Morbid Fascination

These are the stories of amazing women and the men who broke their hearts, who played games, who cheated, divorced, knocked them up, died, and left. These are the stories of survivors. Song-fics.

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He put her up on that pillar and she had to get down, and graveyards always have perpetually bad weather.

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Can people who aren't ordinary after a war still have an ordinary day? Hermione is trying to find out.

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Hermione has sunken to the unthinkable: she enjoys killing. No biggie, as it is for the good guys. But she's starting to slip in her morals. And the farther she falls, the more it looks as if she is the next in line to become the Angel of Death. Two guesses as to who the Angel of Life is.... Oh yeah, and Snape is the Angel of Fear. Are we surprised?

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Excuses by Morbid Fascination

We could be the perfect couple. But we're not. H/Hr, TN/BZ, L/R implied D/Hr, D/BZ, G/H, Hr/BZ

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Home by Morbid Fascination

Hermione tells her story and the history of magic class doesn't know how to reply. Hr/DM, Hr/VK, PP/PW, PW/other. HR/others

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What if T.S. Elliot got it wrong? What if it was the brginning of the world we should be worried about? Rate for intresting takes on the Bible.

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They call them 'freak accidents', and they are. They are all the more horrible because the person who dies woke up that morning. Told from the POV of an OC, post-war.

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We've all been through that breakup. You know the one, the one with the person we thought was 'perfect'. You break, they are breaking, and ties are broken. Ron dumps Hermione, she throws a book at his head. It broke, he breaks, and she is broken.

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Four chapters...four Slytherins, they don't have their own names, they don't have self-image, they don't have their own morals, all they have are the wars of their fathers. This is Draco...

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We have changed beyond all ability of the eye. We each have our choices to make, and they are hard to preform. In these chapters, each inspired by a quote, you find how each character comes to terms with the end of book five; they come to terms with themselves, old wounds rapture, and please, if you think we are not consumed, quote us if we're wrong.

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There are moments in life when the simple moments are just amazing in their satisfaction. Hermione recounts some of the happiest moments in her life...and some of the moments she just wishes happened.

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Hermione had a plan for everything and then a plan for when her plans failed, but never did she have a plan for this. Fred, on the other hand, never planned squat...except this. He planned for it and she didn't. A songfic to Celine Dion's "Refuse to Dance."

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The war is over, and the repercussions are a weight to bear. They weren't supposed to fall, it wasn't part of Fate's master plan, and in return for going against her rules, Fate is making it awfully hard for them to get along. And when that doesn't work, Fate slings ever growing darkness in their general direction.

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Hermione has some well chosen words of advice for her daughter: I hope you dance. A songfic to Lee Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance."

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Harry's lifeline without an ending, the way Ron used to be, a brief Draco/Hermione romance, what it means to be a lion, and tales of what blood means. All these stories told in a few poems of my own creation...

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So...Ginny Weasley killed herself and Tom Riddle is free of the confines of her head, he is walking, she is soaring, and he will not ever walk again...

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A glimpse of how it looks to Ginny Weasley when she collapses from the inside. A story of the consequences of falling for the darkest love in the world and how when you leave him he doesn't always leave you.

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