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As if dying had not been bad enough, Fred's ghost has gone and earned himself a nasty curse. Now the only way he can weasel out of a very gruesome exorcising is to solve a series of strange and horrific mysteries. Fred x OC, George x Luna

Words: 26,205
Chapters: 5
Hits: 1,864

Nobody expected the year after Fred's death would be easy. But nobody expected George would have to lose so much, just to live through it. Or: George is doing his best to make his way after the war and Fred's death. Everyone is trying to help, and he wishes they would just stop. Especially Fred.

Words: 75,597
Chapters: 8
Hits: 1,671

It is a strange thing feeling feverish without a fever. Love is an entirely new wonder for Luna Lovegood to marvel at. George x Luna

Words: 1,279
Chapters: 1
Hits: 378