Losing My Religion by Mizzie

The first year was the hardest, and it didn't get much better from there. Ron never understands why it's so special when I get a letter from my parents. He doesn't realize that in the past six years they've only sent me twelve: five on Christmas, four before exams and three when I was petrified. That's right: they didn't send me anything my entire first year, and that wasn't my fault...really. Hermione reflects on how her religion affected her life in the Wizarding World.

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"Harry was back with the Mirror of Erised, his back turned to it. He stared down his enemy with a look of hate, all of these memories rushing through his mind. He wished that he didn't have to be there, that he didn't have to have his friends hurt, that he didn't have to battle, and the he didn't have to be the Boy Who Lived. It was too much for him." A oneshot of what Harry now sees in the Mirror of Erised.

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Halo addicts, verbal romances, a considerably intelligent four year old and mistold adventures, this a fiction for anybody who's ever been on a long bus ride to enjoy! Just wait to say: "That's SO true" to nearly every line! This is a Crack!Fic of epic proportions for anybody who's ever been on a good, long bus ride!

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Harry Potter, Arthur Weasley, his son Ronald Weasley, HIS wife Hermione Granger, and THEIR son Viktor all go to the Dursley house for a barbeque. To their surprise, there is not much of a fight from the awful family. "Dudley was everywhere, covering every wall in a mosaic of constantly more recent and much larger (due to the size of the boy in question) photos. In fact, it seemed almost as if a group of girls came and decorated the room as if Dudley was actually the lead singer in a pop group."

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Petrified by Mizzie

What if the petrified wards in the Hospital Wing in Second Year could feel and think throughout their time spent there? Please R&R!

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Not a Witch by Mizzie

When her father is captured by Voldemort, Luna, whose life hasn't been easy, tells Harry the story of her deceased mother. Friendship pairing.

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