Dumbledore and the Insidious Plot


Story Summary:
The story begins when Dumpty loses his pair of sandals. What does Voldie has to do with it, and how is he going to take over the world? Insane plot and lots of slash pairings. This is a parody, of course.

Chapter 01

Dumpty had a pair of sandals and now they are missing. This is a parody, of course.

Words: 815
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Chapter 02

Dumpty deals with Remus. Harry gets some mail. Dumpty has a secret to reveal.

Words: 717
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Chapter 03

Dumpty reveals the secret.

Words: 718
Hits: 820
Chapter 04

Remus gets his memory back. Voldie is scheming. Dumpty has a diary!

Words: 527
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Chapter 05

Dumpty and Lucius are scheming together.

Words: 712
Hits: 691
Chapter 06

Voldie writes a letter to Dumpty.

Words: 535
Hits: 622
Chapter 07

Voldie and Harry talk. All secrets shall be revealed!

Words: 941
Hits: 620
Chapter 08

Voldie comes home. Misunderstandings and broken hearts.

Words: 1,143
Hits: 619
Chapter 09

Severus is mad at Remus. He thinks Remus cheated on him and goes to talk with Voldie. We are going to see if Harry and Draco are getting married after all.

Words: 1,084
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Chapter 10

Harry and Draco are getting married. Some secrets are revealed at the wedding. Remus and Severus will have a serious conversation conserning about their relationship.

Words: 1,175
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After the wedding. Who is Draco's lover. Who are going to show up? And who is going to die?

Words: 652
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Dumpty's funeral.

Words: 580
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