Lucius Malfoy is turning 19, and trying to decide how best to woo the girl of his dreams. Lucius/Narcissa.

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Tracey Davis, fifth year Slytherin encompassing none of its finer attributes and all of its nonsensical ones, is the invisible damsel in distress trying to make it through just one more day of her housemates' irksome competitions. A story where Blaise steals butterbeer and more besides, Pansy's busy attempting to flirt with Draco (presently, it's quite one-sided) and everyone's in love with Daphne Greengrass. A slow but un-fluffy romance about the difficulties of being unconventional in the traditionalistic society that is the Slytherin Common Room. Just because you're a Slytherin doesn't make surviving your fellow housemates any easier.

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Red Beads by mekelon

"Holidays, in my opinion, are the worst days of the whole year. Why, you ask? It's obvious, isn't it? Holidays mean that I have to actually go

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Imprisoned Here by mekelon

"Which ever man said that hell was all flames and fire must have been highly delusional. I repeat,

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Enchant Me, Then by mekelon

"Sunlight beams pleasantly onto the nape of my neck, warming my body delightfully whilst Alice blows bubbles somewhat dreamily into that un-containable Zen that floats above us." Lily Evans and best friend, Alice Eston, enjoy their last carefree day on the Hogwarts grounds during a free period, talking about love, cheating and Frank Longbottom. That's before a certain James Potter turns up.

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Suppress the Guilt by mekelon

Gilderoy Lockhart is not guilty… Is he? [one shot] [character death] [language]

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