Memories by SarcasticMyth

"Late at night, she thinks of her." - Molly and Bellatrix remember.

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Here by SarcasticMyth

"If Ron was still alive, he would have slung his arm around her shoulders. Would have held her close, dried her tears, taken her home and tucked her into bed. Would have kissed her forehead and told her that things would be better tomorrow. But he’s in the box before her, and she wishes she were dead." An AU-sequel of sorts to "Gone"

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As long as he can remember, Teddy Lupin has felt like an outsider. But Victoire Weasley thinks that they are more alike than he realizes...

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Last Moment by SarcasticMyth

This is "Bella"--a cold, cruel, calculating shell of a woman. Where Trixie was warm, if a little indifferent and aloof, this stranger is hard and angry; the result of thirteen years in Azkaban and almost thirty with that brand on her arm...

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Gone by SarcasticMyth

"He thinks of boring days at The Wheeze, spinning around in his chair until colors run, and then standing suddenly, feeling his feet, so firmly on the ground, and his head, light and wobbly. This is how he feels now."

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Picture This by SarcasticMyth

Remus is scared, and for the life of him cannot figure out why...

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Nym by SarcasticMyth

In the tumultuous years that follow Harry Potter's defeat of Lord Voldemort, Nymphadora Tonks is sent to live with family friends at The Burrow. It is there that she meets and befriends Charlie Weasley, creating a bond that will last throughout her life....

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Morning by SarcasticMyth

It's just another morning in the lives of Hermione and Ron....

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Lucky Seven by SarcasticMyth

There were seven Lupin children, five girls and two boys. One boy would grow up to be loved by his family, his friends, and his students. As for the other? He wouldn't grow up at all...

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There is a motive behind every action, no matter how big or small. What was Peter Pettigrew's the night he betrayed the Potters?

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Katie Bell never knew her father, but it never really bothered her. She had her mother, her grandfather, and her daydreams about Oliver Wood to occupy her time. But what happens when lies from her mother's past threaten to affect her future? (Takes place during OotP)

Words: 2,324
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Polished by SarcasticMyth

As a very pregnant Hermione cleans the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, her mind wanders to places she does not want to visit.

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