Under the Weather by Maddy

'Oh, don't start acting as though you understood Quidditch,' snapped Ginny. 'You'll only embarrass yourself.' (HBP, p.496) Hermione's reaction to (and my own way of dealing with) Ginny's sudden vixen-like behaviour in HBP.

Words: 3,521
Chapters: 1
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As simple a story as could ever be, although things might not go so smooth as could be expected. At long length, Ginny realizes that Harry is really doing nothing for her, and that a certain curly-honey head is far more enticing. Thing is, when you're in love with your best friend, how exactly do you get the guts to tell her?

Words: 16,662
Chapters: 6
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It's the summer after Harry's fourth year, and obviously the events of GoF left him deeply troubled. He can finally go to The Burrow, and discovers that a fiery headed Weasley might be just what he needs. Ron/Harry slash, cuddles (and later sex), nightmares and nightly discussions abound. A little knot of angst in the middle of a bundle of fluffiness.

Words: 68,155
Chapters: 8
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Shards of memories and broken dreams. That's all that's left from their love. Remus moves on, but always remembers. Remus/Sirius slash, with a drop of Remus/Bill. (Written for the Wolfstar Challenge)

Words: 7,136
Chapters: 1
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Of Rhyme and Reason by Maddy

Ron/Ginny incest. The follow-up to Of Princes and Princesses, this time written mostly from Ginny's point of view.``To all the reluctant readers: be reassured, there won't be any under-the-waist action, and actually almost none above-the-waist, either. But well, don't read if still squicked!

Words: 5,002
Chapters: 1
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It's not that their sex life is boring, no, but... well, Sirius has always been the experimental kind... Remus won't come out of it unscathed.``Padfoot/Remus, because you have to face it: they probably tried it at least once.

Words: 2,793
Chapters: 1
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Animal Instincts by Maddy

It's the full moon once again, and the Marauders get ready for a night in the Forest. But Padfoot and Moony seem to have other plans...````“Well, you know, what if our animal forms knew better than us?” Sirius``said, leaning closer to Remus’ startled face. “You still smell good,”``he murmured against his ear, taking a deep breath.````...James and Peter will never know what hit them...````Sirius/Remus slash, because OotP doesn't mean we have to stop writing``happy fics.

Words: 4,909
Chapters: 1
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Pictures Never Lie by Maddy

Harry almost squealed when he came face to face with Remus, who was sitting in his bed, looking sleepy but wearing the very same apologetic expression on his face than the picture-Remus had worn…well, before he started kissing Harry’s dead godfather, anyway. ````“Even in pictures, he never knew how to behave himself…” Remus said, his lips stretching into a grin for a second.``Post OotP. Harry comes to wake Remus up, and makes a startling discovery. Slash.

Words: 1,567
Chapters: 1
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“Ginny…````You probably wonder why the hell I’m writing to you when we’re both sleeping under the same roof, but there’s just some things that aren’t made to be said out loud…”``Ron struggles with a confession he has to make to his little sister. ``Ron/Ginny incest.

Words: 1,381
Chapters: 1
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In the Mirror by Maddy

Sirius was standing in front of the mirror, naked, watching himself as if it was the first time he was seeing his reflection.``Sirius/Remus slash, post-OotP (yes, you read well: post OotP, yet not AU. This whole fits together, just read and find out if you don't believe me)

Words: 736
Chapters: 1
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Learning to Forget by Maddy

"He didn’t really know why he had crept into Umbridge’s now-deserted office that night, after another long afternoon spent with Ron and Hermione in the Hospital wing. At the time, he had told himself he wanted to check whether she had confiscated anything to any students, besides brooms, but he knew deep down it was a fake excuse."

Words: 1,403
Chapters: 1
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Follow up to The Next Bait. Now at last Harry is back at Grimmauld Place, where he finds back musty rooms empty of Sirius, but filled with his best friend's smile. Another nightmare and Harry's lying in Ron's bed, emptying his heart out about everything that happened during the summer. And he soon discovers exactly why Voldemort was so happy, the night of the last dream.

Words: 6,260
Chapters: 1
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Harry and Ron go for a walk in the middle of the night, and an innocent spider makes Ron get much more than he bargained for. Ron/Harry slash.

Words: 4,889
Chapters: 1
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The Next Bait by Maddy

Set the summer after OotP. Harry's having troubles sleeping...

Words: 1,673
Chapters: 1
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So much to say by Maddy

At least twice a week, he passes through that corridor. I don’t know why, since he’s always alone and I’ve never seen any other Gryffindor go that way, but he does. Every time, he glares at me, and every time I glare back, coz that’s how things are supposed to be. And most of all, that’s what’s expected of me. He hates my guts, and I hate his. It’s simple. It’s always looked right. Until last September. Draco/Harry, although nothing happens.

Words: 1,924
Chapters: 1
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