Carmen Black

It’s 1977, and Hogwarts is putting on Hamlet. Cue rehearsals, romance, pranks, and maybe (with some luck) a successful production. (Version with images and fan art is being uploaded simultaneously on

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Solvo by Carmen Black

Sirius arrives at James' house after leaving Grimmauld Place.

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“Isn’t it fabulous, Molly?” Arthur chatted, pulling several more leaflets from his inside pocket. “Look, we can fly to Cairo on an airplane!”

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Two versions of the same character go out into their world with the same intention -- meet up with Ron and Harry and discuss Horcrux plans. A glimpse into each of those worlds. (Movie!Hermione vs. Canon!Hermione.)

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Toothbrushes by Carmen Black

Shortly after Hogwarts, Sirius and Remus are sharing a flat together. One day, however, a very strange tift begins.

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Visitor by Carmen Black

On an early spring morning of his fifth year, Neville gets a surprise visit from a classmate while in the hospital. He realises something very important about her.

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Chess by Carmen Black

Neville and Luna visit Ron and Hermione, and while Hermione is out shopping, Ron plays chess with Luna. Little does he know that Luna doesn't play chess quite like anyone Ron's ever played.

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Sirius, James, and Peter seem to think that since I read so much, I should write as well. Something like keeping a journal. So they gave me this. This “nifty, big, red, beautiful book”, according to James. Peter says to make it my life’s work, adding to it as my life progresses. They’re all idiots, but maybe I’m even worse, since I’m here writing in the blasted thing. (This fan fiction is an AU)

Words: 17,460
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Remus and Sirius are sharing a flat after graduating. Sirius brings up a random topic: What if Remus was gay? Featuring the Avenue Q song 'If You Were Gay'.

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Plan B by Carmen Black

A question has been on the minds of Harry Potter fans everywhere: How will Harry defeat Voldemort? Looking for a theory that's completely illogical, totally improbable, and just plain silly? Here it is.

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Forgive Him by Carmen Black

Sitting in the Hospital Wing the night after the full moon, Remus Lupin reflects back on that afternoon, when his friends paid him a visit, and Sirius confesses what he told Snape the sunset on the evening of the full moon.

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