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Delve into my mind, the mind of a Harry Potter-obsessed young woman, and read the conversations which I have had with Harry Potter characters. Find out why the chicken had to go to the bathroom and all those weird things that Jo forgot to mention.

Words: 37,301
Chapters: 12
Hits: 6,187

J.K. Rowling has placed a series of clues in the “Harry Potter” series to show the reader that Severus Snape is not a traitor to the Light; he is, in fact, one of the most dedicated to the cause. This essay will outline the clues from the text to prove that the “greasy git” can also be called “Dumbledore’s man through and through.” It will attempt to show that the scene on the Astronomy tower should not be taken at face value-- Dumbledore’s death by Snape was a planned collaboration between the headmaster and the spy.

Words: 1,984
Chapters: 1
Hits: 3,399
S.S. loves L.E. by JoTwo

A discussion of all the evidence within and outside the books that supports the theory that Severus Snape loved Lily Evans.

Words: 5,172
Chapters: 1
Hits: 2,349

A must-read for fan fic writers interested in accurately depicting Hagrid's dialect.

Words: 1,306
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,969

Hermione's written an essay as her Advanced DADA project. Is Lycanthropy hereditary? If so, what are the odds of the baby inheriting its parent's curse? And should werewolves be allowed to have children? With her usual precision, Hermione looks into the problem. A Back to School challenge response.

Words: 2,953
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,862

The purpose of this essay is to examine Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as presented to us in the writings of J.K. Rowling, within the context and traditions of the British 'Public Schools.'

Words: 5,286
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,805

A very important treatise for writers of Next Generation fics. Discusses the ages of all the Next Gen characters, with implications for their interactions, including ships.

Words: 4,073
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,775

It is a well known fact that Hermione used a time turner in her third year, however how much she aged from it is debatable. Here is a reasonable answer, using the books, math, and other reliable sources in order to get it. Slightly edited

Words: 1,022
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,735

An analysis why Snape's Worst Memory does not preclude Snape being in love with Harry's Mum.

Words: 1,806
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,675

The two-cent Knut, and other contemplations on the value of Wizarding money. Includes conversion tables, commentary & quotes from the first 6 books.

Words: 5,962
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,597

Is Snape evil? I don't think so. Apart from it being an awful letdown, it would also mean that JKR is a sloppy writer. Is Snape good? Well, he has just cast an Unforgivable Curse, and we all know what that does to your soul, so far from me to go and claim he's all sweet and nice and so misunderstood. But maybe he needn't be either of those. Here is my theory for Snape's behaviour in HBP, in a long (but hopefully not dry) essay with plenty of canon reference :-).

Words: 4,040
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,579

Why there are no excuses for how MWPP behaved during SWM

Words: 1,062
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,403
Family Ties by AuthorByNight

An exploration of the various factors when writing about a canon character's family.

Words: 1,104
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,255
Head, Heart, Hand by Erebus

J.K. Rowling once said that Harry needs Hermione badly. This is undoubtedly true. But Harry also needs Ron. The Trio often work as a single united whole. However, just as your head, hand and heart don't draw lots on whose turn it is to pump the blood today, the members of the Trio don't just do things willy-nilly. An essay on Trio dynamic.

Words: 2,257
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,241
Come On Eileen by JoTwo

Everything you wanted to know about Eileen Prince ... but were afraid to ask.

Words: 2,174
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,218
The Knave of Spades by Yamato

Some thoughts about Draco’s character development in HBP and some speculating about his role in the final book. Spoilers ahead, do not read this if you haven’t finished HBP.

Words: 2,437
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,099

Why I think Rowling is working a little too hard to make us distrust Snape.

Words: 1,041
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,085

Ever wonder what a Dark Art was? Ever wonder why they were Dark? I did, so I theorized. Take a look at my ponderings and contemplate the Dark Arts.

Words: 1,912
Chapters: 1
Hits: 974

A look at the Lily/Petunia relationship from Petunia's point of view.

Words: 2,450
Chapters: 1
Hits: 933
What's My Line? by JoTwo

Discussion about what the occupation of Harry's parents might have been.

Words: 855
Chapters: 1
Hits: 906

A brief survey of the reasons behind the House points system at Hogwarts.

Words: 1,305
Chapters: 1
Hits: 877

A look at how magic functions within the Potterverse, with specific focus on Sectumsempra and Crucio.

Words: 2,440
Chapters: 1
Hits: 872

There's an old playwright's adage about the gun on the mantlepiece. If you show people the gun on the mantlepiece in Act One, then you have to have the safety catch come off in Act Two and fire it in Act Three. Draco Malfoy's the Harry Potter gun.

Words: 1,278
Chapters: 1
Hits: 842

A deeply analytical essay on the most powerful wizard in the world, written Pre-HBP.

Words: 919
Chapters: 1
Hits: 838

An analysis of the Dumbledore Murder plot in HBP, in terms of Draco Malfoy's character development.

Words: 2,499
Chapters: 1
Hits: 835

Have you ever truly looked at Trelawney's predictions? Not just the two prophecies, but the ones she tosses off in class? Would it amaze you to discover they are true?

Words: 2,915
Chapters: 1
Hits: 814
Crossing Rides by animeluvr8

Some of us Harry Potter fans have a bit of a problem. It’s not a large problem necessarily. Not life threatening, but it does cause dilemma for many. The problem interferers with fan fiction reading and writing for some. For others, it makes posting in forums and taking stances in arguments a tad more difficult then it is for most. Some have to hide their little secret, pretending to have only one stance and secretly indulging in the other when no one is looking.

Words: 766
Chapters: 1
Hits: 715

This is a study of the UK population during the Harry Potter at Hogwarts era which seeks to determine how many wizards live in Britain, and how these figures might be determined.

Words: 3,858
Chapters: 1
Hits: 714
Toby or not Toby? by JoTwo

Everything you(n)ever wanted to know about Severus Snape's father

Words: 1,420
Chapters: 1
Hits: 671

The Effects of a Violent Childhood on the Boy Who Lived This is an academic essay for a Master's level course on the effects of violence on children, particularly domestic violence. It discusses the effects of Harry Potter's traumatic upbringing and school years on his psyche. I'm considering a rewrite to include events of the last book. Reviews are appreciated! I got an A+.

Words: 3,487
Chapters: 1
Hits: 661

What can we learn about Neville Longbottom through the verbs associated with his character in Book One?

Words: 2,747
Chapters: 1
Hits: 637

Ever wondered whether fan fiction has any other use than titillation? Quaternary intertextuality outlines a possible use of fan fiction as a tool for analysis of characterisation in canonical fiction. Several techniques are considered, and some questions regarding fan fiction as a meme and as a subject of anthropological study are raised.

Words: 1,764
Chapters: 1
Hits: 616
Fools' Gold by JoTwo

Theory about why alchemy might feature in book 7 and who could be an alchemist.

Words: 959
Chapters: 1
Hits: 601
Magical Theory by Mara202

An essay about the theory of magic, mostly from a physical point of view. Includes bits of the M-theory, 'programming' and various spells and techniques.

Words: 1,755
Chapters: 1
Hits: 596
Behind the Veil by JoTwo

Theory about what may happen in book 7 based upon JKR stating in an interview that she is a Christian.

Words: 3,517
Chapters: 1
Hits: 582

Speculation about the star signs of James and Lily

Words: 1,820
Chapters: 1
Hits: 580

This essay discusses the differences between Gryffindor and Slytherin, as well as the system of placing students into houses using the sorting hat.

Words: 2,405
Chapters: 1
Hits: 573

This essay follows Draco Malfoy through his experiences in Deathly Hallows and attempts to speculate as to his motivations and virtues, or lack thereof.

Words: 1,930
Chapters: 1
Hits: 563

From the outset you would not believe that such a dirty, hole in the wall junk shop would have such importance in the Harry Potter series, but it does. We know that it is essentially a wizarding junk shop that caters to the darker elements of wizarding society. Items keep showing up from the shop and are used later on in the series. I believe that there are further items of importance that reside there, which have yet to be discovered.

Words: 2,863
Chapters: 1
Hits: 478

Discussion of the possible locations of Puddlemere (home of Quidditch team Puddlemere United) and the home of Quidditch itself, Queerditch Marsh.

Words: 1,079
Chapters: 1
Hits: 478

Some interesting insights on the basics of magical theory in a sparkly, purple, easy-to-read format.

Words: 2,574
Chapters: 1
Hits: 454

A look at the ways authors strive to make fanfiction "real" so that readers can feel a fic actually "happened" on some level of reality.

Words: 1,855
Chapters: 1
Hits: 450

Why could Harry not see the Thestrals until his fifth year? What do you have to do to see one? The intriguing creatures, the lucky Winged Horses, have aroused much speculation in the world of Harry Potter analysts. To see the main arguments summed up, please read this essay and be encapsulated in the topic yourself.

Words: 3,098
Chapters: 1
Hits: 426

Polyjuice Potion is both versatile and complex - in this essay, I've tried to put forward some information, both canon and from opinion, about some of the most popular Polyjuice rumours and questions.

Words: 887
Chapters: 1
Hits: 345

A collection of essays taking an in-depth look at some of the questions surrounding Peter Pettigrew.

Words: 3,444
Chapters: 2
Hits: 335

Take potions, charms, and spells, throw in contraception and out comes a system of classification for magic in the HPverse.

Words: 861
Chapters: 1
Hits: 326

This story takes places after GOF. -“Now that wizards face a danger far greater than Voldemort, we must learn to work together with our enemies. Only if all wizards are united can we hope to survive. You must find an ally in your enemy. To help you do this, this year you will no longer be divided in houses. Instead, you will be assigned a partner with whom you will work during the year… that student with whom you best need to improve your relationship.” As Dumbledore said it, Harry could only stare horrified at a very frightened Draco Malfoy, who was looking back at him. Snape shook his head in distress. “Trust Dumbledore to create havoc the very year in which Voldemort decides to send his daughter to Hogwarts.”

Words: 3,469
Chapters: 1
Hits: 238

The real reason why Snape hates Harry before Harry even arrives at Hogwarts is hidden in the three questions that Snape asks Harry in the first Potions class.

Words: 696
Chapters: 1
Hits: 232

While there is plenty of fanart depicting Snape seeing Lily in the Mirror of Erised, there is also a canon scene in which Snape does, in fact, see Lily in the Mirror of Erised.

Words: 1,089
Chapters: 1
Hits: 90