"Though she wasn't given to obvious facial animation in general, Alicia always secretly admired how well the average Slytherin could nail a smirk. Gryffindors either ended up looking like they had some sort of facial tic or just caught a whiff of something unpleasant." Recent graduate Alicia Spinnet is at Diagon Alley when she has a surprising encounter with an old school rival, who seeks to engage her company.

Words: 1,465
Chapters: 1
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"Apologies. I don't do rhetorical questions. You'll have to check with Pettigrew on that one. Every question's a rhetorical one with him, if you take the strict definition of the word, because he can't answer any of them." James Potter and Sirius Black get up to some fun. Which means anything but for poor beleagued prefect Lily Evans. And who exactly is responsible for those knights on the fourth floor, who don't usually sport pink tutus and peg legs? One-shot.

Words: 2,945
Chapters: 1
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It may not be Christmas Day, yet the reaction of everyone's least favourite Potions professor isn't any less "Bah Humbug." Severus Snape is determined to avoid attention this Valentine's Day, yet a certain someone is as least as determined to bestow it upon him. What is the identity of his secret admirer? Set during Harry Potter's second year.

Words: 499
Chapters: 1
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Hermione Granger has a new cause. Surprise, surprise, not everyone agrees with her. And surprise, surprise, she's not letting that waylay her in the slightest. She gets into an argument (albeit a civilised one) with Dean Thomas about whether Hogwarts should incorporate Muggle technology into its curriculum, and discover there's more than one way to create electricity.

Words: 3,625
Chapters: 1
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Stuck in the monotony of a Muggle Relations department, an adult Cho Chang is suffering from the double whammy of a broken leg and a growing dependency on caffeine. Someone unexpected, and someone who she finds herself experiencing unexpected feelings towards, arrives to cheer her up.

Words: 1,541
Chapters: 1
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Zacharias Smith liked people who were straight talkers and gave straight answers. And Luna Lovegood was, and did, neither. So why the attraction? Set in the Golden Trio's sixth year, but written prior to HBP.

Words: 1,677
Chapters: 1
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During the time between the Golden Trio's sixth and seventh years, Luna Lovegood and Zacharias Smith become unlikely penpals. The two hash it out with their own particular brand of logic, and Zacharias is very set on finding out the exact nature of Luna and Harry's friendship. And why does Luna think Professor Trelawney is part-kelpie? One-shot.

Words: 3,372
Chapters: 1
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Bad Timing by lucy_lupin

Lily Evans and Remus Lupin meet in the prefects' bathroom and get into a discussion about various forms of monthly ailments.

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Chapters: 1
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How can you write convincingly about love when it’s currently dragging you through the wringer? Hit by the double whammy of a crushing deadline and the shock of his girlfriend's infidelity, novelist Oliver Wood churns out his latest bestseller in Tuscany and the unexpected company of sexy French housekeeper Gabrielle Delacour. Meanwhile newlyweds Harry and Hermione Granger are off on their honeymoon, leaving Ron Weasley to wonder exactly where he stands. Remus Lupin is faced with the task of bringing up an potty-mouthed and female-crazed teenaged son, while ex-girlfriend Tonks is about to be introduced to a new co-star. These and various other couples are forced to test their definitions of a four letter word in this crossover.

Words: 13,115
Chapters: 4
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As irritating to his students as always, Professor Slugborn - who is really far too jovial to be the head of Slytherin - has instigated a ball for his new house. Problem is, they have to invite dates from [I]other[/I] houses. When it's pointed out to one Millicent Bulstrode in a less-than-flattering manner that she's far too intimidating for anyone to ask her to the ball, yet too traditional to ask someone herself, she vows to take manners into her own hands. Ernie/Millicent one-shot, featuring joint Blaise-Pansy snark.

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Chapters: 1
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