Lady Whitehart

This story was started prior to HBP. It's not HBP compliant, but still a yummy read. Fifteen years ago Severus was a young professor at Hogwarts and he did the unthinkable. The return of Callista Hawkins forces Severus to confront the choices of his past and his fears of the future. Past and present are beautifully interwoven in this SS/OFC romance. Contains a superb balance of romance, action, humor and angst. Round Four Multi-faceted Award Nominee for Identity--Best OC.

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Earlier this month the Live journal community, Romancing the Wizard, hosted a holiday drabble challenge. The first four entries were my contribution to the challenge. By then I was completely and shamelessly addicted, so I decided to keep going. Now I'm sharing with all of you. In this you will find a little bit of everything--romance, humor and even some fluff. Well, actually there is a lot of fluff. I know, I've never done fluff before, and I was a bit shocked at myself.

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Out of sheer boredom, I began reading HP theories from various sites, and I was amazed at what people were coming up with. Anyway, the next thing I noticed were a bunch of plot bunnies tap dancing on my desk. This is not meant to be read anyone who is sensitive about characters, theories or 'ship. Read, enjoy and review!

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This originally was written as a Mother's Day gift to my readers in 2005. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first and probably only story about Snape's infancy. Read, enjoy and review!

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This is yet another lost chapter of Verity Brown's A Merciless Affection. If you are in search of a likable fluffy-bunny Severus Snape, I advise you to hit the back button now for you shall not find him in this fic. What you will find is a very dark and troubled, yet painfully human Severus Snape searching for strength and redemption. There is also a very strong religious theme in this fic. If you can stand that, then read on and hopefully enjoy. As always, a very special and heartfelt thank you goes to Verity for allowing me to provide some insight to her version of Snape.

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The Dark Mark burns and a man's fate is sealed. Severus Snape prepared to return to the Dark Lord.

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What exactly can a single strand of hair reveal? First reading A Merciless Affection by Verity Brown is strongly recommended, otherwise the following may not make any sense to you. Verity should know that I just can't resist a challenge.

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