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Voldemort's powers are growing. To the world, Harry Potter was destroyed at the dark wizard's Azkaban fortress. With hope apparently gone, who will come forth to save the world from Voldemort's grasp?

Words: 14,409
Chapters: 9
Hits: 7,431

Draco has a horrible secret. He is abused in the worst kind of way, and nobody knows.

Words: 1,322
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,767

Luna is finishing an essay in the hall, when who should stumble upon her, but....Draco Malfy!!!

Words: 1,579
Chapters: 1
Hits: 1,152

Starts with a radish, ends with a radish...but you can find a Fire Whiskey in the middle. A sad, sweet oneshot told from Draco's point of view.

Words: 3,678
Chapters: 1
Hits: 926

Summary: Luna gave him a befuddled look. “Because you’re here, Draco Malfoy. Why are you here?” “For sun and sand,” he answered automatically. “And to escape justice.” He searched her face for a reaction, but she just continued to smile whimsically. “Who sent you?”

Words: 2,481
Chapters: 1
Hits: 600
Rebuilt by Alchemage

The Whomping Willow is home to a troubled soul, the result of dark and dangerous secret. Luna's love and need for a home can free Willow of its pain. But then Draco Malfoy appears, more confused than ever. Draco x Luna. Luna x Whomping Willow. Warning: Contains slight Nigel.

Words: 6,189
Chapters: 2
Hits: 491
Moonlight by Lady Lycanthrope

Draco is always portrayed simply as a spoiled rich kid. But what are his thoughts? Draco's POV OneShot

Words: 766
Chapters: 1
Hits: 255

Luna Lovegood, Care of Magical Creatures professor, did not expect to meet Draco Malfoy in the Forbidden Forest, a year after their last meeting...

Words: 2,492
Chapters: 1
Hits: 250

Scorpius is starting his Fifth Year at Hogwarts as a prefect and with his father making a sudden career change to work at the school as the physician. The family has never been the same since the death of Scorpius's mother. Scorpius has also spent his entire time at Hogwarts as a big brother to all of his siblings. But he supposed this year would be different.... he just didn't know how different. Secrets will come to light and so will and new paths and futures to unfold.

Words: 12,316
Chapters: 3
Hits: 206