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Christmas Day, 1997. London. Draco Malfoy attempts to commit suicide by throwing himself into the Thames River. Ten years later and a whole reality away, Estella Bonavideo contemplates a similar fate in rural Minnesota. What will happen when these two occupants of different worlds, across the span of time and space, are thrown together to fulfill their destinies? An alternate universe fic set after HBP.

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Listen, my children, and let me tell you a tale. . . one of horror, despair, and vengeance served. Strengthen your hearts, my children, for this tale is not meant for the weak. . . This, in the style of Beedle the Bard, is the true story of how the disease known as lycanthropy came to be. Inspired by whydoyouneedtoknow's "Facing Danger" on

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After Dumbledore's untimely demise, Harry Potter spends an unconventional summer training under one of the best Aurors alive. When he returns to Hogwarts in September, all Harry wants is a bit of normalcy. Falling for the new (and amazingly young) Defense professor does NOT count. . . especially when she's Snape's daughter--and a bit of something else, to everyone's surprise. [Not fully DH-compliant.]

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What lengths would you go to in order to revive the one you love? Galatea is willing to do anything to bring back the love of her life, the man whom she met and fell in love with in a most unexpected way. . . Severus Snape, murderer extraordinaire. Can she bring him back? Post-DH, pre-epilogue. The reader can decide if it's AU or not.

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Lucia Ignatius, a 17 year old pureblood Ravenclaw and friend of the Golden Trio, grieves over the death of her father in the final battle of HBP. As she and the other members of the Order of the Phoenix fight for Voldemort's demise, Lucia makes some shocking discoveries about her own past and learns that everyone deserves a second chance.

Words: 15,054
Chapters: 6
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Sirius Black was (in)famous for his outrageous pranks. When he finally crosses the fine line between outrageousness and cruelty, however, Lily Evans is hellbent on exacting revenge. She will make the heir of the Black family become a color he will never forget. . . or be able to live down.

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A surprise Death Eater attack brings Harry, Ron, and Hermione to Neva Underhill's front door. An ancient song sends the four wizards and witches back to a time when a great evil was rising for world domination--when the world was better known as Middle-earth. As the foursome struggle to survive in the War of the Ring, they learn how to win their own war against Voldemort. HP/LOTR crossover.

Words: 6,174
Chapters: 2
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Teddy Lupin was haunted by the sea. On the day he comes of age, he finds out the reason why. Written immediately after DH; inspired by the epilogue, but not directly based on it.

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Even before he murdered his father and his grandparents, Tom Riddle had split his soul in more ways than one. For murder is not the only event that will break the heart.

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The final battle between the Dark Lord and the Boy Who Lived falls on the night of the full moon, striking fear into the hearts of all present. Who shall win on this bloody night of judgment between good and evil? Honorable Mention in HarryPotterFanfiction.Com's 2007 Writer's Duel.

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The Second War is over. Voldemort has been defeated, and Hermione is settling into her job as a Hogwarts professor. But after a blow-up with those she once considered her friends, she meets with someone she once considered her enemy. . . and is forced to re-evaluate her past decisions, for better or for worse.

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Sirius Black never knew that baby-sitting little Harry could be so dangerous, so deadly, so--mortifying. For him, at least. After all, his Animagus was supposed to be a frightening dog, not a cute, cuddly teddy bear.

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James Potter is stumped. How can he get the girl of his dreams to go out with him if she refuses to listen? He'll just have to come up with some catchy way to MAKE her listen. . . Based on the lyrics of "Oh! Darling" by the Beatles; and written for the Five-Witch Tournament between myself, lupa_mannera, DarkFaerii, secret_witch, and akeyana on HarryPotterFanfiction.Com.

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