Scorpius Malfoy was always a loner. The Lone Wolf, as he was often called. He didn't have any friends, nor did he care to associate with the other students anyway. But when he starts his sixth year at Hogwarts, things change. After many a collision with Rose Weasley, maybe a friendship may start to form despite what they both want.

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Chapters: 7
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Finally, the sequel to Amid the Falling Snow is here! Draco and Hermione's love is tested as the Death Eaters rise again under an unknown new leader. All hell breaks loose s all Muggleborns are forced into secluded sections of cities and stripped of any powers. Even worse, anyone of "pure" blood who associate with the Muggleborns are treated as such. Will Draco stick by Hermione through this or will he prove to be the Slytherin he was thought to be all along? Not DH compliant.

Words: 7,624
Chapters: 4
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Fred and George are on a mission: To get their sister Ginny to stop dating the Slytherin Draco Malfoy. From hair cutting to lip gloss, the two redheads will stop at nothing to get them apart. All the while, Harry has a not-so-secret secret, Hermione and Ron argue(surprise surprise!), and it's all around madness in the castle! Will the twins succeed or will Ginny retaliate? AU, one-shot, and BEFORE Deathly Hallows. Also, there's a little slash, but it's not graphic and it's only mentioned.

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During their years at Hogwarts, Hermione finds herself in a secret romance with Draco. That summer she broke it off, telling him it was just a fling. Since then, Harry got married to Ginny and Ron is engaged to the worst person Hermione has ever met, and Hermione is very alone. Meanwhile, Draco moved into his new flat and he decided to take a stroll around the city and bumps into Hermione. They brood on the past and...could possibly something come of it?

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Chapters: 13
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Percy Ignatius Weasley decides that he wants a chance to be on his own, away from all of his brothers. He proposes to his parents an opportunity they couldn't refuse: to spend the entire summer in London on his own. When he arrives, it isn't quite what Mr. Optimistic had originally planned. From Firewhiskey to "woman", Percy finds the real world not as comforting as he thought.

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What happens when the students take a matchmaker test? Why, the school goes mad of course!

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