Anton Mickawber

Lovelocks by Anton Mickawber

"What about you?" Ginny asked, her fingers dancing tarantellas through what Luna's mummy always called her Lunar Jungle of Hair. (Luna/Ginny, post-HBP)

Words: 1,982
Chapters: 1
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It's two in the morning, and Ginny's alone in the Grimmauld Place kitchen: "Looking at the whitewashed wall opposite her, Ginny sighed, sensing the ghosts of the place--”real ghosts, imagined ghosts, metaphoric ghosts--”swirling around the damp, heavy pile above her head."

Words: 2,389
Chapters: 1
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Vindaloo by Anton Mickawber

It's Harry's sixteenth birthday, and he is surprised himself to be offering one of his friends a gift... that she may or may not want.

Words: 8,939
Chapters: 1
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Water by Anton Mickawber

Ginny repays her debt in the Chamber of Secrets. Action/fluff.

Words: 961
Chapters: 1
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Yield by Anton Mickawber

"The portion of her clothing that is still intact is cold and sticky, and she isn't very comfortable sitting on the corridor floor. He's lying there, and she wishes he'd go away, but she can't seem to move and he doesn't seem willing to." (Warning: implied and non-romanticized/eroticized non-con. Darkest thing I've written--not part of any series.)

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Chapters: 1
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Harry knows where to find Luna when she doesn't want to be found. (Prequel to The Locked Room series: Better Days, Camera Obscura, etc. Harry's seventh year.)

Words: 669
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Toi by Anton Mickawber

Percy wakes to find someone weeping in his bedroom. Oh, bother. (Percy and Fleur: Percy/Penelope, Bill/Fleur, H/G implied, R/Hr implied, Tonks/Charlie implied.) Fourth story in The Weasley Family Picnic series.

Words: 3,009
Chapters: 1
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Time by Anton Mickawber

Sometimes even the two smartest people in the house need help figuring out what the hell just happened. (Hermione and Bill--R/Hr, B/F) Third story in The Weasley Family Picnic series.

Words: 2,256
Chapters: 1
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After the last battle has been won, Harry is locked in the gloom of Grimmauld Place and his own grief. Ginny convinces Luna that they should go and cheer the boy up... Easier said than done.

Words: 4,895
Chapters: 1
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Tea by Anton Mickawber

While Charlie and Ginny are outside, Harry and Tonks discover a common ground as orphans in a sea of Weasleys.... (Post-OotP) Parallel piece to "Tossing Apples." Part 2 of The Weasley Family Picnic.

Words: 2,032
Chapters: 1
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Charlie and Ginny go out walking, after midnight, thinking about their babies... and talking (seriously) about first times.... ``H/G, Charlie/Tonks. First chapter of The Weasley Family Picnic

Words: 2,712
Chapters: 1
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"It wasn't until she returned to Hogwarts the next September that it really hit Ginny. She was alone." Post-Book 7 Not a time-travel series fic....

Words: 1,876
Chapters: 1
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A Hope by Anton Mickawber

Lily sings Harry to sleep, safe from the lurking danger outside. This is a postscript to A Ghost, one of my time-travel series of stories.

Words: 991
Chapters: 1
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A Farewell by Anton Mickawber

As Harry and his mates are about to return from their tumultuous trip, they meet the one person they never thought they would see again.

Words: 1,826
Chapters: 1
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Ginny and Luna are on a mission to the past when they make an accidental discovery that changes... everything.She looked around. "I wish they had let us Apparate closer to the hospital."``"Professor Snape didn't want us to be heard," Luna said.``"Yeah," sighed Ginny, "no one heard us pop in to that automobile-smashing place, that's for certain. I've never heard a noise like that since Fred and George both got Howlers from Mum at once."``Luna gave her usual complacent smile, and then stopped dead in her tracks. ``"Luna, what...?"``"It's my mother," Luna said, pointing.

Words: 1,302
Chapters: 1
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Ron and Hermione are on a time-traveling mission to the past, but they're mostly worried about how to come to grips with their future.... Ron and Hermione were bickering mutedly as they strode out of the center of Chipping Cleghorn, their mission complete. They should have been relieved--theirs was both the most tricky of the three quests that had precipitated this trip into the past, and the one that had set the dateline: twenty-two years back from their own seventh year at Hogwarts. This is a companion piece to my other time-travel story, A Ghost.

Words: 1,088
Chapters: 1
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A Ghost by Anton Mickawber

Harry is on a mission back in time. While he's waiting for his mates to meet up with him, he runs into the one woman he would most love to talk to. But how can he ask anything or say anything without jeopardizing his own past, and the wizarding world's future?

Words: 1,977
Chapters: 1
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At a dinner-party to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the DA, Harry and Ginny consider what might have happened if they had chosen different paths--and different partners.

Words: 7,248
Chapters: 1
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