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J.K. Rowling has placed a series of clues in the “Harry Potter” series to show the reader that Severus Snape is not a traitor to the Light; he is, in fact, one of the most dedicated to the cause. This essay will outline the clues from the text to prove that the “greasy git” can also be called “Dumbledore’s man through and through.” It will attempt to show that the scene on the Astronomy tower should not be taken at face value-- Dumbledore’s death by Snape was a planned collaboration between the headmaster and the spy.

Words: 1,984
Chapters: 1
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Is Snape evil? I don't think so. Apart from it being an awful letdown, it would also mean that JKR is a sloppy writer. Is Snape good? Well, he has just cast an Unforgivable Curse, and we all know what that does to your soul, so far from me to go and claim he's all sweet and nice and so misunderstood. But maybe he needn't be either of those. Here is my theory for Snape's behaviour in HBP, in a long (but hopefully not dry) essay with plenty of canon reference :-).

Words: 4,040
Chapters: 1
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What can we learn about Neville Longbottom through the verbs associated with his character in Book One?

Words: 2,747
Chapters: 1
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Ever wondered whether fan fiction has any other use than titillation? Quaternary intertextuality outlines a possible use of fan fiction as a tool for analysis of characterisation in canonical fiction. Several techniques are considered, and some questions regarding fan fiction as a meme and as a subject of anthropological study are raised.

Words: 1,764
Chapters: 1
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This essay follows Draco Malfoy through his experiences in Deathly Hallows and attempts to speculate as to his motivations and virtues, or lack thereof.

Words: 1,930
Chapters: 1
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A look at the ways authors strive to make fanfiction "real" so that readers can feel a fic actually "happened" on some level of reality.

Words: 1,855
Chapters: 1
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