Splendid!" She nodded her approval. "Was that Anna's motorcycle you were driving, Seamus?"

"Yes, that's Tut. Anna gave me the job of taking care of him over the summer holiday," Seamus told her proudly.

"Let's go out so I can have a look at him and be introduced, shall we?"

"Ok, sure."

Seamus opened the door and they walked out on the gravel drive.

"Tut, this is Mrs. Longbottom, Neville's Gran. Gran, this is Tut."

Standing in front of the big cycle, Gran bent over and gazed into the headlight.

"Hello, Tut. I've heard so much about you, and you are quite the most handsome motorcycle I've had the pleasure of meeting."

She reached out and patted him on his front fender. Tut's headlight swiveled up and down and then blinked. He seemed very pleased at the attention.

"Perhaps you would give me a ride after dinner, Seamus?" Gran asked, as she circled the big Harley, looking into the sidecar, nodding and continuing around the back of the bike.

"Oh, sure, no problem."

Seamus looked over at Neville and Dean, surprised at the request. Dean shrugged, but Neville just grinned.

Turning to face the boys, Gran clasped her hands and lifted her chin.

"I understand there was a fair bit of excitement, yesterday, at the Weasley's and that you, Neville, were of assistance at St. Mungo's. Let's go to the garden and have tea, shall we?" Gran waved in the direction of the nearby side yard. "I should like to hear the details of yesterday's incident and how the three of you came to arrive here together."

"Yeah, I've been wanting to hear the details about yesterday, myself," agreed Seamus. "Shall we, Gran?" he asked as he offered his arm.

"Why, thank you, Seamus."

Gran took his arm and they led the way to the summer house in the middle of the garden, where tea awaited them. Neville and Dean fell into step behind them.

"How'd she know?" Dean whispered to Neville.

"Never underestimate Gran; she's as well informed as the Headmaster. Not much gets past her, even out here. Not much tries, come to that," Neville whispered back.


"Alright there, Gran?" Seamus inquired as he settled himself on the seat and pulled on his gloves.

"Just splendid, thank you, Seamus."

"Not too fast, now, Seamus," Neville warned.

"Stop fussing, Neville," Gran chided. "I'm in good hands."

"Well, I just...ah...Ok, then, have fun."

"I intend to. See you both in a little bit!" called Gran, waving merrily, as Seamus turned Tut and roared off down the winding drive.


"Neville, I never thought I'd say these words in my lifetime, but your Gran is pretty cool." Dean shook his head as he and Neville went over to sit on a nearby bench.

"You never thought! What do you think I've been dealing with all the holiday?"

"What's the reason she's loosened up, do you suppose?"

"Seriously? Voldemort. She's dreading another war and I guess she decided to have a good time, while she's still able, just in case...well, if anything happens. Know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I do. What do you think is going to happen, Neville?"



"I think Voldemort's insane enough to attack Hogwarts. When we're back at school, he'll have practically everyone he wants to kill in one place. Starting with Harry...and Dumbledore...and now Draco; on down the line. Everyone except the Slytherins, probably."

"What about Snape?"

"Him, too, I should think. Voldemort may think he's a Death Eater, but he'll fight on our side when the time comes and that's signing his own death sentence."

"Do you think we have a chance? You don't think Voldemort will win, do you?"

"Not if we do our part, like Aunt Anna said; take out or neutralize as many of the Death Eaters as we can, protect Harry, and hope the Aurors can be alerted and get there in time to help. But, in the end, it's going to be Harry who has to face him. Alone."

"Can't we do anything; back him up, something?"

"No, it'll just be the two of them, when all is said and done. And I think Harry can do it, Dean, I really do."



"If it was me, mate, I'd be scared shitless!"

"Oh, I think Harry's a bit scared, too, but he's also come to realize there's no getting out of it. It's his fate, like it or not and he's accepted that. So, he's training and practicing, knowing that all he can do is try his hardest. So far it's worked."

"You know, you're right: he's been nearly killed, let's see: one, two, three...four...five times that I can think of, plus getting away from the Dementors and Professor Lupin in third year."

"To say nothing of Delores Umbridge," laughed Neville.

"Yeah," agreed Dean.


They both sat, lost in their own thoughts, for several minutes and then Dean turned and regarded Neville.

"So, are you coming with Seamus and me or not?"

"Yes, I am. Let's have as much fun as we can this last week, shall we? Then back to Hogwarts with tales to tell and our future to face."

"Right! But we have one small problem we have to solve first."

"Which would be?"

"How do we pry Gran out of that bloody sidecar?"

"Oh, dear."


Severus heard voices; muffled, distant voices. He was only mildly curious as to who was speaking and what was being said, as his thoughts were just drifting lazily around, trying to figure out which direction was up and why that was important. Or was it down that mattered? Did it matter at all? Mentally giggling at the silly decisions one must make at the most absurd moments, Severus began to feel slightly annoyed by the voices.

'Either speak up so I can hear you,' he thought, without actually knowing if he cared to hear, 'or' "SHUT UP!" 'Oops!' his brain seized up. 'Did I just say that out loud?'

He listened. Well, the voices had stopped. That was alright, then.

"I'll be back later." He heard someone say and then he heard the sound of a door closing.


'Damn! Someone had heard him. Oh well.'

"What?" he croaked.

"Ah, you are back with us."


"The conscious world; you've been out for a little over twenty-four hours."

"Out? Where?"

"Out of it. Unconscious."

"Oh. And in would be?"

"St. Mungo's"


Severus was beginning to realize there was light and shadow on the other side of his eyelids, but he really didn't think he wanted to open his eyes, not just yet, anyway.

"What happened?"

"Burst appendix."


He licked his lips; he wanted a drink of something, but wasn't sure what, exactly."

"Would you like a sip of water?"

"Yes, please." 'That was it - water.'

He felt a straw being pressed to his lips and managed to open his mouth and suck in a few swallows of cool water.

"Thank you."

"No problem. Why don't you open your eyes?"

"No, thank you."

"Why ever not?"

"I don't know...well...actually, I don't think I have the energy and the light is quite bright enough as it is, even in here."


The brightness faded a bit; someone had pulled curtains across a rod.


"Yes. Thank you."

"I'm Artemus Pye, your Healer, by the way."

"Your name is familiar. I believe you know Anastasia Twigg-Jones and her step-daughter, Dr. Gwen Jones? Professionally, that is."

"Yes, I do have that distinct pleasure."

Slowly, Severus pried his eyelids apart. Yes, it was St. Mungo's, alright. The Healer sitting on the edge of the bed next to his was young and eager looking.


"Hello. Why am I feeling so totally disoriented?"

"Sleep inducing potion, so you'd heal without having to deal with the pain. It should wear off within the hour."

"When can I get out of here?"

"Ah; the question every patient asks when they awake. The answer: tomorrow, most probably. You were in pretty rough shape. I've been told what happened, but you'll suffer no lasting effects, either from the appendix bursting or the 'Cruciatus' torture."

Severus stared at the Healer.

"I'm in the Order; newest member, but I've been briefed by Mad-eye Moody."

"I see."

"You've had quite a few people inquiring about your health and some visitors, who weren't allowed in. No use visiting an unconscious patient. But, I dare say they'll be back for visiting hours this evening."

"I don't want visitors, so do not let them in. I won't be gawked at like a prime specimen."

"That's your prerogative, of course, but it's not worth my life to try and keep Molly Weasley out when she'd determined to get in and see you, especially once she figures out you should be awake." Artemus smiled. "Right determined woman, our Molly."

Severus rubbed his eyes.

"I'm a sitting duck."

"Most assuredly."

"No escape then?"

"Not until tomorrow."


"Relax and enjoy the attention, Professor. She won't stay long; her son Bill is still here as a patient and I promise to shoo her out after a decent visiting interval. Is that satisfactory?"

"I'd appreciate that. Thank you."

"No problem."

Healer Pye hopped off the bed and came over to check on Severus' condition. Passing his wand over Severus' abdomen, he nodded.

"Nearly all the infection is gone. You heal very quickly, so tomorrow, unless something unforeseen occurs, you may go home to Hogwarts. But you must stay in bed until then; agreed?"


"Ok, close your eyes and rest some more, until the sleeping potion effects are totally out of your system. Then it should be about time for dinner."

"Yummy." Severus closed his eyes. "I loath hospital food."

"Don't we all, Professor, don't we all!"