Harry Potter and the Crystalline Darkness


Story Summary:
Continues on from Guild of the Night. Harry's sixth year is over, the Battle has been won and he's off for a summer with Sirius and Remus and then the Weasleys before starting his seventh and final year at Hogwarts. Life seems to be pretty good right now - or is it? What has happened to his old enemies? And what is happening with the looming, crystalline darkness?

Chapter 01

Continues on from Guild of the Night. Harry's Sixth Year is over, the Battle has been won and he's off for a summer with Sirius and Remus and then the Weasleys before starting his Seventh and final year at Hogwarts. Life seems to be pretty good right now or is it? What has happened to his old enemies? And what is happening with the looming crystalline darkness?

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Chapter 02

Harry, Sirius and Remus settle in at Grimmauld Place and they confront a few difficulties. They get some information about Draco and Harry has a dream.

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Chapter 03

Harry recovers from the visions from the nght before and has a few discussion. Draco has a visitor and makes a decision.

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Chapter 04

Ginny pays a visit to Harry. Sirius, Remus and Harry move to the Burrow for the rest of the summer and some fun and frivolity results. The twins find out some important information (for them).

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Chapter 05

It's Harry's seventeenth birthday! Time for a Weasley birthday party and the much anticipated Weasley Quidditch match. However, Draco's phenomenally stupid act and incredibly bad timing ruins it all.

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Chapter 06

Harry recovers from what happened between Draco and Voldemort and then has a discussion with Dumbledore. He then heads utside with the Weasleys and they endeavour to keep things normal for Harry. Discussions abound and we find out a few things from Percy.

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Chapter 07

Draco makes some evil plans and Harry and Sirius spend a night with Moony...with some terrible consequences. And Percy proves his worth as a Weasley.

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Chapter 08

Draco finds out what happened to Voldemort. Harry finds out about Wormtail and he and Sirius and Ginny watch over Remus. And finally the school letters arrive!

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Chapter 09

Remus' recovery continues. Dumbledore has a little chat with Draco and Voldemort and then a little chat with Harry where Ginny puts everything into perspective.

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Chapter 10

Remus has recovered and demands to know what's going on. Nhean arrives and asks for Harry's help and Harry meets the Guild Council and some of his fellow Night Warriors.

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Chapter 11

Sirius and Remus finally play their prank on Fred and George and their is a discussion of the future. Draco meets with some Death Eaters.

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Chapter 12

It's time to go back to school - a train trip, identification of a new threat and another interesting song from the Sorting Hat. And the Guild are coming!

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Chapter 13

Pansy does some plotting and Harry goes to a meeting. He and Hermione investigate some of the perks of being Head Boy and Girl and Harry finds a legacy from his parents.

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Chapter 14

Draco and Pansy continue their plotting and planning. Harry has an interesting chat with Snape and finds out a few things. Snape makes a suggestion.

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Chapter 15

Harry talks to his friends about the Tyro then has an interesting encounter with his illusory parents. He has a discussion with Dumbledore and then his night's rest is broken.

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Chapter 16

The nightmare continues - what happens, how he gets out and what ramifications does it have?

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Chapter 17

Pansy's plans hits home and now Snape must face the consequences. Harry and Hermione help. What happens raises more questions though.

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Chapter 18

Harry works off a bit of steam with the Guild Members and learns a few things. He then spends some time with Hermione and Snape before dealing with Blaise and Millicent.

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Chapter 19

Pansy is confronted with evidence of what she did and boy, isn't she nasty! Harry has a bit of much-needed fun at training then has an interesting conversation with Snape. On returning to Gryffindor Tower, he gets a very nasty surprise in the form of a letter.

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Chapter 20

Harry has the letter read to him and finds out what Aunt Petunia wants. Sirius manages to do the parenting role quite well and plans are put into place.

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Chapter 21

Harry asks a question about the poison affecting Snape then has an very interesting lesson that has nothing at all to do with potions. He then spends some time with Ginny.

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Chapter 22

Harry learns to to something his parents once did and finda out some things about himself as well. An old Marauders fate is sealed.

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Chapter 23

Harry gets some good news about Christmas. And two unusual meetings takes place.

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Chapter 24

Dumbledore and the illusion of Harry go to see Aunt Petunia - here is what results...

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Chapter 25

Hermione has finally finished the antidote and they take it up to the Hospital Wing. But of course things do not go smoothly...

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Chapter 26

Harry and his friends tell the Headmaster what happened and receive a bit of reassurance. Antonin Dolohov presents Voldemort with a plan of attack against Harry and Severus wakes and catches up with what's been going on from Dumbledore......and Harry.

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Chapter 27

It's Christmas time and Harry and his family and his friends have gathered at Hogwarts. Harry gets an interesting gift from his godfather and then some unpleasant news.

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Chapter 28

As Harry waits for Sirius to return Voldemort makes another move that reverberates back to Harry. The consequences of this action are unknown and frightening...

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Chapter 29

Master Nhean has Harry and his Battle Guard have a training session - with Harry still unable to use his Oversight. His opponents? Tien, Jun'ko, Sirius, Tonkas, Fred and George. The results are interesting...

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Chapter 30 - 30

Harry and Snape have another go at reading Voldemort's journal and discover some interesting information. Harry then has another training sessions where he makes some progress and Master Nhean comes across something vaguely familiar.

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Chapter 31 - 31

Voldemort's plans continue and Harry has a really bad day that ends on a better note.

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Chapter 32 - 32

Nhean and the Guild start searching for the source of Harry's problem and they find an answer but not one that will make Harry happy. Ginny encounters an old enemy and makes a startling discovery.

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Chapter 33 - 33

Harry has a little confrontation of sorts with Wormtail and dicovers some new information about his Oversight and the spell Voldemort is using.

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Chapter 34 - 34

Harry gets a reply from Aunt Petunia and then the waiting game begins. Voldemort/Draco puts some plans into effect that may turn out to be disastrous for Harry.

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Chapter 35 - 35

Harry, his friends and his family find out the bad news and Voldemort/Draco's plans start moving ahead...

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Chapter 36 - 36

Harry wakes up and realises where he is and who is there. Has the time for the final confrontation arrived. And will his family and friends arrive in time?

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Chapter 37 - 37

The aftermath of the final confrontation with Voldemort.

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The continuation of the aftermath - we get to hear everyone's stories.

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