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Having broken up with Ginny just a few short weeks ago, Harry finds himself confronted with Ginny's unhappiness and his own guilt. Feeling utterly confused, Harry must decide what to do: to break up with Ginny for her own safety, or to seek the most happiness he has ever known. Luckily, an old friend comes back to help him make his decision, revealing two worlds: one where Harry and Ginny got back together and the other where Harry decided it would be safer not to. On a journey years into the future, Harry discovers just what an impact their relationship has on everyone else, enabling him to finally make his decision.

Words: 34,589
Chapters: 5
Hits: 5,753
Pettigrew's Daughter by Anda

An alternate universe fic set in Harry's fifth year. Several 'invented' characters. On the evening of Peter Pettigrew's death, Iris McGonagall makes a decision that will impact on her life in ways she never imagined. Or at least, those around her believe that... 14 years later, her delinquent daughter, Morgiana Pettigrew, arrives at Hogwarts, plagued by mother-influenced fears of Sirius Black. One night, she dreams of her mother's murder, sparking a murderous chain of events that threatens to rip Hogwarts apart at the seams...

Words: 55,965
Chapters: 8
Hits: 2,203

This is the diary of Alicia Spinnet. Complete with all the heartaches, heartbreaks, triumphs and failures of her and her friends Katie, Angelina, Fred, George and Lee.

Words: 3,901
Chapters: 3
Hits: 1,429