Harry Potter and the Loss of Innocence


Story Summary:
Harry is stuck at Privet Drive and has much to think about. A crazed wizard out to kill him. The death of his godfather and friend. The Prophesy looming in front of him. And not even one note from his friends. That's been Harry's summer holiday thus far, so can you blame him for wanting it to end? But should Harry really be looking forward to a year filled with surprises of all kinds and not all of them good? *HP sixth year fic following OotP and not incorporating HBP*

Chapter 01

Harry is stuck at Privet Drive once more and has much to think about. A crazed wizard out to kill him. The death of his godfather and friend. The Prophesy looming in front of him. And not even one note from his "friends." That's been Harry's summer holiday thus far so can you blame him for wanting it to end? But should Harry really be looking forward to a year filled with surprises of all kinds and not all of them good?

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Chapter 02

He wakes from the vision and is whisked away by well... read to find out. Harry spends the night talking to... yet again, read to find out.

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Chapter 03

Harry meets Dumbledore for the first time since the Ministry fiasco and flies for the first time since Umbridge's Quidditch life ban.

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Chapter 04

Harry finally gets a chance to pend his birthday with friends. Is it worth the wait?

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Chapter 05

Harry opens the school letter and get's his OWL results... Will he have to change his plans to be an Auror? Then they go to Diagon Alley to buy the needed books, supplies, and robes... not to mention Ginny's birthday gift....

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Chapter 06

This is Ginny's party! Will Ginny apreciate the gift Harry has made for her? Or will she absolutely hate it? Also Remus and Harry have a conversation over a chess game. Can Harry win it?

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Chapter 07

Harry spends the rest of the summer as a teen and then finally heads to Platform 9 3/4! How will Harry react to the new girl and what is the interesting rumor that starts about Draco?

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Chapter 08

Harry arrives for the Feast! He ignores the Sorting and instead plays games. He pays for it later as he's surprised and ends up in the hospital wing..... Wait! Did I just give it all away? Oh, no!

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Chapter 09

It's Harry first day of school and it starts out bad. The headache potion Madame Pomfrey gave him the night before knocks him out and he wakes up late. He goes to Charms, Tranfiguration, Potions, and his first class with Professor Black... Does the day end on a good note or a bad one?

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Chapter 10

The sixths years leave their first DADA class with more questions than answers. Will Harry answer them? And what happens during Harry's second DADA class?

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Chapter 11

Well, this is it. The first D.A. meeting after it becomes ligit... WHy in the world does Harry start to cry? And why can't he get ONE nicght's worth of decent sleep!

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Chapter 12

What kind of news does Snape have for us? Is it good (Weasleys are alive) or bad news (Weasleys are dead) or do you just rather not find out (I can’t hear you!)? And why does Harry have to fight Katie so that Ginny makes the team. The news can’t be that bad, could it?

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Chapter 13

Ron and harry see something that makes them think.... Harry then faces the first Hogsmeade trip where he has to go alone... Ron and Hermione are going on a date. What will Harry do? This is the thirteenth chatper so will something horrible and awful happen? Read and find out!

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Chapter 14

Harry starts dueling with the D.A., he get's a surprise at one of his training sessions with Thia, has an intertesting Quidditch practice, a second date, and another dream...

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Chapter 15

Harry wrestles with the nightmare he had right after his date with Ginny. THe week passes, slowly, and the dance everyone has been waiting for finally arrives... The Halloween Feast...

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Chapter 16

Ron surprises Harry into telling them the Prophecy... how will Harry tell them and how will they react? Dueling starts in D.A.D.A. and Harry ends the chapter with another "dream."

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Chapter 17

Finally the first Quidditch game of the season is apon us and it's Gryffindor versus Slytherin! How will teh Gryffindor team play? Who's the new announcer? Why is the title for this chapter the title that it is?

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Chapter 18

Well, here's another chapter... Harry and Ginny go on a date. Ron and Harry have a discussion. Ginny and Harry spend another Hogsmead trip together. At the end we find out a new piece of information and get some advice from Remus.

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Well, Harry and Ron are fighting again. Harry now believes that he has hit rock bottom. But he hasn't and is soon to find out how much lower he can get. What makes him feel worse and why does Harry end up taking a poll of Hogwarts students and staff?

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Chapter 20

December starts out with a bang made by a bug. Ron and Harry spend the weeks before Christmas Holiday trying not to fight. Harry and Ginny plan on going shopping for Christmas gifts. Neville has a proposition for Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione. And Harry finds himself recieving several glares from someone's brothers.

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Chapter 21

Harry has a talk with Ginny's older brothers and goes shopping, 'cause he doesn't have any gifts... well, he has Ginny's, but that's a secret of sorts.

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Chapter 22

Harry steps outside to figure out what caused the sudden coldness. It turns out to be as bad as he thought. Harry ends up in the hospital wing and has several interesting dreams and talks.

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Chapter 23

Harry finds out who woke him up. He has several interesting talks throughout the day... Some are serious. Some are not. Some are humorous. Others are not. Some include yelling and lying..... And some don't... Get the picture... Trust me, the chapter is better than I make it out to be...

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Chapter 24

Harry returns to the Burrow, but is very late. He has to deal with Mrs. Weasley who is beside herself with worry... Harry tells Ginny about his new "girlfriends" and is rewarded for them. Harry tells everyone about his dropped classes and new ones, but this causes something to happen that hasn't been seen for almost 17 years... a Lupin vs. Lupin fight....... And a question from Hermione's mother has Harry talking even more..... but if you want to know more about that, you'll need to read the chapter.

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Chapter 25

This is the 25th chapter and in honor of the number, it is the 25th of December.... which means CHRISTMAS!! Harry has a very [i]family[/b] christmas and enjoys it completely...... well, all but the part where he ended up stuck in a snowbank, the wet socks, giving Ginny her gift in front of all her brothers, and the fact that his favorite mutt wasn't around to celebrate with him.

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Chapter 26

Boxing Day arrives with an invitation to Neville's for a couple of days. Over those days, Harry learns a few important things, particularly that Rita is still up to her old tricks. What does the cow write this time? Could it possible be nice, kind, courteous, and gentle? Yeah right!

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Chapter 27

Harry spends a few days at Neville's and completely enjoys himself. Then he goes home to the Burrow and he finishs up holidays there, enjoying himself once again... The only problem is the strange new dream he's had two nights in a row... What is it and where is it from?

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Chapter 28

The Aftermath of what happened Saturday morning. Hermione finds out about the situation and reacts accordingly. She sits Harry down for a heart-to-heart talk with him, but it is interrupted when Harry realizes he's going to be late for his first new lesson. He also comes up with an original use for the Journal Ginny gave him at Christmas.

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Chapter 29

Harry left for his first new lesson late, and so he arrived late. Does Harry's day start off good or bad? Will he have a good day after that? Will Harry figure out how to talk with Ron without either killing the other?

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Chapter 30

Remus finally gets the notebook from Remus, so he takes an evening and creates the special gift for Ginny... There's a D.A. meeting and a "secrete" date with Ginny as well.... Not to mention a angry Ron...... again..... When will he get it through his thick head that there isn't anything to worry about? I have a feeling it'll take something big....

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Well, Ron takes Harry up to the dorm room for a good old fashion yelling match... Harry serves his detentions with Snape and spends some time with Ginny... January passes and February starts... What condition is the Trio in at the start of the month?

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Chapter 32

Ron is awoken by Harry's screams and we finally get to see something from his point of view... And a bit of Ginny's as well... how does this nightmare end? Both the one with the mysterious families and the one where there is no Golden Trio... Will Ron finally understand? Will Harry finally talk to Ron when he's willing to listen? Will Ginny hex both boys or will Hermione? How will this chapter end: Harry rejoicing that Ron's talking to him or Harry running for his life 'cause Ron's trying to kill him?

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Chapter 33

Harry spends the day with his friends and has a talk with Thia, Remus, and Tonks... Which leads to an intersting conversation. Harry faces all four of his mourning friends at the D.A. meeting. Will he tell them? What in the world makes Harry angry enough to storm out of that meeting without so much as a goodnight?

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Chapter 34

Harry responds to the letter he wrote Ginny and has a talk with his friends about it. Ron lets Harry know about his lesson with Thia, Tonks, and Remus and Harry has a very informative time with them. He spends the week taking different tests with Snape... Why, for what purpose, and what are the results?

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Chapter 35

February ends and March begins... a certain wizard turns 17 on the first day of the month and Harry, Ginny, and Hermione have several surprises for him... March passes in a mis-guiding calm... and April arrives along with Spring Break... Will it be a "happy-go-lucky" or "cry-your-eyes-out" kinda break?

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Chapter 36

Will the twins survive through the night? Read to find out if the prank the boys play is in their honor or just for the fun of it... I hope someone remembered to order that miracle...

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Chapter 37

Harry has a great couple of weeks... Though the Hufflepuff/Slytherin game leads to a bit of a misunderstanding with Filch, people are being sent to jail during the DA meeting, and Harry has a talk with Dumbledore... But all in all, it's a good few weeks.

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Chapter 38

Can we get any more exciting then the last Quidditch game of the year? And Harry hasn't been in the hospital wing yet for a Quidditch injury! Can he possible make it without getting hurt? Would this be a HP fic if he did? But don't worry, there's lot's that happens after... Exams for one...

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Chapter 39

Ginny gets her very own Prongs, Harry gets his salvation for later on, and we find out a few interesting things... Now, what the heck am I talking about? Read to find out!

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Chapter 40

We find out the fate of our foolish, yet brave hero. But what happens to those left behind? Could everyone truly get out without a scratch? Physical or emotional?

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Chapter 41

The D.A. has craft time followed by story time. We learn some interesting facts about Thia and her friends. But let us not forget the hero of our story. Harry finds something to occupy his mind and is moved to a new cell.

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Chapter 42

Voldemort uses his new found entry into Harry's brain to torture him. The only question is: what are nightmares from Harry's mind and what are the nightmares from Voldemort and what are the visions of real life? That's technically three questions, but they are the most imortant!

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Chapter 43

Draco has good news and bad news for Harry? Which does he find out first? Harry finds out both, but only one makes sense. Read the chapter to find out how Wormtail fulfills his debt... or does he?

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Chapter 44

Harry finds out several important things from several interesting source. Should he believe them? What happens when several people he doesn't expect meet?

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Chapter 45

Here's the start of the happy ending folks! Just two more chapter of Loss of Innocence. The wedding goes as well as planned... with a few slight, er, changes. I'm sure the twins had nothing to do with them!

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Chapter 46

Well, tis the end folks. Harry stands up for himself, until he realizes that some battles can not be won. He reads the letters that Ginny has written him in their notebook. And... *drumroll* Harry opens the gift from his mum... the gift Thia delivered on his birthday. Some endings aren't perfect, but this one is happy... And happy does not mean perfect.

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