Bryonia Alba

Harry didn't know it, but Neville and Luna weren't the only ones who answered Hermione's summons the night Dumbledore died. This is Susan's story.

Words: 1,969
Chapters: 1
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Hermione and Neville try to learn how to fly. Their first day isn't exactly a success.

Words: 1,982
Chapters: 1
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Bill and Fleur's wedding isn't the happiest day Ginny's ever had, but it's about to improve.

Words: 1,223
Chapters: 1
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Unity by Bryonia Alba

She brought him into the fold, and everything fell into place from there. A tale of love and redemption.

Words: 782
Chapters: 1
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Snape has a secret. He'll do anything to keep anyone from finding the truth.

Words: 1,165
Chapters: 1
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Harry loses a bet. He's an exceptionally good sport about paying the penalty.

Words: 1,131
Chapters: 1
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“Have some more,” she said. “Don’t tell the others, but I made those myself.” A story of Arthur Weasley and Molly Prewett during their years at Hogwarts.

Words: 1,380
Chapters: 1
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Storybook by Bryonia Alba

Neville knew all about his parents as Aurors; he'd heard the stories a hundred times. Then he receives an unexpected gift from Harry.

Words: 1,762
Chapters: 1
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Green Thumb by Bryonia Alba

On his sixth birthday Neville visits his parents at St Mungo's bringing a gift, and receiving one in return.

Words: 1,820
Chapters: 1
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Neville Longbottom begins his sixth year at Hogwarts, with self improvement on his mind, vengeance in his heart, and... Romance on the horizon?

Words: 44,253
Chapters: 13
Hits: 16,104
Promise by Bryonia Alba

A dark secret from Ginny's past has prevented her from having an intimate relationship with everyone she's ever dated. Will Neville's patience and understanding give her what she needs to take back control of her life? An angsty N/G love story.

Words: 3,136
Chapters: 1
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Confessions by Bryonia Alba

Ollivander waits in his shop for the one who wins the Final Battle... and remembers the past. SLASH WARNING!

Words: 1,350
Chapters: 1
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The Exchange by Bryonia Alba

On the Christmas before Harry is ``born, Lily Potter has an enlightening conversation with Remus Lupin on the porch of her house.

Words: 998
Chapters: 1
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