Lupin's True Love Returns

Carey Ann Lupin

Story Summary:
Eighteen years have passed since Veronica was at Hogwarts. The Memory Charm is failing and Veronica is beginning to remember the times of fun and horror at the school. As a teacher she knows how to make class fun. She learned a lot while away including how to fight. Will she be able to teach Harry all she has learned or will she have to bring others in to help

Chapter 01

A middle school teacher has an interesting vision from her past. A past she can't remember. What does it all mean?

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Chapter 02

Veroncia receives some interesting letters. A student was accepted to Hogwarts as well. What is going on?

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Chapter 03

Smeltings and women just don't mix.

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Chapter 04

Remus and Dumbledore finally take the Memory Charm off of Veronica and she remembers every thing that had happened to her. She sees Sirius for the first time in eighteen years and he's estatic about seeing her. What will Harry think of her?

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Chapter 05

Veronica, Remus, and Sirius go house hunting in the area of Little Whinging.

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Chapter 06

Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

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Chapter 07

After the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, Veronica makes Harry see reason...Somewhat.

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Chapter 08

Returning Home and confronting the Dursleys.

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Chapter 09

Wedding plams are under way. Chocolate pie, discussions about Star Wars, and finding a date for Charlie.

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Chapter 10

Wedding shopping. Remus and Veronica's wedding is planned but they need to finish purchasing the gowns and robes. Will Veroncia find the perfect gown?

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Chapter 11

Mix Star Wars, popcorn, sugar, and teenager and waht do you get? A hilarious chapter! Please read.

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Chapter 12

Harry is going to leave the Dursleys. How will Veronica act when she finds out what has been going on in that house?

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Chapter 13

Wedding Bells are ringing! Sweet birds are singing! Remus and Veronica are finally getting married but who is the mysterious stranger that interrupts their celebration?

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Chapter 14

Veronica and Remus are staying at the Burrow for a while but what happens when Veronica tells Harry about his parents wedding? What happens when Voldemort attacks? Will the Order save them in time or will Veronica have to do some fast thinking?

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Chapter 15

Veronica discovers that Sirius was keeping a secret from her. HE is going to be a ... Remus knew and so did Harry.

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Chapter 16

Veronica doesn't feel well. What's wrong with her?

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Chapter 17

Ani brings Leo, Moonlight, Rath, and Kurt with her to Harry's party. Who are Moonlight, Rath, and Kurt? What does Molly think about Sirius' little bundle of Joy?

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Chapter 18

What do Karaoke, a cake and presents have in common? Harry's birthday party!!! Time to party like we're in the middel of a war...Wait a minute. We ARE in the middle of a war!!

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Chapter 19

A mysterious letter arrives as Veronica is packing for Hogwarts. Who is the letter from? Why is it making her upset?

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Chapter 20

It's amazing how much anger is still between Severus and Veronica after what happened to Sirius. What happens when they decided to do battle at the first Staff Meeting of the year.

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Chapter 21

Severus finally apologizes to Veronica and convinces her to go see Madam Pomfrey. Veroncia feels sick but that does get better.

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Chapter 22

First day of the new year. Wonderful Feast. Good friends. First years are called and sorted but what is the deal with Adrianna Krum, Billy Roberts, and Mark Evan? Are they going to be a new 'Golden Trio' in a few years? Why does Veronica always seem to get angry with Severus? It must be her hormones.

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Chapter 23

Harry's been kidnapped! Ani shows up to recue him and Veronica goes along to help. They first must go to the Forbidden Forest and get some help. Why is Esmeralda Eversole Gryffindor helping them?

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Chapter 24

Moonlight has a lot on her mind. She's lost her sister and now she's subbing for her brother. The one person she doesn't want to see is the one person who watched her sister die. Time for a knock down drag out cat fight.

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Chapter 25

Moonlight and veroncia are still fighting as only they knwo how when suddenly someone attacks the school. What do they want?

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Chapter 26

Veronica finally has the Sixth Years in class. their first lesson gets off to a rocky start when Draco Malfoy decides to be very disrepectful to Veronica. Wait a tick...Is that Snape trying to strangle Malfoy? You'll have to read to find out...

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Chapter 27

Okay Veronica has to reveal an important secret and isn't exactly sure how Remus is going to react. Of course he is a sweet understanding and loving man as usual...

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Chapter 28

Remus and Veronica have to pick up their daughter but there's one small compliaction... Logan's come with her.

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Chapter 29

Remus and Veronica are explaining everything to Regina. They also discover that their one baby has multiplied to two!

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Chapter 30

Charlie and Regina together? What else could drive a father nuts? And Jean has returned to the X-Men.

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Chapter 31

Logan and Scott are going to be teaching the young witches and wizards. Veronica soon discovers Dumbledore's surprise when the Blackbird lands on the grounds. What is going to happen to Hogwarts when the mutants arrive?

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Chapter 32

Veronica and the X-men are taking the new students shopping for their school things but what happens when Kitty exclaims "There's a rat in my room! A big hairy one with a silver paw!"? What does Veronica and the X-men do to mysterious rodent?

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Chapter 33.25

Veronica and the rest of the professors have to find the items that all the young mutants shall need for the upcoming year. Part one of four.

Words: 7,287
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Regina and Harry's group are shopping but they have a run in from Harry's fifth year, Dolores Umbridge. Howa are the X-men goign to handle this? Who are the mysterious figures on the rooftop? Will regina tell her mother about her new power?

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HErmione and Ron are busy showing Bobby, Marie, and Piotr around Diagon Alley. THey meet someone that knew James and Sirius but don't know if he can be trusted. Part 3 of 4

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Rahne, Shiro, and Sam have to convince Michael Corner that Ravenclaws and Gryffindors can get along. Part 4 of 4

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Inu-Yasha and the gang have finally shown themselves to Veronica and Remus. Now they have to expalin what happened in June 1978 to Harry, Regina, and the X-Men. Of course now Remus and Hermione have to explain what happened to Sirius, James, and Lily.

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A crumbling archway stood on a dais with a single veil fluttering over the entrance. It moved slowly with an unseen breeze. A thin, pale hand reached around the side of the Veil and pulled it to one side. A man heaved himself onto the dais and collapsed. He looked half starved and filthy. His black hair was matted and hung almost to his waist. His beard held streaks of grey, showing his age. His piercing blue eyes took in everything around him. He raised his hands into the air and screamed with all the pent up fury within himself.

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Regina tugged at the belt of her robe. “I went to Mother and Daddy’s room to talk to them but they’re not there. There weren’t any signs of a struggle but I noticed that some of Daddy’s robes are missing.” Regina looked at Harry with tears forming in her amber eyes. “Do you think the Death Eaters got them?”

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Padfoot barked once and stood. The next thing they knew there stood a rather thin, pale looking man. His black hair looked a bit better than the night before but it still hung lank around his shoulders. Veronica hadn’t cut it yet but she couldn’t wait to get her hands on it. He looked like a week’s worth of food would do him good. Hermione let out a squeal that matched Ginny’s as they threw themselves into his arms. Inu-Yasha growled at Sirius as the man hugged the two girls. Rin hurried toward the man and hugged him.

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Veronica stormed down Diagon Alley to the building the housed the Daily Prophet. Sirius, Sessho-Maru, Logan, and Obi-Wan hurried along after her. Sirius knew that Rita Skeeter had better be in hiding or Veronica was going to rip her head off. Logan pulled open the door to the Daily Prophet. Some of the reporters looked up and saw the angry group. One of the women screamed when she saw Sirius Black. Several of the men pulled out their wands. Veronica waved her hand and they slammed into their desks.

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“Don’t know and don’t care. They attacked one of the men I think of as a father. They must pay.” Regina hunched over a notebook she had pulled from her bag. She tapped her wand to the cover. “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked a little shocked at the use of the password for the Marauder’s Map. Regina flipped open the notebook and smiled. “And I think I have just the thing.” She tossed the notebook at Harry. “Harry, you need to read that. It’ll come in handy.”

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Dumbledore stood at the front of the Great Hall as the students made their way to their House tables. Regina had managed to put the new students at the Gryffindor Table while Remy followed Veronica, Remus, Logan, and Sirius to the front of the room. All of the teachers were standing there with the exception of Professor Trelawney, who was at the back of the room trying to hide behind her many shawls.

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Sirius decided that it was for the best if he just got it over with. He came out from behind Sessho-Maru and changed into a large black dog. He barked several times before a tawny griffin joined him and screeched in his ear. Suddenly there was a white dog sitting beside both of them. It was taller than the trees and had blood red eyes. Tori shook her head as she stepped before the class.

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Veronica stalked over to Remy and jabbed him in the chest. “Do NOT call me chérie again. I am pregnant therefore I am NOT able to transform, Madam Pomfrey’s orders. Do you UNDERSTAND me?”

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A man dressed in gold stepped from the forest. He lifted his right arm to his left shoulder and let it drop. “Power down.” He walked over to Veronica and lifted her hand to his lips. “I am Daggeron, the Solaris Knight.”

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The door of the cottage flew off the hinges as another scream came from within. The men had pulled their swords and headed into the cottage. Daggeron and Leanbow had to hold Godric back. Esmeralda was lying on the floor of the cottage with her father standing over her with his belt raised. Her three sisters were standing over her and holding the just sharpened knives; the blood dripping into a pool at their feet. Helga hurried forward and covered Esmeralda’s beaten and bleeding body with her own cloak while Udonna and Rowena hurried over to her and the injured girl.

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“That’s where the Marauders get together and beat the tar out of the one being a prat.” Sirius crossed his arms and stared at his godson. “And I take it take Harry is the one being a prat since he doesn’t know the signal.”

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“First the X-Men. Then the Mystics. Now the Charmed Ones. Who else is going to join us? Jack Sparrow?” “I doubt that Jack would be able to handle anything. After all the five of you ladies did put him in his place all those years ago.” Remus smirked from the fireplace as he turned to face Harry and Regina.

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Wolverine growled slightly as he released Paige. His claws found their way into the arm of one of the Death Eaters. He slowly made his way over to Regina who was trying to get a hold of Malfoy with her teeth. “Hey, bub. Let me show you how a Wolverine fights.” Malfoy jumped back and Disapparated. “Wimp!” Wolverine turned and patted the tiger’s head as he passed her. “Nice work, Paws.”

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