Under a Dragon Moon


Story Summary:
The sequel to the AT-housed

When we sleep, when we dream, we are at once in both realms, and in neither. In all realms, and in none. We are in the marches, the borderlands, the debatable lands between what is and what is not - or is not yet: far from the fields we know. These are the dreams and some of the days of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, as the crisis of the ages overshadows them, and the world's last night. And the world's fate waits upon their waking.

Words: 16,749
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In the border marches between the dreamt and the waking, Draco and Harry envision a post-War world with its own new threats and its newer joys ... and a very old threat as well, one imperilling Blaise's mother and threatening all. Are the Burning Times returning, at the Muggles's hands?

Words: 10,174
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Our heroes voyage to Italy, which is dangerous, and into the past and the secret history of their world, which could be fatal. Is the entire Wizarding world built on a single great lie?

Words: 27,710
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Peace is precarious. And history is a mine-field. Oh, and you cannot trust the Continentals. Ever. Even the ones who aren't Death Eaters on the run.

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In which a constiutional crisis engulfs the Moot and the lies of the past begin to unravel. Moral: do NOT annoy Neville. Or HMQ.

Words: 35,492
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A constitutional crisis, murder at the World Cup, and a mysterious manuscript thicken the plot.

Words: 13,798
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And so we come to the end, of the dreams and of the adventure, as Harry, Draco, and company expose the last twisted secret at the heart of the mystery.

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