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A variant of an idea from Christmas of Surprises (AT, 10 chapters) in which Ron and Hermione do decide to tell his parents they\\\'re now lovers. This isn\\\'t part of that story\\\'s continuity though, it\\\'s just one way things could have happened. Ron/Hermione, obviously. Set eight months after the end of Christmas of Surprises just to confuse people.

Words: 3,835
Chapters: 1
Hits: 2,165
Smoke Three Joints by Peeler

Yes, your drug-addled eyes saw right - it's a sequel to that most ubiquitous of franchises, "Smoke Two Joints". In this extended sequel- wait, make that threequel, you'll see Draco and Hermione hot-box the Leaky Cauldron's restroom, Fred and George go on a road trip, and Harry practically destroy Number 4 Privet Drive with a party involving copious amounts of weed and alcohol. Guest appearences by The Bitchy Policewoman, Lord V. & His New Monikers, Lucius M., Lucius' cane, and its new partner, the Slytherin Pimp Car. Thrill to the covert yet noisy guest bedroom liasons! Try to find Draco's pants! Question the unruly spellings! Wonder how the hell Michael Jackson got involved in it all! Light it up, smoke it up, inhale, exhale, and read on!

Words: 5,433
Chapters: 1
Hits: 828

Or did they? An alternative ending to Deathly Hallows and the epilogue. Fred survives. Voldermort can't bring himself to kill Snape. Teddy Lupin isn't an orphan. Expect Marriage, Infidelity, Divorce, Arguing, Pain, Anger, Kids...and that's just the Weasley twins! Maybe the original ending wasn't so bad after all? A random fic, with multiple ships. Mainly Harry, but with other characters thrown in here and there...

Words: 3,053
Chapters: 4
Hits: 471
No Greater Love by hgseeker

In this version of the Final Battle, Ron sacrifices himself to save Harry, prompting the latter to go on a heavy "guilt trip"; it takes the entire remainder of the Weasley family as well as Hermione (among others) to assure him that it was Ron's choice to do what he did because he loved Harry and that no one blames him for what happened --so it's time he stopped blaming himself.

Words: 10,197
Chapters: 1
Hits: 431
Holey by The New Mrs. Black

There is more than one hole in George Weasley, other than the one of the side of his head. Ever since Fred died he'd been different, so his often neglected fiancée Angelina suggests he adopts a child for two weeks to see how he would fare as a father. George does just that, and adopts Holley, who had also lost a twin. They both expected nothing of the experience, but soon learn truly what love is. And how to heal that hole in both their hearts.

Words: 1,312
Chapters: 1
Hits: 381

When George is confronted by Fred (the Second) about certain...Facts of Life...he immediately thinks of another talk with another Fred from a lifetime ago. Bolstered by his memories, he embarks on his treacherous quest to enlighten his son with the Talk. A story of memories, awkward conversation, mouldy magazines and rear ends set on fire, this, is From Fred to Fred

Words: 1,381
Chapters: 1
Hits: 283
Hole in My Heart by Aiiimy

When Angelina Johnson gave George Weasley a diary for his 23rd birthday he was not impressed. George Weasley keep a diary? What was the woman thinking? But when George finally finds a use for the gift six months later, will he find the solution to the hole in his heart?

Words: 2,334
Chapters: 2
Hits: 117

It is the 1st of Septemeber, 2016 - eighteen years after the end of the Second Wizarding War - and George Weasley is utterly displeased with the lack of chaos at Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

Words: 1,837
Chapters: 1
Hits: 99