Professor Morgyn Merlin

Sirius reflects on the war, and worries about those he's supposed to protect. Part of the "Friends and Brothers" AU, set during the same night as "Protecting the Innocent".

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Niobe and Grace Avery were five when they met their first werewolf. One came out of the encounter forever scarred, the other came out a heroine. Both came out changed, and the first strains touched the bond between the twins. Now, with Niobe at Hogwarts, an encounter between Grace and Fenrir Greyback threatens to shatter that bond forever.

Words: 4,648
Chapters: 4
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Regulus fights to protect many things - his brother, his friends, the children whose innocence is shattered by the war around them. He's admired by some, but he has doubts he'd be the way he is without outside help. Written for the Alternate Universe community on LJ, set in the same AU and after "Watching Your Back".

Words: 506
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In another life, Regulus and Sirius are friends as well as brothers, watching each other's backs, and fighting to keep each other alive in a world at war. Written for the Alternate Universe 100 community on LJ.

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The dangers of a bottle of firewhiskey, two very snarky men, and an few unsuspecting, almost-innocent bystanders.

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What if your black and white world was suddenly shaded in grey? What would you think? What would you say? What would you do? This is the story of what happens when Hermione's world suddenly shifts, and her actions to set it back on an even keel.

Words: 47,315
Chapters: 8
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Remus Lupin had met Alysta when he was very young, when his parents took him in search of a cure that didn't exist. He never thought he'd meet the girl with the kind smile who invited him to play again. Much less marry her thirty years later. But the life of two werewolves is never easy, even in the safety of the Necromancien palace. British officials, Dark-Creature hunters, Death Eaters, and smothering relatives all conspire to make married life for the Lupins difficult. Part of the 'With the Purest Intentions' Series.

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Draco Malfoy was sent to his aunt Andromeda when his parents are killed, and he wants to be anywhere else but there. He never expected to end up in a world he thought existed only in the imagination, without his wand or any familiar face. Nor did Andromeda expect to land in a world that she found in a book, and was fascinated by from her first glimpse. What will happen to these two misplaced mages as they adapt to this new world, and the idea they may never be able to return home? And what other surprises does it hold for them and their futures?

Words: 2,756
Chapters: 2
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There are secrets hidden in the pasts of the Avery women, behind closed doors and shuttered eyes. Niobe, the dueling mistress who drives her students mercilessly. Grace, the gentle and genreous social activist. Marion, the stern yet kind headmistress of a small and exclusive school. What secrets drive these women, and what will they do to keep those secrets hidden from those around them?

Words: 3,487
Chapters: 2
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"So make a deal with Death, Sirius Black." - What deal has our favorite animagus made with the guardian of the gateway from one world and another? And what about a first year Slytherin and his pale cat is bothering everyone around them? A mystery has found itself a home at Hogwarts, and provides a snarled skein for the Golden Trio and the Order to unravel.

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I watch the chapel fill, slowly. People I remember from school, that I had never been friends with. They aren't there for me, but I don't care. They are there for Blaise, for Hermione. For Snape. Oh, it's a laugh. Me, the person least liked - after Snape and Voldemort - at Hogwarts, and the chapel near the Manor is filled with people come to help bury me. More than can be said for some people more liked, more loved.

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What if Voldemort hadn't tried to kill Harry, but kidnapped him instead? Or if Snape had been a loyal Death Eater? Sirius the traitor instead of Peter? What else is different in this world that has been skewed and twisted?

Words: 5,022
Chapters: 4
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The full moon shines an uncaring light over anything that happens beneath its eye. During this one full moon, death comes to a forest clearing in the teeth and claws of one wolf-pack that isn't entirely what it appears to be. Who are they stalking, and why? And why are there so many of them?

Words: 1,541
Chapters: 2
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When someone dies, they leave behind others to deal with the pain of their death - more so when no one is expecting it. And always, there is the question of why? Why did Severus Snape take his own life? Why did he leave them that question? A sequel to "The Teddy Bear".

Words: 3,173
Chapters: 2
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He stood, going to the window, where a small stuffed bear sat on the bench below it. He reached out, picking it up, and sat down, the bear looking faintly ridiculous clutched in the arms of the Potions Master. He'd promised her he'd try, that he wouldn't give up. And now he once again fell into the life that he'd begun after she died. He spied for Albus so no one else would lose family. So no one else lost their sister.

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And introducing, for your entertainment pleasure, Malfoy - Homicidal Kitten and Weasley - Kamikazi Puppy! Keep them away from stairs, and each other... Also featuring The Flying Hufflepuff Filker, the Ravenclaw Filker of Doom, and Gryffindor's Merry Filker, as well as an all-new Christmas filk.

Words: 608
Chapters: 1
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And here we are with another round of enchanted snowballs for your reading pleasure! Coming to a computer near you this December, it's the Great Filk Wars, Gryffindor Mistletoe, and the Stuffed Elf Janitor! Stay tuned for more snowballs this December and January.

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Severus Snape stood at the edge of the cemetery, watching the small group near the open grave. Or rather, watching one of them in particular: a woman in black, her pale face dry of tears, her thick brown hair pulled back sharply from a face etched not with grief, but anger. The widow of the man being lowered into the ground. *What would have happened if I’d told you, instead of letting you find out the hard way, Honoria? Would you be mourning my death now, instead of his? Would my son be mine?*

Words: 5,447
Chapters: 2
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Raven is a child with no desire to remember her past, before she fled. All she remembers is 'Mummy told her to run'. Now she's attached herself to Remus Lupin, who's trying to figure out how to raise a traumatized child with no voice, and no memory of who she is. And what happens when she gets to school, to Hogwarts, and has to deal with the students and teachers, most of whom do not understand? Will she be able to continue her life without remembering why she fled her home, or will she be forced to face a past she doesn't want to remember?

Words: 4,971
Chapters: 4
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A story of grief and sorrow inspired by a sad song. A nightmare that one boys wakes from to find it is real. A man's grief, and what happens when it is let loose.

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I woke up one day, and a little voice piped up, "Fuzzy pink bunnies!" I frowned, looked confused, turned to the little voice, and replied, "Fuzzy. Pink. Bunnies?" And so more trouble was born...

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Round four in the Snowballs war! We have an update on Harry's snakes, more Weasley's into the fun, and oddities galore!

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They had been lovers, once. Now they were forced apart by one's uncaring father's plans for his son.

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Next set of Snowballs! This one includes more on those snakes, Ron's still a candy cane, and more amusement and giggles...

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Sequel to Snowballs! The further adventures of Draco the teddy bear, Harry's dancing (and now singing!) snakes, and more giggles...

Words: 565
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Snowballs is a game with one objective. Cause as many humourous problems for your opponent as possible, without being touched yourself... Well, Draco and Harry aren't as good as they wish they were...

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