Minerva Evenstar

Touch is a complex language; it pays to have an advanced vocabulary. Love is a complex language; if it’s true love you won’t lose your dictionary. This is a tale of Remus Lupin, his family, his friends, his eventual relationship with Sirius, and the complex languages they all learn.

Words: 3,702
Chapters: 4
Hits: 2,390

The hilarious tale of desires. James wants Lily. Sirius wants Remus. The objects of their affection want not to have PMS.

Words: 6,314
Chapters: 4
Hits: 5,101

How can the Marauders cope with romance, Slytherins, blenders, wearing dresses, pick-up lines, holidays, N.E.W.T.'s, and more? Read and see!

Words: 35,993
Chapters: 30
Hits: 47,487

Life in your Muggle school is stressful enough until the Marauders show up as new students and you start falling for one of them.

Words: 20,298
Chapters: 24
Hits: 32,945

The comedy of how Remus and Sirius got together in their fourth year.

Words: 5,173
Chapters: 8
Hits: 19,436

CROSSOVER Nita and Kit's transport spell goes horribly wrong and they wind up at Hogwarts at the time of the Marauders.

Words: 10,565
Chapters: 6
Hits: 3,012

In 7th year Lily learns that Remus fancies Sirius. The only way she can get them together is with the help of one she hates: James Potter. Includes perspective of Remus, James, Sirius, and Lily. WARNING- readers may die of laughter.

Words: 5,653
Chapters: 4
Hits: 6,414

How did the Marauders meet? Includes the points of view of all the Marauders.

Words: 4,217
Chapters: 4
Hits: 4,299

Hermione stumbles upon a secret Death Eater meeting. Hermione/Draco Tissue Warning: one of my favourite characters dies.

Words: 3,821
Chapters: 4
Hits: 10

This is the story of Tom Riddle at the end of his sixth year when he killed the Riddles. Based on songs from the Wicked soundtrack.

Words: 2,233
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,088

JKR's characters want to write their own books; that's against the rules! Who will stop them? WARNING: Random spin-off titles may cause tears of hilarity.

Words: 1,066
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,115

Lily is certain that the Marauders are planning something, though when she attempts to find out what it is, the only thing they tell her is "Classified Marauders' Information."

Words: 1,218
Chapters: 1
Hits: 977

What happened when Sirius told Snape to go to the Shrieking Shack during the full moon when they were at Hogwarts? Why did James save him? How did Remus react? ONESHOT I rewrote it to include 3000 more words worth of extra scenes and detailed description.

Words: 5,044
Chapters: 1
Hits: 641